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Re: Fwd: The battle rages on in Dornach (another lawsuit)

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  • Robert Mason
    ... something of an issue here. What do others think?
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 14, 2006
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      To Seth Miller, who wrote:

      >> . . . . I have the feeling like there is
      something of an issue here. What do others think?<<

      Robert writes:

      I'm not sure that I understand your question.
      Feelings are inherently vague, and I'm not sure
      exactly what your feeling is about. If it's
      about the "bureaucratic" aspects of the Anthro
      Society, then I would say that an uneasy feeling
      is probably justified. And the bureaucratic
      aspects are intertwined with the spiritual
      aspects as they work out on Earth. (I should
      say *societies*; there are several of them,

      Speaking of the Dornach Society, I have been an
      inactive member of the USA branch over 20
      years, and a long time ago I got an uneasy
      feeling that we weren't being told something.
      And the more I found out over the years, the
      stronger that feeling became. I found that
      there is a long, obscure, and complicated
      history that most Anthros don't know, especially
      those of us who are mostly limited to the
      English language. And that "history" is ongoing,
      to the present day, as the forwarded message
      about the latest lawsuit indicates.

      If you want to dig into that history, there
      is a lot of literature and ongoing discussion,
      but most of that is in German. A good place
      to start would be Rudolf Saacke's book
      *Die Formfrage der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft
      und die innere Opposition gegen Rudolf Steiner*.
      This is several years old, and a lot has happened
      in the last few years, but this book will give an
      introduction to the historical background.

      Saacke advertises the book on his website
      <www.Anthroposophie-online.de>, in German
      of course. (I append the blurb.) A partial
      translation exists in English, and Herr Saacke
      might send it to you if you ask. His email
      address: <fenix@...>. He understands
      English well.

      As an introduction to the book, you might
      want to see this article online:

      I know of one e-group in English that discusses
      these questions, though I haven't been a member
      for several years. If you're interested, you
      might want to join this list and start asking
      questions. There are probalby still some
      people there who could give you some answers,
      or at least point you in the right direction:

      Robert Mason
      Rudolf Saacke:
      Die Formfrage der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft
      und die innere Opposition gegen Rudolf Steiner
      Zu beziehen bei www.Libri.de
      oder über den Buchhandel

      Wer sich über die Geschichte der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft
      der Weihnachtstagung von 1923 (AG) und den Zusammenhang zwischen
      dieser und dem am 8 Februar 1925 aus dem Verein des Goetheanum
      der freien Hochschule für Geisteswissenschaft (VdG)
      hervorgegangenen Verein Allgemeine Anthroposophische
      Gesellschaft genauer informieren möchte, sei auf die in unserem
      Verlag erschienene Schrift von Rudolf Saacke: ‹Die Formfrage der
      Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft und die innere Opposition gegen
      Rudolf Steiner› hingewiesen (Zu beziehen über www.libri.de oder
      über den Buchhandel (ISBN 3-8311-0075-0)

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