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and another Bondarev chapter: Errata

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  • Robert Mason
    To All: As I posted it yesterday, Chapter 16 ( The Spiritual Configuration of Europe ) contained several textual errors, which I have now corrected. I had
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2006
      To All:

      As I posted it yesterday, Chapter 16 ("The
      Spiritual Configuration of Europe") contained
      several textual errors, which I have now
      corrected. I had misplaced one footnote (the
      first one listed below), and several I left
      out. Below I give those footnotes in their
      proper context, as they are now in the webpage.
      The footnotes are within {braces}. -- Hopefully,
      it's all straight now.

      Robert Mason
      When we observe the aura of the German people
      from above, it has the form of a two-petalled
      lotus flower as represented in the red stained-
      glass window of the Goetheanum. In the
      traditional representation this lotus flower
      has the appearance of a Swastika rotating from
      left to right, <B>clockwise from West to
      East</B>. {*Through the development of the two-
      petalled lotus flower the lower 'I' of the
      human being comes into relation with the
      higher, cosmic 'I'. It is just this relation
      that is expressed by the Swastika. It has
      nothing in common with the symbol of the cross.
      Its horizontal component can be recognized as a
      crab-like spiral - the sign of evolution in the
      course of which man develops the individual
      'I'. This spiral appears in the red stained-
      glass window as a symbol of the two-petalled
      lotus flower. The higher 'I' descends from the
      spirit to man. This is why the 'I'-line of the
      Swastika can only be formed in thought, in
      imagination. If the sign is drawn completely,
      it would have the following form: [¶]
      Esoterically the Swastika is represented with a
      right-to-left rotation because it then
      expresses the processes that flow to the astral
      world. Great caution is needed in dealing with
      this form. [¶] In a further aspect the
      Swastika symbolizes the four-petalled lotus
      It is known that the obelisks were the symbols
      of man raising himself physically into the
      upright posture.*) {*Cf. Otto Schubert,
      <I>Gesetz der Baukunst</I>, (<I>Law of
      Architecture</I>), Leipzig, 1954. Vol. II,
      p.36, 303.}
      Thus it is of crucial importance for Eastern
      Europe to take part in the cultural life of
      Europe, and for the cultural life of Europe as
      a whole to prepare for its impending
      metamorphosis, which is to be realized in the
      transition from the fifth to the sixth cultural
      epoch.* {*If Russia were to go its own,
      autonomous path the twelve-petalled lotus
      flower would from the point of view of
      initiation-science be developed earlier than
      the two- and sixteen-petalled flowers. This
      would have very tragic consequences at the
      threshold to the supersensible world.}
      We do not want to quote the entire content of
      this book,* in the place of which the American
      'wise men' should rather have written a
      different one entitled 'What have we done with
      America?' {*The book goes on to develop the
      promising solution of the 'German problem' -
      re-education instead of physical destruction -
      applied after the capitulation. May those above
      all read it, in whom, owing to a repressed
      chauvinism, certain chapters in our book prompt
      an outburst of uncontrolled anger. May they
      then be persuaded that their impaired spirit is
      borne by lies, possession, and hostility
      towards the true interests of humanity, and
      that their humanistic mask is likewise
      hypocritical through and through.}

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