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top-down Path (was: Robert and Joel talk to each other)

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  • Robert Mason
    ... becomes a body which draws into itself as its soul the Spirit of the Universe. It means putting force, life into thinking, through thinking, within
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8 11:53 AM
      To Bart, who wrote:

      >>Steiner's philosophy, "Thinking itself
      becomes a body which draws into itself as its
      soul the Spirit of the Universe." "It means
      putting force, life into thinking, through
      thinking, within thinking." Could you share
      this Top down path as opposed to the old path,
      from the bottom up (kundalini). Help us
      students (neophytes, novices) with input,
      things that worked for you in this talking to
      each other.<<

      Robert writes:

      I'm a little puzzled as to why you inserted
      this request into Joel's thread and why you
      are asking me -- but, since you addressed me
      by name, I'll try to respond . . . .

      Firstly: Nothing much has ever "worked for" me
      "in this talking to" Joel Wendt. As I said, I
      have found it impossible to have a sane
      conversation with him, after many attempts.
      This is a long story, and probably not very
      relevant to what I take to be the thrust of
      your question. So, I'll pass on to some more
      relevant points.

      I don't consider myself to be much more than a
      beginning "student"; I don't think that I am
      competent to give "advice" as any kind of real
      "teacher" to "neophytes, novices". What I
      might say would only be as one student to

      The "top-down" aspects Steiner describes in
      *Knowledge of Higher Worlds*, especially where
      he discusses the qualities that the student
      must acquire for the proper (i.e. top-down)
      development of the "lotus flowers".

      Steiner's primary (though not the only)
      exposition about "living thinking" is in *The
      Phiilosophy of Freedom* (*PoF*). (This, and
      the other "basic books" are online at eLib.com.)
      The *PoF* can be tough reading; a very helpful
      book for the reader of *PoF* is Otto Palmer's
      compilation *Rudolf Steiner on His Book The
      Philosophy of Freedom* -- though I don't know
      if this is still in print. Also helpful is
      the *first*(!) chapter of Georg Kühlewind's
      *Stages of Consciousness*; here GK clears up
      an apparent contradiction in *PoF*

      The subject of "living thinking" and the "top-
      down" Path is a huge one (for instance, Gennady
      Bondarev just published a 967-page study of the
      *PoF*, after having published a four-volume
      study of Goethean methodology, among other big
      Anthro-books), and I could only make a bare
      start on a meaningful discussion here. If you
      wish to have such a discussion, it might help
      if you would tell me something about how much
      of the relevant literature you have studied and
      what your experiences have been -- and then ask
      more specific questions. And, as I have
      indicated before, such a discussion (with me)
      would have to go slowly, with days passing
      between the posts.

      Robert Mason

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