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Re: Anthroposophy and current world direction

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  • emil_rio
    Dear Alex, having involved myself lately with this very interesting elist, I ll offer some opinions on your post. But works awaits me, and I ll have to stop
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 27, 2005
      Dear Alex, having involved myself lately with this very interesting
      elist, I'll offer some opinions on your post. But works awaits me, and
      I'll have to stop contributing soon:( I have been doing some analyses
      of "conspiracy theories" recently and what's behind them. Have recently
      read the book titled "Mysterious Realms, Probing Paranormal,
      Historical, and Forensic Enigmas," by Joe Nickell with John F. Fischer,
      and the authors reveal through careful documentation the fraud of "The
      Crashed Saucer Documents," revealing that the so-called MJ-12 documents
      were fradulent, and proving that the signature of Harry S. Truman was
      forged. This of course reveals Stanton Friedman and others involved as
      frauds. But this proof took months and months of hard work and trained,
      professional expertise on the part of the researchers (who also have
      backgrounds in criminology), including access to the Truman library for
      examination of many original documents from the time period of the so-
      called MJ-12 document.

      The anthroposophist needs to discern the true from the false, and in
      this plethora of facts, speculations, truths and distortions to extreme
      excess that you have presented, you're looking at years and years of
      research to determine the true from the false. Even a clairvoyant of
      remarkable gifts would be required to spend an enormous amount of time
      on the amount of material you have presented.

      This is probably a mixture of quarter-truths and half-truths (and
      perhaps even a genuine whole truth here and there) with an enormous
      quantity of lies. I've always suspected the true conspirators of
      creating unending confusion, or a cauldron of confusion, by throwing
      enormous amounts of conspiracy theories out there. Where better than
      radio talk shows, the internet, alternative newspapers, etc. So if you
      believe a given source, such as a talk show host, or someone's website,
      such as rense.com, ask how much money they stand to make from their
      sensational and startling "revelations." So, follow the money trail.

      Here's just one problem from your source: "Bill Clinton was one of the
      biggest and [most] diabolical front men for the NWO.." but the single
      fact offered for this is that he wanted weapons sweeps of public
      housing projects. Much more substantial evidence than this is required
      to back-up such a statement, which, after all, could be a bald-faced

      What are the facts really of William Cooper's death? Supposing you
      wanted to write a book on this? It would take months, years, to extract
      the grains of truth about his death. And most people of common sense
      recognize the ring of truth. Anthroposophists should.

      There's a tremendous amount of anti-Americanism out there now, and a
      tremendous number of really dangerous lies about America's political
      system, leaders and figures. All of this undermines America morally,
      and at a spiritually critical time in history, when Americans are very
      probably facing the preparations for the coming incarnation of the
      adversary, Ahriman, (even though most are not aware of it). Americans
      are likely to bear the brunt, so they need strength, especially moral
      strength. It seems to me that the anthroposophist has the moral
      obligation to better understand the true National Spirit of North
      America (no, it's not a "retarded arche") and also, the adversary of
      that spirit, which in my opinion is a retarded arche in the underworld
      who is attempting to usurp the true National spirit (similar to the way
      the evil Saddam still believes that he is the rightful leader of Iraq).
      The anti-Americanism, much of which is coming from otherwise
      esoterically sophisticated individuals and groups, merely feeds the
      false spirit what it wants, to usurp the true spirit. The anti-
      Americanism and the insecurity caused by conspiracy lies floating
      around out there is serving Ahriman very well for his purposes. So we
      can read, on an esoteric website of good quality, an article titled
      something like "No, God Does Not Bless America." I didn't read the
      article, but the title seems food for Ahriman.

      God does indeed bless America; God loves America, and Michael, as the
      Time Spirit, oversees the North American National Spirit. Hey, let's
      help them out for a change.

      So the anthroposophist needs to "sift carefully" to distinguish lies
      from truth and to understand and to pray earnestly for America and
      Americans right now; and to ask the spiritual hierarchy to keep checks
      on the adversary, as Jan noted in one of her posts.

      So, the material in excess that you have presented in your post would
      probably take at the least the rest of your natural life to resolve,
      unless you're a remarkable clairvoyant. There aren't many of those
      around. We have to do it....


    • Joel Wendt
      ... Dear Alex, For me it has been useful to separate two types of questions when contemplating current events: Type One is on the order of: What does it mean
      Message 2 of 5 , Dec 28, 2005
        Alex Hicks wrote:

        Hi all.  I apologize if the article included below is "off topic" to some degree and I in no way desire to make this a political forum (the article below being but an example of many such out there), but I wanted some feedback from anthroposophists on living within the current culture of the world and since the apparent 'plan' for a NWO seems to be coming together quite well, am wondering how we can best focus on 'lifting' humanity thru this time?  By all indications those in power in the world are using spiritual tools to cause mans' spiritual faculties to become nondistuinguished and feeble.  Only consider the mind numbing, non-centering affect of mainstream media in all forms where characters are unnatural, news stories take their style from that established by tabloids etc.

        My focus here is not meant to be s0 much on the workings of the non-benovolent forces of the world as it is on understanding how it is we transform them.   I hope someone here can help.

        Dear Alex,

            For me it has been useful to separate two types of questions when contemplating current events: Type One is on the order of: "What does it mean in the sense of spiritual realities?", and Type Two is on the order of: "What action is called forth through me in the face of such facts".

            In one kind of question I am seeking knowledge, and in the other a guide to moral action. 

            As to the first kind of question, my own efforts have tended to suggest that World Divine Powers have things quite in hand in the wider sense.  Part of this "organism" of the social world includes the fact of my potential free moral deeds.

            Thus, in the Age of the Consciousness Soul, our biographies are organized such that we are confronted with moral dilemmas, that can led to actions (or not) according to our own free moral judgement.  So when the Bible suggests that: "Vengence is mine sayith the Lord", in part it is pointing out that via kamaloka and karma, those who do evil will receive Divine Justice, and that we need not take upon ourselves what the Divine Mystery out of its own logos-nature is able to do - Christ is Lord of Karma.

            But that does not satisfy us in many instances, and so societies include Justice as part of their order, and individuals will seek to do what they think is right to do.

            Now the Occult Brotherhoods (Illuminati, etc.) very much seem to be pushing the world toward chaos and disorder, apparently with certain goals in mind.  If we are honest about our biography, most of us have not incarnated in a position to do much about this - it is as if the Higher Powers consider all such happenings to already have an appropriate remedy, and that this chaos and disorder actually aids the need of 6 billion souls to experience the necessary moral dilemmas of the Age of the Consciousness Soul.

            If there was no trouble to face, we would not develop properly.

            So there has come to be a wonderful folk wisdom: think globally, act locally.  That is, try to understand the wider implications of matters, but act within your own biography.

            It is my belief that those of us who can "far-see", in the sense that we apprehend the looming chaos, now have the choice of do we plan for survival (and by what means), or do we simply live out the challenges of the times in the company of others.

            Nature has been helping us get ready by increasing the dislocation of peoples and the chaos in their lives.  Many people are learning not only how to survive, but also that they cannot depend upon government, but instead must lean on each other.

            The World itself speaks to us of what is coming, and what choices there are if we just learn to Listen to its Song.

        warm regards,

        here is a link to survival materials, which website is also part of the survival web ring

      • BAle2391@aol.com
        AMERICA= I-AM-RACE contained in letters? For what it is worth... Bart
        Message 3 of 5 , Dec 28, 2005
          AMERICA= I-AM-RACE contained in letters?  For what it is worth... Bart
        • iazul
          Hi Anthroposophy List, Hope every one had a good Christmas! And I sure do hope as well that nobody leaves the list or stops writing on account of this or
          Message 4 of 5 , Dec 30, 2005
            Hi Anthroposophy List,
            Hope every one had a good Christmas!
            And I sure do hope as well that nobody leaves the list
            or stops writing on account of this or that!!The more
            contributors and different points of view, the better.

            Bart, I'm not sure this letter thing has much
            importance but in any case, America also contains I AM
            Thanks for all the messages you all sent this year and
            I'd like to especially thank Maurice who was the first
            one who wrote me when I joined - and for some time the
            only one!!
            And now Happy New Year to all!

            --- BAle2391@... wrote:

            > AMERICA= I-AM-RACE contained in letters? For what
            > it is worth... Bart

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