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Re: Solstice & Mu

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  • elaine121@xxxx.xxx
    Thanks, dear Bruce, for these Atlantean and Lemurinan/Pacific views. I find it so important to take the broad views of history and evolution. This gives this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 1999
      Thanks, dear Bruce, for these Atlantean
      and Lemurinan/Pacific views. I find it
      so important to take the broad views
      of history and evolution. This gives
      this little life more richness.

      Please, post more (Blavastksy
      or whoever appropriate)
      on this topic!

      On Fri, 25 Jun 1999 17:40:25 +1000 "888" <bhive@...> writes:
      >From: "888" <bhive@...>
      >About this time of year restaurants around here advertise "Christmas
      >June" dinners. Northern Hemispherites might appreciate how awful it is
      >trying to stuff in a traditional Christmas dinner in 90Fdegree heat.
      >is much more difficult too, to "sense" Christmas in the heat, but
      >this is a Cosmic event, I still feel it's the right time for it down
      >here. Some disagree, and run the Advent circle at Solstice
      >Though we experience the four seasons here, the Australian plants are
      >not inclined to follow them. Out of my window at present, I can see a
      >wattle (acacia) in flower, and then in the middle of summer the gums
      >flower, some with the most soul penetrating crimsons.
      >Back to the past:
      >Stories of the legendary Atlantis go back beyond the recorded history
      >man, and according to its first chronicler, Plato, it submerged (or
      >last of it)10000 B.C. (This knowledge coming from his ancestor on his
      >mother's - Perictione- side, Solon.) Plato tells us, in his dialogue
      >'Timaeus', that it was a Utopian land, inhabited by wise and beautiful
      >people, whose society and technology were far in advance of any known.
      >In his work, he describes the end of this great nation thus: 'But
      >occurred violent earthquakes and floods, and in a single day and night
      >of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and
      >the island of Atlantis in like manner --disappeared in the depths of
      >According To Steiner it extended up at least as far as Ireland. An
      >earlier writer, (Donnelly 1882) includes the Azores and the Ascension
      >and St.Paul's islands.
      >Another great legendary continent which has attracted the attention of
      >students is Mu, or The Motherland of Mu, which had disappeared into
      >depths of the Pacific Ocean.
      >"It had flourished some fifty thousand years ago........ civilisation
      >and science were vastly superior to modern man. Like Atlantis and
      >Ignatius Donnelly, Mu also found a champion - in a nineteenth-century
      >British Army officer archaeologist, Colonel James Churchward. Having
      >spent much of his life in the East, Churchward claimed to have learned
      >the secrets of this lost civilisation while on active service in
      >He had become friendly with an old Hindu priest, who had told him of
      >some mysterious slates or 'Naacal tablets' which had survived in
      >from the days of the continent and contained details of its
      >"After much persuasion, Churchward said he was allowed to see the
      >and the old man even helped him in translating 'From these I
      >that this lost continent had extended somewhere north of Hawaii to the
      >south as far as Fiji and Easter island,' Churchward wrote, 'and was
      >original habitat of man. I learned that in this beautiful country
      >lived a people that over the years had the colonised the earth, and
      >the land had been obliterated by earthquakes and submersion twelve
      >thousand years ago vanishing in a vortex of fire and water. "
      >I used to have one of Churchward's books, which he published in the
      >and 30s, and he also makes many other startling claims.
      >There is plenty of evidence that there was a great Pacific continent.
      >Lewis Spence in his book "The Problem of Lemuria" places it in the
      >Pacific. He describes Steiner's ideas as wild imaginations.
      >Our Rudolf tells us that the Pacific is where the Moon (Mu-n) exited
      >before the midpoint of Lemuria, or Gondwanaland to use a modern term
      >the continent. Guenther Wachsmuth, backing him up in his "Etheric
      >Formative Forces", says that the floor of the Pacific unlike all other
      >oceans, does not have the sial layer because the Moon absconded with
      >upper layer of the Earth's crust.
      >Could it be that concurrent to the Atlantean civilisation there was a
      >Pacific one, and that it also went down the same way? It is certainly
      >easy to imagine one by looking at the placement of the Pacific
      >If I have time later I'll throw in some of the evidences, and also
      >previous to Steiner, Blavatsky had to say about this.
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