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Thought through carefully

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  • emil_rio
    It would have been best before responding to my post Re: Beware to have carefully read through Robert Mason s posts on Joel Wendt on Anthroposophy
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 26, 2005
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      It would have been best before responding to my post "Re: Beware" to
      have carefully read through Robert Mason's posts on Joel Wendt
      on "Anthroposophy Tomorrow." Yes, sifted carefully and responded
      carefully. But most on these lists do not think carefully and
      thoroughly before posting. Instead they attack, and emotionally. In
      this sense one of the most basic teachings of Rudolf Steiner is
      disregarded: think through carefully before you speak or write. The
      lack of discipline on these lists, and in the name of Anthroposophy, is
      very sad indeed.

      What is presented in the way of images as to the personality and
      potential dangers of Joel Wendt did not occur overnight,(having read
      the Robert Mason posts on "Anthroposophy Tomorrow" as well as Joel
      Wendt's materials on the internet). The post was not carelessly
      submitted, nor was it a personal attack. The images that were presented
      were seen and experienced over a relatively long period of time. I do
      not regret this warning and do not take back one word of it. It would
      have been better on Christmas eve, but appropriately may find its way
      by Epiphany.

      I plan - to use Robert Mason's expression - to go back "to lurkhood" on
      these lists. They should prove a much better tool for accomplishing
      good through technology, but Ahriman has a field day with posts and
      responses that are too fast and careless, corruption of language,
      inappropriate emotionalism, physical threats and self-centered
      domination of others. And all this in the name of Anthroposophy, and on
      public forums.

      It's not difficult to guess how Rudolf Steiner might respond to such
      careless and shabby use of such a potentially powerful communications

      Emil will be back from time to time, and will likely continue unpopular.
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