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Re: [anthroposophy] Hierarchies, anyone??

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  • Joel Wendt
    Dear Adrian, I have written some comments below in [brackets]. warm regards, joel ... [Yes, there are actually three elements to the double-complex. Steiner
    Message 1 of 26 , Dec 24, 2005
      Dear Adrian,

      I have written some comments below in [brackets].

      warm regards,

      Adrian Hansen wrote:

      > Dear Joel,
      > Thank you for your reply,
      > Joel wrote: The fact is the book is not hard. What is hard is the
      > self honesty required to be adequately introspective. This is the
      > work from which we shy away. In our souls the doubles are quite
      > active, and they (at every turn) would convince us of the myth of
      > difficulty. They are able to do this because the pre-question to
      > freedom is moral in nature, not intellectual. So they (the doubles)
      > tell us not to look too closely at our own inner activity, for then we
      > might have to overcome some favorite bad habit.
      > Do I understand it right that you are talking about multiple doubles?
      > and if you do can you explain this phenomena?

      [Yes, there are actually three elements to the double-complex. Steiner
      speaks of two in his lectures on Geographic Medicine, although he says
      very little. In the First Class lessons he speaks of three. Tomberg's
      book, Inner Development, writes of a luciferic double, an ahrimanic
      double and a human double. Introspection also reveals three
      "tendencies", with the luciferic and ahrimanic somewhat easily
      identifiable, while the human double really needs to be made more
      complex for it involves the creation in the soul, by our actions, of

      An egregore is a human generated psychic parasite, that arises as a kind
      of independent entity in the Soul, through our repeated (almost Rite
      like) giving into certain temptations or other impulses at the prompting
      of the other two doubles. This is where true evil comes into the social
      world, and behind which activity lives the beings Steiner describes as
      the Asuras. A common egregore is found in addictions and alcoholism
      ("the monkey on my back", or "my disease" is the way it is spoken of).
      The most potent way of dealing with egregores is in fact in the 12
      Steps, which was fostered by the Return of Christ in the Etheric (for
      details, read my book, the Way of the Fool)]

      > Joel wrote: It is the indulgence in these bad habits that deflects
      > us. And this fact is, of course, the first lesson on the path to true
      > freedom. We are prisoners inwardly, locked not only in the dilemmas
      > of our bad habits, but also in our thought life (world view) if we
      > become mere Steinerists - believers in Steiner-thought. We become
      > then (in accord with The Philosophy) "captured by the concept".
      > You are talking about 'bad habits' as in what?

      [see above, if you still have questions, then ask them.]

      > Do I understand you right that the path to freedom is to follow in
      > Christ's footsteps ? What do you understand morality means ?

      [This is the essence of our development in the Age of the Consciousness
      Soul - free moral deeds]

      > As I see it, we have certain experiences in life that teach us
      > morality.If we miss out on those experiences or making shortcuts like
      > for instance abstinance of things in life, are we then not following
      > an artificially road to freedom?

      [True free morality is brought out in the Soul when it asks itself what
      is the Good and begins to trust that intuition in all its moral actions
      ("In self trust all virtues are comprehended" Emerson).]

      > Does freedom not mean having the freedom to experience? Sorry for all
      > the questions Joel, but I think that we need to be clear on those
      > things before we can embark on a road to freedom.

      [If I understand your question rightly, it certainly is the case that
      the Biography is a Divinely authored womb for our development. So we
      must be free to make choices there, which then have consequences that
      teach (if we are awake enough). But the freedom I am speaking of is
      deeper, for with the coming of the Time of the Ahrimanic Deception (what
      in the East was called the Kala Yuga), our original form of
      consciousness, in which the inner world was full of light and the outer
      world dim and dark, has become replaced with its opposite - the outer
      world is full of light and the inner world is dark. This inner darkness
      is a sign of our lack of inner freedom - it is our spiritual prison (the
      Ahrimanic Deception). But only we can overcome this darkness, most
      especially more our moral actions. For details, see my essay American
      Anthroposophy. All my work can be found here:
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