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Re: [anthroposophy] Adventuring Advent Birds

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    Jan starbirdgarden so good to hear from you again! I fully enjoyed reading your post as always. So heartwarming at this time. I know of a little ten year
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 19, 2005
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      Jan starbirdgarden so good to hear from you again!  I fully enjoyed reading your post as always.  So heartwarming at this time.  I know of a little ten year old whom I believe will be right up there with Steiner someday.  His love of the birds is overwhelming for him.  He has been implored to tell the world of his sense of "birdness"  that he feels so akin to.  He especially loves the chickadee.  His mother has home made him bird suits for halloween for years.  He has his own neighborhood birding newsletter.  Having a conversation with this boy is such a treat because he is understanding the impulse we speak about here on this list.  Sometimes I can't believe he is only ten.  I was recently at a nature center and I was watching the birds in the snow at the bird feeder.  Oh my goodness...the birds in the snow!  Much Warmth to England and beyond, Chantel
      "And until you truly have
      This ""dying and becoming,""
      You are but a troubled guest
      Roaming over the dark earth." ~Goethe
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