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A New Mystery Drama - The Occult Southwest

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  • emil_rio
    The following announcement will perhaps be of interest to your group. (Although I often read the posts, I do not have time to participate more fully. However,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2005
      The following announcement will perhaps be of interest to your group.

      (Although I often read the posts, I do not have time to participate
      more fully. However, your moderator said it was OK to submit this

      The first Mystery Drama of Southwest Journey, "The Occult Southwest,"
      will be published in December and is now available for review:

      The spiritual experiences and events related in the book, "Intuitive
      Meetings,"* are here elaborated upon in detail through the medium of
      Mystery Drama. The first completed drama of the trilogy, "The Occult
      Southwest," is not fiction, except for changes in names, physical
      settings, costumes and other details essential for the medium and
      craft of stage. Spiritual Beings express themselves through ordinary
      human interactions and conversations, but especially through the 26
      stanzas of verse, with three tercets in each stanza. Also included is
      an astonishingly relevant segment from Dante's "Paradiso, Canto XI,
      Sphere of the Sun." Mystery Drama should again emerge as an important
      means for conveying the complexities of spiritual experiences and
      interaction with spiritual beings, and should not be regarded as
      inferior, fictional or merely poetic. Drama also carries the mission
      of restoring the sacredness of living language and the spoken word.

      The nature of the relationship of the central character, Joanna, with
      her Spiritual Guide, Brunnen von Christ, is fully revealed, and the
      themes of the American occult southwest that will be carried
      throughout the entire trilogy are introduced. The Spiritual Beings
      that appear and express themselves in dialogue - but most importantly
      through the verse - are: Joanna's Double; Atlas, an Elemental and his
      Imp; the Triad of "I's" - Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition;
      Joanna's Angel speaking for Mercury-Raphael; the Triad of the North
      American National Spirit (who emphasize the world strength as opposed
      to the centrality of the United States); Lucifer and Ahriman; and
      lastly, Luminous Hummingbird. Brunnen von Christ is also revealed as
      a threefold being: bodily, as he appeared in his lifetime; in soul,
      in his confrontation with Lucifer and Ahriman; in spirit, as Luminous
      Hummingbird, the ruby-throated hummingbird who has undertaken a
      specific spiritual work that can only be accomplished in America.
      Joanna reveals the identity of Brunnen in the last scene of the
      drama. The cast size is 16; the set is simplistic, with emphasis on
      color and lighting.

      *See the description of "Intuitive Meetings" at:


      The complete trilogy, written by Martha Keltz, will be available by
      Easter: Southwest Journey: The Occult Southwest, The Descent, The

      "The Occult Southwest" can be sent by email to anyone interested in
      writing and publishing a review of it. For this purpose, please
      email: marthakeltz@...

      Copyright 2005 Martha Keltz

      Studio Editions
      Roswell, New Mexico
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