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[anthroposophy] We still have indeed a message site

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  • earlyfire@earthlink.net
    Dear Robin of the Northern Shire, Anthroposophy goes into pralaya from time to time, in order to renew its dreams as the needs of Michaelic Influence operating
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
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      Dear Robin of the Northern Shire,

      Anthroposophy goes into pralaya from time to time, in order to renew its dreams
      as the needs of Michaelic Influence operating within AP begin to become ever more
      active and influential in theaters of spiritual and social and economic activity
      in the ruinous wasteland of the world in order to strengthen a stressed civilization
      on the verge of collapse and rebirth, rather than tend to the needs of the few;

      then one beholds that the luxury of the plastic bubble is sacrificed,
      and at the deepest levels, people within esoteric
      communities begin to reassess how a vision of the renewal of moral thrive and optimism
      that perks the soul of hope, can be offered abroad of the perceived narrows,
      the autism-like claustrophobia of study groups and online talk shows.

      Courage translates flowing inspiration in heart and gleam of vision in imagination,
      gloves these bold into deeds, in iron, in strength,
      as would-be initiates awaken to the need for outer-directed
      focus of energies toward transformation. Herein is the real sacrifice, hope and sorcery
      wherewith to reshape the drooping wings, the broken paradigms of a dysfunctional world,
      and start it on its flight again.

      The great Kurasawa, the Japanese filmmaker said that man is a genius while dreaming.
      Just imagine how much more potent that spark would be if men were awake, consciously
      participating while in the realm, while submerged in faraway Camelot,
      while to all outward seeming, but mute
      bystanders to Dialogues with the Divine!

      All these are endorphines, magic, miraculous imaginations invading the privacy,
      the ghetto of the sense-enclosed experiences, like breaking light pours bladed through
      a break in a cocoon, as men exit Plato's cave, when slaves make exodus from the Egypt
      of their own shortcomings, and brave desert and isolation, set sail for promise.........

      And they asked again, and he rethinks:
      It is a chalice of glowing, unsweetened lemonade which toasts the Lazarusing of men,
      perched, feet dangling out upon the rings of Saturn, breathless with awe, welcomed
      by love. Tis a realm not so faraway as men think. Ask any star in the sky........

      And for all these non-political, guileless, elastic notions which never seethed with
      unrequited demands of desperate men, to thrive in the interior, like poetry stowsaway in the
      news and chores of this green spinning world, half of skull, half of elusive love composed,
      makes worthy companion as we birth deeds
      to match our deeds.

      This is the secret known to Arthur, and what was on his mind which enabled,
      correction, which enables him to pull Excalibur from the stone. And you also.
      Then never doubt.

      Warm Regards,
      Master of Shreds, Wizard of Fragments

      From: "rambate83" <rambate83@...>
      Date: Tue Nov 1, 2005 3:16:23 AM America/Phoenix
      To: anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [anthroposophy] Do we still have a message site
      Reply-To: anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com


      I have been reading posts with interest for a couple of years and feel
      sad that nothing posted since Sept. Is the site closed. I would love
      to hear from you all again,

      Portobello Edinburgh, Scotland
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