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Brian Haw 'Sticks it to the Man'

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  • Jan
    Since June 2001 Brian Haw has kept a one man anti war vigil in Parliament Square. In the peaceful spirit of the Moral Force Chartists, who won the vote for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 30, 2005
      Since June 2001 Brian Haw has kept a one man anti war vigil in Parliament
      In the peaceful spirit of the Moral Force Chartists, who won the vote for
      the common man, he has steadfastly asserted his freedom not only to be
      involved in the governance of his country, but, crucially, to protest at
      what he personally believes to be wrong and more than wrong in that
      governance, by his constant presence in Parliament Square where politicians
      must necessarily pass him by on their way to the Houses of Parliament. His
      steadfast protest and continued presence there has infuriated these
      Politicians to the point of drawing up a law expressly designed to remove
      him and end the embarrassing reminder of a war they are hoping the public
      will forget, especially as Blair is currently being rebranded as
      'Peacemaker' and Deliverer from Evil Terrorism and is anxious that the
      current bombing in London should not be linked in public consciousness with
      Shock and Awe devastation and its consequences in Iraq and elsewhere.
      Blair is continually driven past Brian Haw in a bulletproof limousine, but
      has never once stopped to speak, or even make eye contact with him, a lone
      protestor surely as committed as those who once founded the Labour Movement
      Blair claims to head, save for one sneaking sideways squint his way, says

      'Blair has made the G in GB stand for Genocide.' he told journalists this
      morning. 'If they want to remove me, they'll have to shoot me. I wouldn't
      put it past them. But if they do, I'll stand before my Maker with a clear

      We have been repeatedly told since the London tube bombing that we are at
      war, and that we shall be at war for the long haul, twenty years at the very
      least said the Head of Interpol, echoed ad nauseam by Chief of Police Ian
      Blair, and London Mayor Ken Livingstone among others. Perpetual war for
      perpetual peace.... Choose between Lucifer and Ahriman, folks! In this
      paradigm there is no middle way, no Christ to balance and harmonise the
      Adversaries in their battle over who gets to gobble you up! You are asked to
      take sides...
      In pursuance of this 'war' the police have new powers, including, it
      seems, the right to summarily execute innocent members of the public. Last
      week a young Brazilian electrician was thrown to the floor and held down,
      spread-eagled, while he was shot seven times in the head at close range and
      once more in the shoulder by plain clothes policemen who say they thought he
      was a potential bomber. But lets not call it a shoot to kill policy, says
      Police Chief Sir Ian Blair, lets call it 'Shoot to Protect' and that is the
      new comfort blanket offered by both Blairs. Find peace and security, tucked
      up cosily in Room 101.
      We must not let terrorism change our way of life, says Blair and proceeds
      to change it radically with a raft of new laws, one of which was designed
      expressly to remove the irritating Thorn in his side which is Brian Haw.

      Yesterday, unexpectedly, Haw won his challenge to that law in the Courts.

      Quote from BBC News -http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4725907.stm
      'A man who has held a four-year anti-war protest outside Parliament, has won
      a legal battle to continue his vigil.

      From 1 August all protests in a half-mile zone in Westminster, London, must
      have prior permission from police.

      But the High Court has ruled Brian Haw, 56, from Worcestershire, who claimed
      he was exempt as his protest pre-dated the new laws, can continue his

      The government said Mr Haw posed a potential security risk and described his
      argument as "absurd".

      Lawyers for Mr Haw said his demonstration had begun four years ago and
      therefore he did not have to apply for authorisation, even though the law
      was actually targeted at him.' end quote

      Against the 'iconic image' of the blown up red London bus and the rest of
      the mind manipulating, fear creating saturation coverage of what is
      essentially a psycho-drama consisting of pursuit and arrest of the suspect
      bombers; against repetitious pictures of black clad police in riot gear
      carrying machine guns and grenades storming buildings and blowing up
      suspicious cars and caches of explosives, stands the picture of Brian Haw,
      one man who will steadfastly continue to assert his right to protest. This
      is an even larger issue than the particular cause that Brian Haw protests.
      It concerns the right to protest at all, which is now under serious threat.
      Whether or not we personally agree with his protest, and I do, we can surely
      applaud his courage and steadfastness. What is glaringly obvious today is
      the attempt by the Adversaries to force human beings, in mass, back into
      group consciousness, to make of them a herd, a flock that can be led by the
      neck, roused to a common anger or fear and goaded to stampede.
      In Revelations the question is posited, 'Who shall be able to stand?' Who
      shall remain with erect spine, on two legs, human, able to think and to
      speak? 'There shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth' as humanity is
      pressed into animal dumbness, as man-kind becomes man-kine.
      It is just this free decision taken by one man to stand firm on a
      principle which is so precious an icon in Britain today.
      Good on you, Brian.

      The torture of Free Speech

      By Nick Assinder
      Political Correspondent, BBC News website

      The House of Commons is full of individuals who will loudly proclaim their
      belief in freedom of speech as a cornerstone of British democracy.

      Mr Haw is to be removed.
      Any number of MPs, staff, even journalists, would echo Voltaire's cry: "I
      may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend, to the death,
      your right to say it".

      At least they do until that freedom of speech starts to get on their nerves.

      And, trust me, lone anti-war protester Brian Haw has succeeded beyond his
      wildest dreams in getting on the nerves of many of the inhabitants of the
      palace of Westminster.

      Specifically, he has driven to distraction many of those whose offices are
      sited along the Parliament Square side of the building.

      Rock music

      His constant, amplified barrage of anti-Blair sloganeering has provided a
      distracting, sanity-challenging backdrop to their working lives for the past
      four years.

      It is, many claim, a form of torture. Why do you think it was that, when US
      forces wanted to force the surrender of Panama's military leader General
      Manuel Noriega, they surrounded his building with amplifiers and giant
      speakers and blasted him with ear-shattering rock music.

      And it wasn't just The Eagles that drove him to the brink of insanity - it
      was the sheer relentless volume that did it.

      MPs and others have complained about noise
      Mr Haw's protest has had much the same effect on those working in the most
      exposed parts of the palace of Westminster.

      Indeed, while naming no names, he has even found himself confronted by
      furious individuals raving about their inability to work when his stream of
      consciousness ranting is at full-tilt.


      It is also the case that the prime minister has been forced to drive past Mr
      Haw and his one man mass demonstration every time he wants to enter the
      Commons, at question time for example.

      And you can imagine how irritating that must be.

      Former Commons leader Peter Hain has even described Mr Haw's placard-strewn
      campsite as an "eyesore". What will the tourists think.

      Still, this irritating eyesore seems to have scored a bit of a first. A new
      law has been devised simply, it appears, to deal with him.

      Later this year, unless he succeeds in an appeal, he will be removed from
      Parliament Square under a new rule banning unauthorised protests inside a
      half mile zone in Westminster.

      The likely effect is that, when MPs return from their mammoth summer break,
      the irritant will have been removed.

      But, as they point out, they are not stopping him exercising his right of
      freedom of speech.

      They just don't want to hear it.
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