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  • robert searle
    Dear Alan, Dear MEMBERS, I think many of you will find this subject of great interest. Rudolph Steiner was an explorer of the Great Unseen, and if he were here
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2005
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      Dear Alan,

      Dear MEMBERS,

      I think many of you will find this subject of
      great interest. Rudolph Steiner was an explorer of the
      Great Unseen, and if he were here today in the
      physical body he might well have found the following
      very interesting.

      Comments are welcome, and brief biography about me
      (new member) can be found at the end of this article,
      or paper. I am also happy to see it published in any
      journal on anthroposophy. It does have great


      Robert Searle.


      Multi-Dimensional Science, or MDS is an attempt to
      fully integrate science with mysticism, and religion.
      Naturally enough, it includes parapsychology, or
      psychical research which is the evolving science into
      claimed "supernatural" phenomena.

      Before proceeding further, it must be made very clear
      that in NO way is MDS a religion, cult, or sect even
      though it may use terms associated with them.
      Admitedly, most of this new "science" consists of
      speculative metaphysical issues such as reincarnation,
      post mortem existence, pre-destination, other worlds,
      et al. Essentially, MDS hopes to largely indirectly
      prove, or alternatively disprove the the reality, or
      non-reality of such "revelations".

      This article, or paper is a simple brief non-technical
      account of the above subject. Incidently, MDS is in
      the process of research, and development which may
      take several years to complete.

      SCIENCE (MDS).

      Central to mysticism, and religion is the concept of
      an unseen non-physical psychic, or spiritual universe.
      It is undetectable by our by five limited senses, and
      by other means. In religion, and indeed, in western
      philosophy it can only be accepted on grounds of
      faith, or belief. In mysticism though such
      non-physical realms can be "proven" via direct
      experience by the awakening sixth sense of mind, and
      conciousness during some form of meditation, or
      spiritual technology. This whole process involves
      "going within" oneself, and entering the inner realms,
      or planes of higher conciousness.

      This normally invisible non-physical universe may well
      be a shared objective reality rather than the figment
      of the imagination. Those who claim to visit it via
      some form of meditation, or indeed, through
      deliberately induced out-of-body experiences (or
      OOBEs) should be able to independently come up with
      corroborative information concerning the major sights,
      and energies witnessed. This is the main underlying
      concept of MDS. Moreover, it puts emphasis on the need
      to collect data on the psycho-spiritual "energies"
      which are said to exist. Such claimed forces manifest
      themselves in a variety of ways such as colourful
      auras, pulsating lights, and sounds along with rays
      coming out of beings, and objects, et al.

      To see whether such reports are indeed independently
      correlative, or not requires in MDS five special
      steps. They are explained in the following:-

      Step One: A search for specific willing psychics, and
      mystics who have regular if not daily inner
      experiences of various "energies". They are termed as
      Multi-Dimensional Observers, or MDOs for short. A
      large number of them may well emanate from the psychic
      healing field.

      Step Two: The aim here is to find out what kind of
      experiences they have via an initial questionaire. A
      more elaborate, and detailed one(s) may follow.

      Step Three: When the data via the questionaires has
      been collected it may well be found that the
      "energies" described are independently corroborated
      beyond the mathematical laws of chance. If so such
      information should be converted on paper, and computer
      into images, or pictures of the Unseen.

      Step Four: Such visible depictions of the "energies"
      should be interpreted into mathematical models for an
      on-going theory, or working hypothesis concerned with
      the nature, and purpose of the "Great Beyond".

      Step Five: If MDOs continue to give largely reliable
      data concerning their inner experiences then they
      should be involved in various studies, and
      experiments. They may be able to help us see how
      psycho-spiritual "energies" can benefit humanity. In
      effect, MDS could be the greatest scientific
      breakthrough in the world because it offers for the
      first time methods that can prove (albeit indirectly)
      the non-physical psychic, and spiritual reality of
      life. This could have massive untold implications for
      medecine, psychology, physics, biology,
      parapsychology, et al. In academia the inner
      experiences discussed here are referred to as

      Furthermore, for the individual it would mean that
      their existence would become more happier, and
      fulfilling as never before imaginable. The reason
      being that a new generation of meditational methods
      would come into existence based on scientific research
      rather than just on purely faith, and belief.
      Knowledge concerning the psychology of human beings
      would include serious objective information concerning
      their "energies", and how they could be best used.
      Moreover, there would be a far greater scientific
      understanding of claimed psychics powers, and their
      actual modus operandi will become clearer.

      Though mainstream science has given humanity many
      great technological benefits such as computers,
      television, aeroplanes, better medecine, and the like
      it will probably be nothing compared with the advances
      made by MDS. It may well be that in the far future
      people will become like "gods" self-reliant with
      "full" authentic knowledge concerning spiritual, and
      psychic development. Such evolution would ultimately
      supersede modern technology, and even
      Multi-Dimensional Science itself.

      Apart from the above another suprising, and
      controversial aspect of our subject is that it may
      well be possible to quantify non-physical energies.
      This would be in keeping with true science. Let us
      take an example of what we mean. Suppose Mr. Z has an
      aura which is a certain measurement from the body.
      Tested, and reliable MDOs should by means of a simple
      physical "tool" be able to gauge its length. With
      their inner vision opened they should independently
      come up with the correct measurement. In a similiar
      manner other properties such as weight, and velocity
      concerned with psycho-spiritual energies should be
      quantifiable with the aid of physical detectors, or by
      non-physical methods not discussed here.

      Ofcourse, all that we have said may be utter
      nonesense. But, it is not, because its own inbuilt
      reasoning is simply alien to our normal ways of
      understanding. Moreover, counter-arguments could be
      created against MDS even if it produces correlative
      results via its questionaires of the MDOs. This could
      notably include that brain physiology being similiar
      from one person to another may be the real reason why
      mental "illusions" appear to be independently
      corroborative. In the philosophy of science such
      counter-arguments like this would appear to be in line
      with the concept of falsification posited by the
      philospher Karl Popper.

      The success, or failure of MDS largely rests on
      collecting sufficient corroborative data on the inner
      experiences of MDOs. As yet this needs to be done.
      Critics will undoubtedly claim that most of the ideas
      presented here are totally premature but the author,
      and indeed, originator of this unique system is
      confident that the necessary correlative information
      will emerge from the questionaires. This admitedly
      suggests bias, and an unscientific approach to the
      subject concerned. However, when the data has been
      brought together the evidence, or rather "proof" will
      speak for itself.


      At first sight MDS may appear similiar to other
      scientific, or "new age" ideas. This is incorrect. It
      is though made up of old methods brought together for
      the first time into ONE SYSTEM. This is the key point
      to understand.

      Firstly, the notion that MDOs, and other "senstive "
      people can be used by researchers to give hopefully
      correct information concerning "higher" energies is
      not completely new. Von Reichenbach for example used
      this method, and succeeded in getting corroborative
      data concerning the existence of the so-called Odic
      Force.Secondly, simple, and complex questionaires have
      been used by researchers, and organisations to explore
      Near-Death-Experiences (or NDEs), and Religious, or
      Mystical Experiences. Thirdly, converting images of
      the Unseen into visible pictures is again nothing new.
      Charles Leabeater, a leading light in the Theosophy
      movement notably had changes in the human aura
      recorded as "accurate" colourful depictions for all to
      see. Fourthly, using mathematics to try to describe
      something of the "other world" is by no means unique.


      There are a number of existing descriptions published
      of the "Great Unseen" which can help us frame
      questionaires. New unpublished reports about it from
      MDOs would also prove beneficial especially in
      connection with the "existence" of psycho-spiritual

      An important aspect of all this is that one needs to
      be aware that some of these inner experiences may to
      varying degrees be indescribable in the language of
      this world. Sometimes, symbols may be used, and these
      may still have a scientific value if they crop up
      again elsewhere. Infact, the questionaires themselves
      should give researchers some idea as to what extent,
      and in what way inner experiences, or visions if you
      will would be totally indescribable, or ineffable.

      To get some notion of how elaborate, and detailed a
      questionaire could be the following should suffice.
      Readers can skip it, and go to the next section of the
      article/paper if they desire..

      Auras: How large is it around the body usually? Does
      it have a specific colour? Do you see thoughts
      leaving, and entering it? What sounds does it usually
      make? Do you get specific "smells" from particular
      types of auras? Does it change shape around the body?
      Are there different layers in the aura? et cetera.

      Inner Sounds: Do you hear sounds during waking
      conciousness from people, and objects which may be
      non-physical? Is there a specific one in meditation?
      If you hear more than just one inner sound then what
      is it like? Maybe they are instrumental, choral, or
      something else? Does the sound, or sounds enter the
      top of the head, through the ears, or wherever else?
      et cetera.

      Inner Lights: Do you see disembodied lights now, and
      again in the physical, and non-physical worlds? How do
      they appear? Do they have colours which change? Do
      they "shape-shift" into particular objects that are
      easily describable? Do the inner lights create
      specific sounds? et cetera.........

      The Chakras ( or energy centres of the psychic body).
      Do they create specific sounds? Do their coloured
      lights change? Are thoughts seen to enter, and leave
      them? Do they change shape sometimes? Do patterns
      appear in the centres? Can rays be seen entering them?
      et cetera...........


      No doubt many ordinary mainstream scientists will
      regard the following as being "pseudo-scientific".
      However, this is unimportant as the following is only
      meant to be a brief non-technical account easily
      understood by anyone in connection with the "the
      higher worlds" of being.

      It is believed that these realms exist at a vibratory
      rate beyond the speed of light itself. They consist of
      various levels, or Spiritual Regions in ascending
      order around our planet, and beyond. They can be
      simply illustrated diagrammatically by using
      horizontal (or circular lines)lines. The spaces in
      between them represent the Spiritual Regions. Each of
      these Realities can be sub-divided further by thinner
      lines which make up the intermediate planes, or
      spheres of existence. In other words, ("minor") worlds
      within Worlds (ie. the Spiritual Regions). Their
      number altogether is probably infinite. Traditionally,
      from an occult, or esoteric viewpoint they are seven
      Spiritual Regions, and seven intermediate planes. Yet,
      the number of these different levels tends to vary in
      mythology, and in mystical writings.

      Each Spiritual Region is said to have distinguishing
      key sights along with inner Sounds, and (Coloured)
      Lights. As one ascends the "matter" of these worlds
      becomes increasing self-luminious, and more subtle in
      nature. At the same time, conciousness is
      progressively expanded.

      To contact such realities via meditation, or OOBEs
      requires ones personal awareness to become like a
      mental radio. It tunes into the energy levels, or
      frequencies of the different intermediate planes. By
      doing so via concentrated effort one does not only
      see, and hear them but one can actually enter, and
      interact with them.

      At this point, it is important to appreciate the fact
      that the simple, or complex visionary experiences
      cannot (as yet) be fully explained in purely
      materialistic terms in spite of the many decades of
      brain research. This is also true about certain
      powerful drugs, and electrical stimulations (ie.
      Neuro-Theology) which can cause such subjective
      experiences to manifest. But, it does not provide a
      scientific answer as to how the actual mental imagery
      itself is created. MDS takes the view that such visual
      thoughts may largely be a non-physical phenomena
      which is intimately related to the "wiring", or neuron
      nerve networks of the brain.

      Esoteric tradition believes that human beings consist
      of multiple-parts referred to as subtle energy bodies.
      They exist simultaneously in different worlds. They
      belong respectively to the vital, emotional, mental,
      higher mental, and soul Regions.

      The MDS questionaires may well reveals variations in
      what groups of MDOs may well describe in the Unseen
      Universe. This is because they may be able to tune
      into different intermediate planes, or spheres of

      Deception (deliberate, or otherwise) and
      self-deception may cause problems, and experiments
      needed to determine such situations need to be
      carefully thought out. There may be beings, and powers
      that may bring about difficulties with future MDS


      Many religions, and their (mystical) sects have a
      tendency to believe that theirs is the only pathway to
      "God", or the "Ultimate Reality". Whether this is
      true, or not is essentially a matter of personal
      belief. However, MDS may be able to throw some light
      on this subject, but admitedly it would probably be
      unable to fully prove it.

      Here, it is suggested that the Radhasoami Faith could
      be the key to this great mystery. It believes that
      during what is called surat shabd yoga the soul can by
      means of inner Sound, and Light enter the highest
      Spiritual Region in which God can be realized. The
      Radiant Form of the inner living Perfect Master, or
      Satguru may well manifest itself. This acts as the
      essential guide to the Spiritual Regions. Like most
      eastern "groups" the Sikh sect of the Radhasoamis
      believes in reincarnation, and via shabd yoga one can
      be liberated from births, and deaths.

      Anyway, it is claimed that it has as it were an
      accurate,and complete basic "road-map" to God in the
      highest Spiritual Region. It is interesting to point
      out that virtually all religions, and sects emanate
      from this "other world". Yet, the Radhasoamis claim
      that they all have their source of origin in the lower
      intermediate planes of the Spiritual Regions. In other
      words, their founders (eg. Buddha, and Mohammed) and
      indeed mystical practices (eg. raja yoga, kundalini
      yoga of the Indian tradition), and their practioners
      have mistaken these realms for being the final
      destination of their teachings. Incidently, such
      realms may have a residing "god" which would be easily
      mistaken for the highest of the highest. In other
      words, their spiritual knowledge is incomplete, and

      Ofcourse, the way to ascertain whether such claims
      are true, or false would be an elaborate comparative
      study via questionaire of the inner experiences had by
      them, and by those who follow surat shabd yoga.
      Unfortunately, in keeping with esoteric tradition the
      world over such personal information is generally
      never disclosed.

      Strictly speaking, the methods of some meditation, and
      resulting experiences are for the awakening intuition
      and not for the mind. They are thus meant to be
      experienced, and not discussed. As such they are
      largely kept "secret" from the masses, and are only
      intended for real seekers after Truth. Moreover, such
      knowledge in the wrong hands could be misused for
      personal rather than spiritual gain. In spite of all
      this alot already exists in the public domain.

      As already mentioned the Radhasoamis not only believe
      in an inner Perfect Master but also in an outer one in
      the physical world. There are number of organisations
      which purport to have one. Such an Adept of shabd yoga
      is seen as being the visible material incarnation of
      the Supreme Power. However, Faqir Chand the
      "unknowing mystic" claimed that devotees came to him
      about their inner, and indeed, outer "miracles" with
      his spiritual form. Yet, though he was supposed to be
      omniscient he said he knew nothing about all these
      things. This same "unknowingness" appears in many
      present day "Perfect Masters". Some have argued that
      if they did display "knowingness" they would be openly
      using psychic powers to attract a following which is
      contrary to the teachings of the Radhasoami Faith.
      Thus, they pretend to be "human" when actually they
      are not.

      Faqir Chand though came up with a simple theory. He
      believed that it was the devotees faith, and belief in
      him as the Master which prompted the inner, and outer
      experiences of his spiritual form. He, himself had
      nothing to do with it! He suggested, or so it would
      seem that it was the devotees Higher Self, or ones
      pure personal God within which actually acted as the
      Master on the inner, and outer worlds of reality. In
      other words, belief, and faith in the outer Teacher
      was essential for spiritual phenomena. This ofcourse
      also implied that even a criminal posing as a guru
      could have the exact same effect. This also may be the
      reason why a few Radhasoami Satgurus past, and present
      may have experienced "moral falls", and yet, in spite
      of this their outer form, and teachings could still be
      valid as it was the devotees Higher Self which
      ultimately was the real cause of spiritual evolution.
      Incidently, devotees claim that since the Master is
      "God" he, or indeed she can do anything as a test of
      faith. Who can question the Almighty?

      This is a big subject which we cannot further expand
      upon here.


      If the questionaires yield valuable correlative
      material the next possible stage would be to set up a
      non-profit Association for Multi-Dimensional Science.
      It would have the following basic aims:-

      a. It would continue to search out willing MDOs for
      possible studies, and experiments.

      b. It would try to build an ever-expanding directory
      of Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh, Judaic, Shinto, Sufi, and
      other mystical sects. This in itself would require
      detective work as most of them do not advertize
      themselves. This would involve i) contacing scholars,
      and writer ii) the internet iii) interfaith
      organisations iv) charity registers v) esoteric
      magazines vi) existing directories....and so on.

      c. The need for on-going research, and development
      into a general theory, or working hypothesis of the
      Unseen Universe. This would involve ideas from
      Theosophy, the Alice Bailey Teachings, Spiritualism,
      Maharishis Vedic Science, and Technology, Pearsons
      Survival Physics, Bohms Implicate Order,and the like.
      As well as this concepts from "mainstream" science
      would have to be included such as Quantum Mechanics,
      the Multi-verse, the Fourth Dimension, Tachyons,
      Anti-Matter Worlds, et al.

      Finally, it must be remembered that the proposed
      Multi-Dimensional Science probably cannot give totally
      provable answers as to what the ultimate nature and
      purpose of Truth is really all about. It is quite
      possible that there are no absolute truths, and that
      the universe is itself infinite. Science can only go
      so far, and at the end of the day it is arguably our
      own personal experience that really matters.

      Finally, MDS is a huge subject, and what has been
      presented cannot do it true justice. There are many
      many aspects to it.


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      Brief Bio; Robert Searle was educated at the Royal
      Free, and the Tutorials in Windsor (UK). He had
      intended to study archaeology at the University of
      London but decided not to. As a child he went through
      a number of psychic experiences.He has published some
      articles on gurus, and Indian mysticism.He hopes to
      take up the pen again to undertaken pioneering
      research into little known mystical sects from a
      variety of traditions.

      He has been an office worker, horticulturist, and
      fundraiser for certain respected charities. At
      present, his interest is making money for the
      research, and promotion of Multi-Dimensional Science,
      and his other project Transfinancial Economics. He is
      also considering to do a degree in physics. He hopes
      two books will result from his work with the possible
      working titles of Science, and Superscience; The New
      Psychic, and Spiritual Paradigm, and The Non-Taxation
      Revolution; Monetary Reform, and Global Justice.

      His email address is dharao4@.... His postal
      address for genuine contacts is as follows. The
      Multi-Dimensional Project, Oaklodge , 108 Cumnor Hill,
      Oxford, 0X2 9YH. England. All communications in
      writing only.

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