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    Rudolf Steiner - Materialists talk of matter, of the physical world, whereas their malady consists of the fact that they are not properly connected with their
    Message 1 of 1 , May 17, 2005
      Rudolf Steiner - 'Materialists talk of matter, of the physical world,
      whereas their malady consists of the fact that they are not properly
      connected with their physical and etheric bodies. A man becomes a
      materialist precisely because he does not reach the physical and etheric
      bodies, because the spirit is too weak to lay hold of the body in the right
      way.' end quote from 'The Driving Force of Spiritual Powers in World
      History' Dornach 1923

      In this wonderful series of lectures, pure gold from the Christian
      Initiate, a methodology is given for acquiring inner strength needed to make
      and sustain a relationship with the Archai, which delivers us from the
      mind-bondage of materialism. Such a relationship can only be achieved
      through mental exertion, firing the will, spiritual activity. Can we really
      expect mighty Spiritual Beings to whisper mere platitudes into our passive
      ears? Hardly. They have great revelations to impart. It is we who suffer
      from spiritual tinnitus, are so easily deafened, we who are found wanting.
      Rudolf Steiner speaks in a spiritual sense of the ringing 'trumpet tones' of
      the Archangeloi as they speak to us during sleep. Can the Archai be less
      clarion? We need not be daunted. Rudolf Steiner begins these lectures with
      the Elemental Beings, just as vital in the unity of super-sensible
      intercourse between Man and Hierarchies, and easily accessible. We spoke
      before of Tolkien and Inkling, of bringing Peep to Gaze. Here is Rudolf
      Steiner doing just that and much more. Speaking of medicine in earlier
      times he says

      'Men worked in their laboratories - if their workshops can be called that
      - in such a way that the operations of the elemental forces were clearly
      revealed to them. Actually, men have always asked: How does sulphur - or
      some other process combine with a different substance? What effect has this
      behind the actual sense phenomenon? How are the elemental beings working
      here? Men made their experiments in order to learn, let us say, by paying
      attention to the transformation undergone by a substance when it combines
      with another, or when it arises out of another, how - especially in the
      change of colour revealed by a substance in the process of transition -
      beings of the elemental kingdom peep out into the world of the senses.
      Even Paracelsus, when he described sulphur, salt and mercury was not
      describing these ordinary physical substances, but what peeped out at him
      from the elemental kingdom where the substances were undergoing
      Hence you can never understand Paracelsus if you take his expressions in
      the sense in which they are used today in chemistry, because everywhere he
      really means what peeps out from the elemental world in the way described.
      Here, however are the healing forces, the real healing forces. In what you
      see when you look at at the external appearance of any plant, say the Meadow
      Saffron, you do not see the healing forces that are its characteristic; if
      you want to perceive the healing forces of the Meadow Saffron you must watch
      it when it is fading, when it is undergoing its unique, bold changes of
      colour; then the elemental being is escaping and this brings about the
      changes of colour. You know the saying that when the devil makes off he
      leaves a stink behind him - and as they escape the elemental beings assert
      their audacity by the colouring' end quote above lecture.

      He goes on to explain that the actual healing is achieved by the human
      being's relationship to the elemental beings working in the processes of the
      plant, and how these relationships are further evolved and developed during

      Steiner - 'So you see that in the domain of speech, man should again
      establish a right relationship to the Archangeloi, but that through the
      stronger effort of will that is needed for understanding Spiritual Science,
      he should bring about an intensified relationship to the Archai, the Primal
      Powers. A kind of knowledge entirely different from anything that is
      available today will then come naturally to him. What frightens people so
      greatly today is that the study of Spiritual Science entails development of
      the will. The concepts and ideas brought forward by spiritual science must
      be absorbed with an inner energizing of the will, with inner activity, and
      this is not to man's liking today.' end quote from above lecture.

      To acquire that entirely different knowledge, not slightly different
      knowledge, but entirely different knowledge, to acquire it naturally, so
      that it becomes Manichean metamorphic power vital for the world, we must
      forge a relationship with the Archai, who then facilitate our night converse
      with Angels and Archangels, so bridging spiritual-elemental and
      Hierarchical-spiritual worlds. The Hierarchies will intervene in world
      affairs, Steiner assures us, if we ask them, if we provide them with our
      opened eyes and ears. If we let them know them what is going on. They can
      hold Ahriman in check.
      To this end we study Spiritual Science, read the signs and symptoms of
      the times, grant free speech to gagged, tortured and mutilated Nature, enter
      conversation with Spiritual and Elemental Beings who long for humanity to
      awaken and join in the World's wondrous Work in spirit of lark, hop-skip
      laughter and love that not merely believes six impossible things before
      breakfast but performs them, digests them, enjoys them, makes of them a Way
      and a Play.
      Strangely, it is light heartedness, heart-lightened in true sense that
      bears strongest forces of perception. Light heartedness is not facile, but
      tensile, able and willing to be pivot, around which change of mind can
      become spiritual impetus in society.
      Our task is to bring greatly enhanced observation to nature, sub nature,
      to every moment of daily personal and social life and set all in spiritual
      scientific context. We can do this. We can be antidote. We can sleep and
      take our spirit-imbued observations to the Hierarchies, via willing
      elementals, and enjoy refreshing new streams of thought upon the morning.

      Therefore, in order to have something real to bear into dungeons of
      Guantanamo, to offer to Fallujah, to be aspirant Priest-King of New
      Mysteries it is important to develop ears that hear the groaning,
      travailing-traveling Earth; the wailing despair of neglected elementals, the
      agony of animals. Eyes that glimpse the audacious elemental escaping in
      fading colour, and become cognizant of how the adversary works to force
      those elementals who could be our friends into sub-etheric servitude and
      serve instead sterile forces of death.

      If the newly available Risen Ethers are to be realized in human societal
      life, if they are to sustain and support the natural world and Earth's
      future evolving, they must needs pass through the Love-Fired Alchemical
      retort of the Human Heart, which must first break its old boundaries, take
      in new wine, admit fresh flows, be antithisis and so healer of Ahriman's
      Terminator Gene.

      We need to understand the technique of terminator gene technology. The
      plant has been genetically altered and primed, bomb like, to commit chemical
      suicide and abortion as it is about to set seed. By releasing chemicals
      inimical to itself, it denies its own present and all potential future
      multiplied and progressed life, thereby denying sustenance and star forces
      to human beings. It transgresses Natura's ever generous, prodigal Law of
      Plenty - 'One grain = ten thousand grains'.
      Life potential is thus bought and sold, its Archetype and Ideal is
      patented, 'owned' by Ahriman and must be paid for most dearly with more than
      just money. Here Ahriman begins, with human connivance, to breach the holy
      boundaries set by the Father God to protect the Plant Kingdom from the
      adversaries. It is not only parody and antithesis of Seed Idea, but an
      attack upon all Mustard Seed transformation and generosity.
      For the human heart that does not leap through eye of needle does not
      germinate into Divine Mustard Seed. Instead it falls into fell embrace of
      Terminator technology, commits spiritual suicide and abortion. The Gospel
      tells us that Mustard Seed grows so high, so strong that the birds of the
      air roost in its branches.... If our own lives do not reach for new heights,
      branch out trusting in non-space horizon, shoreline and boundary, will
      thought formed Eagle feathers of New-Song-Birds bear us aloft along lively
      Oak-think pathways when excess gravity threatens to drag all into
      sub-human-non being?

      We cannot physically break into torture chamber, soothe the pain of
      prisoner, go into guarded laboratory and release tormented animals, cannot
      as yet turn back bombs, undo 'collateral' damage, raise what has been razed,
      but we can all undertake basic, primary groundwork of future Manichean Magic
      and go with Holy Bee into poisonous flowers bringing forth potent nectar.
      Paradox is, that gentleness is strength. Light Heart can bear heavy burden.
      Power comes in unexpected ways, unlikely places. It is not all heaviness and
      gloom. Not far along the Way we may glimpse twinkle in Day's Eye, glimmer
      and glance of Spirit in what seemed material merely. We can Inkle through
      half closed eyes, see more clearly through squint.

      A man who has among his large collection of rarest books, original
      manuscripts of Shakespeare's plays, once told me that when a 'W' was written
      as two crossed 'V's', what followed was in cipher. Suddenly something more
      is offered to one who has a key.

      Michaelites are code breakers. A group of materialistic British
      scientists, who cannot properly engage with their own physical and etheric
      bodies, are attempting in their own words, to 'crack the code, discover the
      secrets of butterfly flight' by attaching tiny electronic chips to them and
      monitoring the result. This will never reveal the secret of butterflight.
      Hop skip methodology is necessary.

      Sometimes we can read the expression on the face of the sky and other times
      not. It is obscured. A perfectly ordinary, straightforward morning is
      suddenly arcane. A slight, barely perceptible sign may be observed or passed
      by. The Day is in cipher, the sky enigmatic, wind cryptic, the air flows
      otherwise, even the trees secretive, their emanations too subtle for jaded
      inner faculties.

      At such points the World hints that it has something more than the obvious
      to say to us. It is not merely sulking or turning away its face, but sheaths
      a richer, flowing seam of purer gold that we have yet proved unworthy to
      mine. To make mine own in order to give away. On such occasions one must
      simply crack the code as one might crack a nut from the Celtic Hazel Tree of
      Knowledge, or else turn hard, skull-shelled Walnut inside out. Or find that
      Jupiter curved and Mars-strengthened cosmically open crown of Oak, is
      conversing with interested winds, and will condescend to speak with us also.

      What nutcracker is cosmic code-breaker? Reverence, deepened by Wonder and
      Gentleness. There are others. We are beginner, novice, greenhorn, but we
      have long, rich pasts and can reawaken and reclaim what was gifted and won
      in Old Mysteries, refreshed by the Incarnation, link treasure trove within
      to world without. We can crack our own code.

      What follows are tiniest Inkles of Tree converse-code-crack, specific to
      particular place, person and time.

      Oaks are the spiritual base note and Mystery founding of the North
      London Heights I live on, fortunate to be Oak nourished, Oak fed, Oak
      schooled, Oak reared. An Oak grows behind the fence at the end of my
      Through the spring days I scooted among Oaks so mighty, so individual so
      interested and alive to my presence that I remained long beneath them,
      listening, observing, commenting, deeply, dearly reverent in the subtle,
      speaking, breathing wind of their auric blessing. Each of these trees is an
      oddball, non-conformist, idiosyncratic, a singular even wayward character.
      They have long outgrown any species uniformity of shape, each going Ent-wise
      their own unique way. They take Gravity dancing. Make fool of Time. They
      Master Space; argue it, impact it, debate it, suddenly turn it about, play
      tricks on it, take new directions, mad angles, enclose odd, significant
      shapes of sky, branch diversely and follow unconventional lines of their own
      to extremes of weight, balance and measure, defying Ahriman to follow,
      forcing him to peer through eye of needle, making the dance an illogical
      impossible one that defies his dictate. In fact, they really are impossible

      Branches that must weigh tons jut out unsupported into the air at
      improbable, seemingly unsustainable angles, veer off suddenly, always going
      their own way and somehow do not collapse or fall but remain stubbornly,
      incredibly, master of weight and measure in lively geometric nonchalance.
      One guesses at deep ballast roots gnomed far beneath, but still not nearly
      explanation enough. These Lordly trees make their own rules. They don't
      follow leaders. In fact the leader branch is often lightning blasted or
      discarded, allowing a light permeable, irregular crown.

      Paradoxically, this heaviest, densely wooded tree, which backs up its
      forces, presses them into utterly new powers, is chalice for instreaming
      impulses. It is open to the sky. Fresh revelations and insights can be found
      in every inch of crannied, cracked and insect inhabited bark. I find Oaks
      the most open, transparent trees. The bark is deeply fissured, harrowed,
      the trunk often hollow. The branches are widely spaced, leaves lobed,
      flow-formed, the soft green flowering catkins surprisingly tender.
      'Thunderbolt cleaved Oak' is eccentric in the sense of asymmetric, odd,
      and can give straight answers to direct questions with Entish humour.

      Sitting beneath an Oak that was one great gesture of upholding, I asked
      aloud 'What lives in Thee?'
      Hearing my voice, a Woodpecker popped his head out of a hold high up
      where the trunk forked into two massive branches and watched me intently.
      'I do!'
      Now Woody's home is my first visiting port on every ride. He chooses
      well. Oak is host to more insect species than any other tree. Fast food on
      the doorstep.

      Usually I ask more obliquely, study lecture cycles in continuity with Oak
      visits, make long observation of the processes of the tree, and 'wait on the
      Lord' for hints and glimpses on awaking from sleep.
      Oak is mighty, even immense, but never, ever ponderous. Slow growing, it
      is quick. Lord of matter, Oak is wick, active, almost transparent, vital,
      has anti-gravity audacity. Understands Butterflight. And if a branch is
      shed, storm torn, it is lost with unconcern, as one simply drops a line of
      inquiry that is finished and moves on to develop another. More light floods
      in. Scar merely adds wrinkle of thought or quirk of laughter on Oak face;
      space and light work new ratios into the tree geography, tree entelechy,
      allows streaming upward of gnomic root routes to quite other realms and
      journeys. Oaken roots are super-highways for gnomic beings, great branching
      subterranean mystery centers, counter-space Initiation Chambers of Christed
      starry knowing whose map-master-elementals can wend into our dreams and
      leave think-gifts upon the morning pillow. Oaken travel is wild and stormy,
      is no easy ride. Acuity and tenacity of thought is demanded, the pass-port
      that opens this realm is fearless good-will.

      Oaks have the capacity to turn themselves inside out, to become mighty
      reeds for New Tuned Sound Ethers. Memory banks of Old Mysteries grown New,
      archives where we read future as well as past, even the slightest Christ
      Resonance in our souls places us in relation with new starry forces which
      the trees take up and emanate, transformed, for the healing of Earth and of
      Wonderful insights regarding this tendency in Oaks have come from the
      Forester-Guardians of Windsor Royal Park who tend the grounds of Windsor
      Castle, where truly gigantic hollow Oaks have stood for many centuries. It
      seems that older Oaks deliberately seek, need and achieve hollowness, aided
      by a fungus which is usually considered parasitic and therefore harmful, but
      which, in some instances, is actually a relationship of mutual benefit and
      co-operation. When the Great Ancient Oaks of Royal Windsor have achieved
      full maturity they seek to shed their heart wood, which, being heavy,
      renders them, in their majestic full height and spread, more liable to
      damage and felling by wind or storm when lightning strikes, as it so often
      does, attracted to these Jupiter Trees.
      Helpful fungus invades, seething antithisis of Oak solidity and strength,
      eats the heart wood and leaves the hollow tree with little or no apparent
      sapwood to sustain it, whereon, mysteriously, they live and flourish for
      many centuries more, growing ever more individual and eccentric. It is in
      that hollowed, lighter, inwardly spaced condition that they achieve their
      full and true stature, symbol of real Egoic, Michaelic orientated thought
      and strength.

      Near to my home is what I call the Miracle of the Torn Branch. A long and
      heavy branch has been torn from another Michaelite tree, an old, Kingly
      Hawthorn, leaving only a very thin, dried and much holed shard of crusty
      outer bark linking it with the trunk. No physical sap can be flowing through
      this crumbling scrap of dry wood, no real contact with the tree remains at
      all - I can see the sky through its crumbling - and yet the great branch,
      lying horizontal along the top of some iron railings, comes into full,
      abundant leaf every year, flourishes and drops its leaves in Autumn,
      beginning again to bud and sprout anew each Spring along with the tree,
      nourished by etheric currents within the protective aura of the Tree Being.
      I look up from Miracle Branch over the rooftops of surrounding streets to
      where Ahriman's hilltop Arial points accusingly at the sky and make my own
      broad-cast 'So what do you make of that, Mr Ahriman?' And, smiling at the
      Day, apply the unlikely code cracker of Wondering-Reverence.

      Tardis like, Head-Nut is vastly larger inside than out, Eye of Needle
      Pass lets into the sun-space hollow within hills, peripheral etheric star
      inflow, Mustard Seed abundance. The Birds of Heaven rest in branches that
      can go adventuring in any direction. The Day smiles back, decoded, and
      begins to resound with high poetry.
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