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Apostles and Inklings

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  • Jan
    Hello Bruce, How nice to hear from you. Yes, this is a fascinating topic, and the more so as it is inevitably interwoven with individual karma and biography.
    Message 1 of 4 , May 16, 2005
      Hello Bruce,
      How nice to hear from you. Yes, this is a fascinating topic, and the more
      so as it is inevitably interwoven with individual karma and biography.
      It seems that these situations arise as a result of the old Kundalini
      Rising direction of energy flowing from lower chakra to higher chakra, which
      was the old path of Initiation. Rudolf Steiner gives a reverse path, of
      course, which is suitable for this time and this emerging new consciousness.
      He says somewhere, and I'm writing in haste before an appointment so can't
      check it out, that sexual energy is 'not suitable' for transformation to
      energy for spiritual cognition.
      The exercises and meditations he gives are safeguards against this
      overwhelming of the pupil by sexual energy. Many of the exercises are plant
      based, for instance.
      The Rose Cross meditation, of course, is invaluable here.

      We know that occultists who venture into supersensible worlds without
      necessary purifying and preparation can fall prey to a magnification and
      intensification of sexual forces, as well as to greatly enhanced lower
      egotism and their 'revelations' are consequently skewed and unclear if not
      actually misleading. There is also the question of teacher-pupil abuse, of
      taking energies and forces from the pupil, and the danger of something
      unwholesome and untoward invading the pupil from the teacher. It is
      interesting that in such cases the pupils or participants selected tend to
      be boys or young girls, in any case those with youthful refreshing energies
      to be reaped, as is also the case in other Black Magical practices, such as
      sacrificing babies. Demonic entities, of course, come into play.

      Inkling Charles Williams deliberately engaged with sexual energy and with
      desire itself, as he did with every motive force that he could identify
      within himself or others. He attempted to 'turn back' these forces,
      another difficult if not dangerous practice, which in his case also led to a
      tendency to treat other people in a careless even cruel manner. However, as
      I said before, intent is all important and those who dare deep, compelling
      forces and mysteries often fall, but may be able to garner much by balancing
      karma in new incarnations, if the intention was initially pure.
      Again, I don't have time to reference it, but Mabel Collins too speaks of
      how in the soul garden of the occultist a weed may grow to vast proportions,
      whereas in the ordinary man it does not so flourish. Steiner speaks too of
      how people can 'become worse' when spiritual development is begun without
      sufficient care for balancing thinking, feeling and willing, and working
      with the monthly exercises.

      The Anglican Church, of course, which has given rise to quite a few cases,
      is inevitably tainted by its Established condition, being part of the State.
      Which is not to say that there are not genuine and aspiring souls working
      within it, of course. However, in Britain today I see the Church as largely
      destructive in effect, more by sin of omission than anything else. Without
      knowledge, it has become its opposite in many important ways.

      On another level we are seeing a truly horrific 'reaping' of youthful
      energies today as a result of the sexualizing of children, with sex
      education beginning in primary school and 'exploring' even teaching
      masturbation 'techniques' to children. While the teachers are not, of
      course, practicing occultists, they must be unwitting agents of Asuric
      beings, and children are certainly harmed by the consequent acceleration of
      their sexual development. I have heard stories of real damage and distress
      in children subjected to this teaching from their mothers, some of whom have
      removed children from schools.
      The phenomenon of so called 'bi-curious girls' is much promoted by
      television soap operas, teen magazines and advertising, as well as the sex
      education classes in schools. Girls are urged to try lesbian sex. It is an
      'have it all try everything' approach. As this is pressed upon them before
      they are really ready for any sexual experience it adds to their confusion
      and vulnerability, which in turn opens them to other forms of manipulation
      and abuse via media and marketing. Paying for Speed Dating is considered
      normal. 'Mac Sex' has led to a massive increase in the incidence of sexually
      transmitted disease, causing infertility in many young women. There is an
      occult dimension to all this, and an agenda behind it.
      Again, this is a complex and fascinating area of observation and study,
      which we need to keep well in view and in relation to the insights available
      in spiritual science.
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