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    Hi Lee, I add a contribution of mine that could be of same help, namely to grasp the Christlike gestures in Spirit ual History into cultures that, at a first
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      Hi Lee,
      I add a contribution of mine that could be of same help, 
       namely to grasp the "Christlike gestures" in Spirit'ual History into cultures that, at a first sight SEEM to be "not Christians"....

      Christ's steps in the East.


      Dear List,


      My 2 cc here

      .(Logos' steps in the East)

       Interesting researches  about some threads  like the above   has been  done by some Italian Anthro-fellow men, due to the fact that they were , in the same time, Scaligero's students and well-trained orientalist,being co-workers at the ISMEO (Italian Institute for Middle and Far East Studies).

      They have been building  the following conceptual framework, that I found myself well-based and trustworthy.

      The core of the "occult steps of the Logos-Christ in the East" after the Golgotha's Event lies in the Mahayana Buddhist conception of the Bodhisattva.

      The "Being of Man" as "I AM of the Being" ensouled of conscious thought, Love's Thought, it's actually the winning-post of the higher Mahayana's conceptions  by  the means of the path of  the "light thinking" ( bodhicitta)  and "compassion" (karuna) whose  best representative is the Bodhisattva.

      This conception is the kernel of the Yogacara school whose founders were the brothers Vasubandhu and Asanga who was said to be  inspired by the Maitreya Bodhisattva Himself.

      The picture of the Bodhisattva can be seen as one of the first steps of the Logos inside the eastern Soul.

       The Bodhisattva, indeed, does not have the need of his personal freed, as the Hinanajana's monk had,from the sensible world's maya.

       He, on the contrary, dedicates  himself to this world,caring no more for his personal Nirvana, till the day  the last living being will be saved.

      He can do that since he 's able to see inside  the maya an inner core more sacred that the Heavens' one, aka the seed of the forthcoming Logos-imbued "Cosmos of Love".

       He has been able to see inside Himself the Logos as the I AM, no more in the blood ties, but in the "prabbasvara citta", the Light Of Thought,  "acittata" no thinking,  "nirvikalpakajnana", no-dialectic cognition.

      Moreover  the Bodhisattva is able to see the cosmic Logos – as the principle of the Unity of the Beings and the World-in the universal imagination  "abhuta-parikalpa", in his chance to perceive the Sunya (emptiness) as the freed of the perception from every duality till in this "emptiness"  the stream of the Compassion and Love will be able to flow.

      So, since this Middle Ages spiritual renewal onwards it is possible to look at a new spiritual gesture in Eastern wisdom that, in more recent times, embodies itself in Yoga's masters like Ramana Maharshi. a radical seeker of the I AM roots, Vivekananda , Yogananda and , most of all, Sri Aurobindo and his "Shakti imagination", whose gesture is really near to some Sofia's picture, for instance those in the  Soloviev's teachings.





      ----- Original Message -----

      My wife and I were discussing the nature of Christianity and its institutions after watching the intense media focus on the death of the Pope and the increase in Christian oriented programming on TV.

      There was an interesting show on Larry King recently on God and the Nature of Good And Evil. He invited a priest, a well known tele-pastor, Deepak Chopra, Char Margolis (intuitive and communicator with the dead) and a former FBI profiler who is now in religious training to become a minister. Quite a panel!  A central agrumentative point was the insistence again that Chris Jesust is the Only Way to redemption and salvation and all other paths to God are basically off track and will not allow one to be "saved". This somewhat naive and dogmatic perspective was challenged very well by Chopra but led to another issue found in esoteric Christianity. For example,  RS purports that knowledge and direct connection with true the Christ Being is essentail for each human being and for the future of the earth. The work in the next 3000 years or so is to make freely available a choice to approach and receive the Christ Spirit during life on earth.  So in a sense, no Bieng is "higher" and  more important spirituality, accorrding to AP and esoteric Christianity. Yet, it seems inconceivable that 5 billion people in this time span or in 11,000  years will be willing or wanting to accept Christ in a conventional or mystical sense. If this is the case, what will this imply for the future of humanity and earth? ( In fact, one must wonder what born again Christians are actually in contact with given the dogmatism and prejudices  so apparent in many of them. ) 

      Another issue that we discussed was the nature of spritual enlightenment As most are aware, "Enlightenment" and/or  God Realization is  Hindu or Buddhist term to indicate a certain state of realization and direct experience with the nature of God (ParaBrahma-Hindu) or Reality (Buddhist) This " state", sometimes called God Consciousness or Consciousness of oneself in God is clearly above Imagination and Inspiration as described by RS. Since familar cosmic conditions and the nature of God in Creation are described, it is unlikely that these experiences are illusionary or delusional. In addition the benefit achieved by those in contact with these teachers is positive and life changing.  In short, there exist or have existed individuals outside of Christianity who have experienced transcendental states of realtiy and have "seen" and "know God", so to speak. They speak of a unitary state of Being which contains all Beings and Creation and often describe the nature Creation itself in a primordial state of Becoming.  The nature of the their descriptioins are farily uniform yet rarely if ever is the Christ spoken of directly, and if so, He is seen as another past  Avataric Being or Master.

       If entry into the the realms of Life Spirit or higher devachan are indeed achieved by some,  why is the Christ Being not seen and encountered as a special Being. Truth be told, there seems to be only two or three sources-mystical and esoteric, that describe the nature of Christ and his Mission.

      Why so little consistency among seers and mystics across borders?


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