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Christ I(m/n)pulse; Rhythm, Breath and Pouff, Puff and Clouds!

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    To/The Penta, Hold, Keep, Support, Maintain; Inhalt(content), enhalten(to contain), VerhältniB(relation), vorenthalten(to with-hold); Halten - Dharana Retinue
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2005
      To/The Penta, Hold, Keep, Support, Maintain;
      Inhalt(content), enhalten(to contain),
      VerhältniB(relation), vorenthalten(to with-hold);
      Halten - Dharana Retinue Sound Forth
      Rückleidend(returning) Live In/On Flashes,
      Encircling Spheres K(h)a Ramael Sweet Pulses
      A Golden Bowl Objective Sing Sign Supersensible
      Active the Movements that Quickens one;
      And lo! Will-Wotan Mars Voluntary Forces
      Imbued R with Magical Powers Thunderous
      Pouff-Puff the Energetic Siddhic-Etheric Yours
      Solar-Stir as Word of Worlds' Invisible Choir Strings
      Movement Planetary Orchestration
      Stars Behind from (are) Foundation Beings
      Hidden - but Veil-Wall Sensory-Physical
      Cross by Einbildungskraft(Imagination)
      Verstand(Understand), the Imaginative
      Power State(Zustand) Stand You Can Stand
      Amongst These Architectural In Image *12*;
      From Brahman(Cosmic Man) to Man (One-Self)
      Strong in Michael - Dove in Sophia -
      The Hierarchies with the Tenth
      Meet Through the Communion God-Man Ya
      True 'I' Vine Divine I AM Exist Stance-Sein!

      . . .But also (here) Nitro Manes-Agni 'Agre'-Culture Seeds. . .
      For *From-Rosicrucianism-to-Manicheism-Link*
      And the Connect to 'Situation-Meditation' this
      SOP's 'May Human Beings Hear It!'

      "aspect of spiritual communion was
      considered by Rudolf Steiner in connection
      with the Mysteries of the Holy Grail in a
      lecture on 16 April 1921 (GA 204). There he
      describes how a human being, who is granted
      communion from the holy vessel, is
      introduced to the secrets of the ether-cosmos
      (communion with the etheric 'bread') and to
      those of the inner (etheric) being of man
      (communion with the etheric 'blood'. 'Just as
      the whole extract of the cosmos is summed
      up in the 'bread', so in blood is summed up
      the whole extract of human nature and
      being'. The Grail Mysteries of Titurel era
      consisted of this communion that brings man
      together with the ether-cosmos and his own
      etheric (supersensible) nature. The two
      aspects of spiritual communion then lived on
      in the circle of the 'Grail Seekers' as 'living
      astronomy' and 'living medecine', (ibid.) in
      which a knowledge has been retained [of the
      fact] that behind all phenomena of the
      cosmos stand supersensible intelligences
      (hierarchies) whose activity extends even into
      man as spiritual being and true microcosm.

      In our age the ancient Grail Mysteries with
      their spiritual communion must be renewed.
      That is why 'we must once more seek for a
      living astronomy, a living medicine, (ibid.)
      meaning for a living insight of the cosmos
      and man. Then, owing to the spiritual
      scientific knowledge of the cosmos, we shall
      moreover grasp the secret of the cosmic
      lineage of the Christ, the Mystery of how the
      Christ came down to the Earth from the Sun
      at the Turn of Time; and thanks to the
      spiritual scientific insight of man, the secret
      lineage of Jesus, meaning the secret origin
      of that human being who became capable of
      becoming the bearer of the Christ on Earth."


      "Forces of the Ego - Zarathustra
      Astral Body - Buddha
      Ether Body - Soul of Adam Before the Fall
      Physical Body - Forces of Abraham/Melchizedek"


      "Friedrich Rittelmeyer's personal experience
      of spiritual communion is testimony to the
      extent to which something like this can be
      attained through anthroposophical
      spirit-discipleship. He describes this as
      follows: 'Likewise in meditation it had
      become clear to me that Christ can actually
      be received all the way even into body and
      blood, and always gives man out of Himsef a
      new body and blood.'. . . 'The goal of the
      Anthroposophical Movement is among other
      things full communion with the Christ even
      into the body and the blood, . . . . in
      meditation.' (Rittelmeyer, p. 147, 148, 149)

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