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On '"Placing" oneself', and of 'Posturing to SaturNite'

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    May Human Beings Hear It! (Selected Excerpts) [Rudolf] My dear friends, consider what I add in connection with Miss Maryon s death as something that at the
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      'May Human Beings Hear It!'
      (Selected Excerpts)

      "My dear friends, consider what I add in
      connection with Miss Maryon's death as
      something that at the same time I wish to say
      to you today quite generally. This
      administration [of the Anthroposophical
      Movement], what does it entail? It entails
      the following, and particularly since the
      Christmas Conference I have had to point
      to the very special element entailed in
      administering the Anthroposophical
      Movement. In regard to what happens in
      connection with me, it entails that I myself
      am in a position to carry this up into the
      spiritual world, not only because of the
      fulfillment regarding something here on
      the physical plane, but a responsability that
      certainly reaches up into the spiritual worlds.
      You see, if you want to participate, namely
      participate in the proper sense with what the
      Anthroposophical Movement has become
      since the Christmas Conference, you have
      to get used to what it means to account for
      the Anthroposophical Movement before the spiritual world.

      I could say a lot about this subject and would
      like to take this opportunity to say just one
      thing. Naturally among the people who are
      part of the Anthroposophical Movement all
      kinds of personal matter is an element that
      (if mixed up with what is supposed to happen
      in regard to the anthroposophical cause)
      cannot be accounted for before the spiritual
      world if it remains personal. And what
      difficulties arise for one who has to account
      responsability for a given matter to the
      spiritual world when, along with what he has
      to account for, he has to bring with him
      what emerges out of personal aspirations of
      participating human beings at times! You
      should have at least a little awareness for
      what is brought about by this! It brings
      about the most dreadful repercussions
      on the part of the spiritual world
      when one has to appear before the spiritual
      world in the following manner.

      Some person participates in the work within
      the Anthroposophical Movement. . . but he
      brings into the work personal ambitions,
      personal intentions, personal qualities. Well,
      one then has these personal ambitions, these
      personal tendencies. Most people do not
      know that they are personal; most consider
      what they do to be impersonal, because they
      fool themselves concerning the personal and
      impersonal [ambitions or tendencies]. This
      must be taken along, and this then has truly
      terrible repercussions from out of the
      spiritual world for the one who has to bear
      these matters along into the spiritual world;
      matters that pour forth out of the personalities.

      These are inner difficulties. . . that result
      particularly for a movement such as
      Anthroposophy within the Anthroposophical
      Society, and it is necessary to draw attention
      to this. Certainly, it is terrible that we have
      such terrible [outside] opponents. . . but in
      regard to the inner aspect, to how
      Anthroposophy must be accounted for, it is
      much more terrible when it becomes
      necessary to carry what has been achieved
      within the Anthroposopical Movement into
      the spiritual world weighted down, weighted
      down by personal interests of one or another
      person. Precious little thought is actually
      given especially to this fact. (GA 261, 3 May 1924)"


      "This 'karmic opposition' that leads to a
      gradual 'emancipation of the planetary
      intelligence from the Sun-intelligence' takes
      place 'under the leadership of Oriphiel', who
      is a leader of Saturn and main opponent of
      Michael in the circle of the leading
      archangels. (GA 237, 8 August 1924) Under
      his rulership in the next epoch, which will
      begin around the year 2400, the laws of
      karma will have a particularly stern effect on
      earth. For Oriphiel appears to mankind as the
      'angel of wrath', (GA 266/I 5 December
      1907) who in contrast to Michael no longer
      wishes to take human freedom into consideration.

      Seeing in this way the fact gains significance
      that there exists [something like] an
      Anthroposophy in the world which has the
      task in freedom to create a new Michaelic
      karma. 'The strenght' for such communal
      work on karma 'is brought [to human beings]
      by Michael.' (GA 237, 8 August 1924)"

      "The whole of anthroposophy must turn into such a fountainhead of 'enthusiasm' [Tr.1] in our hearts and souls."

      "'This was supposed to be comprehended, for
      these lightning flashes and thunder, my dear
      friends, were supposed to become enthusiasm
      in the hearts and minds of anthroposophists'."

      "Tr.1: 'Begeisterung'--the German word for
      enthusiasm--in the litteral sense refers
      to 'the state of being imbued with spirit'"
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