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Altar-ed Axis of Evil?

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  • Jan
    Nature always works with small deviations from the norm, with numbers that leave remainders - numbers that mathematicians call incommensurables, which
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2005
      'Nature always works with small deviations from the norm, with numbers that
      leave remainders - numbers that mathematicians call incommensurables, which
      condition all cosmic processes and keep them in motion. Incommensurables
      represent the 'open space' that always keeps a process from becoming
      mechanical. Often these are tiny eccentricities such as we have repeatedly
      referred to as being characteristic of organic laws.' Theodor Schwenk

      On Saint Stephen's Day, the day after Christmas, the Earth quaked, the
      Tsunami rolled and the Earth rang like a bell....

      'Researchers at the Lamont-Doherty facility in New York, part of Columbia
      University, have been tracking earthquakes for decades and say their
      instruments showed that the quake rang the Earth like a bell. Seismic waves
      emanated from the epicenter, like ripples moving out from a pebble thrown
      onto a pond surface.' end quote

      'The Australian National University (ANU) said the reverberations were
      similar in form to the ringing of a bell, though without the sound, and were
      picked up by gravity monitoring instruments.' end quote

      This is a momentous thought. A festive Christmas Peal, or perhaps a
      Doleful Tolling, a toll-charge, an account, a note struck and reverberating
      through the universe. There are several science sourced accounts and reports
      of this Earthquake induced 'ringing' of the earth, vibrating rings, ripples,
      resounding at a Holy season when Star-Windows of the Hierarchies stand open.
      What might this portend, what might it announce, warn, proclaim, or mourn? I
      leave that thought and that question open.

      There were also reports from various scientific observers and researchers
      of an alteration, a wobble, of the earth's axis, which Tarjei brought to our
      attention on the AT forum some weeks ago.

      'The twinned earthquake and tsunami that struck Southeast Asia altered the
      angle of the Earth on its axis, moved the North Pole, pushed walls of water
      throughout all the world's oceans and shifted the soil as far away as
      Newark, researchers are reporting.
      Calculations performed by Richard Gross of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory
      in California show that the quake sped up the rotation of the Earth and
      enlarged its wobble, causing the length of a day to shrink permanently by 3
      millionths of a second. It also moved the North Pole 1 inch, he found.' end

      This may or may not be truth. Most of us have no real way of knowing,
      but either as physical fact or simply as thought form, it is a symptom, and
      so deserving of serious consideration.
      The earth's axis is not itself physical, but it is a reality. Bradford
      has done great work on the relationship of human being, of cell and DNA to
      earth and cosmos, and also the number 23, which we find again in relation to
      the axis of the earth, as we'll discover later. We need to remember and
      integrate all this in the light of anthroposophy if it is to be 'versed'
      (turned) to good, if we are to be well versed in the symptomology of the
      times, and re-turn good for evil. This means to 'resist not evil' but to set
      it spinning, make it vortice like receptive for new forms, new energies, new
      potential, a human-angel wrought poetry of deed.
      Earth-human relatedness and correspondence is the foundation of our power
      to alter-altar world conditions and world-events. If we did not do this by
      virtue of non physical, etheric energies, if we had to fight force with
      force, to 'battle' using earthly means alone, we would be on a losing side,
      but our means and techniques are not those of the physical, earthbound
      forces. We shall work infinitely gently and all powerfully with Keely's
      moral 'Amplitude of Force'. Working song-wise, sympathetically resonant, in
      the sense of New Day and New Song. 'My Kingdom is not of this world.' but
      plays, spins, whorls and spirals, dances into this world. Christ truly is
      'Lord of the Dance'
      Our world must be whirled, vortexed, alive and dancing with Planets,
      always set true to its Star, which is its Sun-Future. This also is our
      orientation, our encompassing compass, our direction. The North Pole is
      said to have shifted since the earthquake.. Our Pole Star must not. We
      remain surely orientated to Christ.
      Before going further into the altered axis question, let us look at the
      nature of the vortex.

      Quote from 'The Basis of Potentization Research' by Theodor Schwenk

      "While a revolving wheel reaches its greatest velocity at the outside
      edge, whirlpools in fluids do so at their center. The outer ring of a
      whirlpool revolves slowly, the center attempts an infinite rate of speed.
      In the physical realm this goal cannot, of course, be perfectly achieved.
      Earthly, statically conceived space turns, at the whirlpool's center, into a
      dynamic-suctional hollow emptiness, empty of fluid and drawing in air from
      round about.
      Suctional forces were described above as having an essential relationship
      to the etheric formative forces. Rotating movements of this kind are also to
      be found in the orbits of the stars, expressed externally-mathematically in
      Kepler's laws: the closer the approach to the center of the planetary system
      the swifter the rotation, whereas it decreases it decreases with the degree
      of distance from the center. To apply the law of movement inherent in the
      ideal vortex to the universe would mean arriving at the conception of a kind
      of force field rotating with a suctional center as its mid point, infinitely
      dynamic and of an intensity decreasing toward the periphery.
      Whirlpools have still another unique characteristic which relates them as
      microcosms to the macrocosmic system of fixed stars.
      When a small floating object such as a cork has a pointer attached to it
      and is then launched into a vortex, it is carried along on its whirling
      journey with the pointer always oriented towards the same infinitely distant
      point, a fixed star, as a result of the variations in velocity described
      No matter how many fixed pointer-orientations are involved, each single
      one always keeps on pointing in the same original direction. Every point in
      a rotating fluid structure thus keeps itself orientated towards its
      particular fixed star as the vortex whirls, hung as though by an invisible
      thread in a network of relationships beginning at the cosmic periphery and
      raying in the direction of the vortex. On a planetary scale, the earth
      itself may be looked upon as such a floating object whose pointer, the
      earth's axis, always points to the same fixed star, the Pole Star, and
      remains parallel to itself as the earth moves on its orbit. ' end quote.

      If you want to thank and bless any water you have washed up or bathed in
      or used in any way, as it goes on its journey, bless it when it spirals out
      of the sink or bath in a vortex..... It is then most receptive.

      So the Earth, tilted on and orientated by its axis, with its mantle of
      watery, open sensitive membranes consisting of a myriad of millions of
      shifting sliding receiving surfaces, is itself a sense organ, open to forces
      flowing from the planets and the sun.

      In 'Water, the Element of Life,' Schwenk says the following, as he traces
      the correspondences of ratio and rhythm, the linkage and resonance of earth
      and man.

      Quote 'Let us state it without further ado; the main starting point of all
      the rhythms involved in living processes is to be found in the tilt of the
      earth's axis in relation to its horizontal orbit. This is what causes the
      seasonal pendulum swing of the sun as it climbs toward summer and descends
      toward winter; there are four steps during each revolution of the earth
      around the sun.
      From the End of march to the end of June, an ascent to the zenith;
      From the end of June to the end of September, a turnabout and descent to
      From the end of September to the end of December, a further decent to
      deepest winter;
      From the end of December to the end of March, a turnabout and ascent to
      There are thus four 'vertical' steps to a single more or less horizontal
      revolution. Thus the carrying out of the year's time schedule shows a ratio
      of 1:4 in relation to the rhythm of the four seasons.' end quote

      The human being has a 1:4 ratio of heartbeat, pulse, to breath. 18 breaths
      to 72 heartbeats in a ratio of 1"4.

      Ernst Bindel 'The Numerical Basis of Music' Quote - 'the ego that has its
      being in our blood is the conductor who decrees this 1:4 tempo for our music
      making life-spirits as we play the symphony of our lives.' end quote

      Theodor Schwenk - Quote 'The fact that the earth's axis maintains its own
      prescribed tilt makes it possible for the earth to have its three familiar
      climatic zones. This makes for a middle zone of considerable breadth,
      characterized by rhythms we are justified as describing as musical. Space
      is created for a temperate middle zone, a scene of equilibrium as well as
      motion where the four yearly seasons come into being, a space where balance
      can exist.
      The spatial measurement of the degree of tilt in the earth's axis is
      known; it is 23.5 degrees of arc, which conditions the position of the
      tropics in the heavens and on the earth. But 23.5 degrees is approximately
      one quarter of the angle between the equator and the poles, which confronts
      us again with a 1:4 ratio, this time in relation to space.....from the
      aspect of both space and time the earth's organism is built on a ratio of
      1:4.' end quote

      The DNA in human cells is packaged into 23 different chromosomes--22
      autosomes and an X or Y sex chromosome. (Again, I refer back to Brad's work
      for more detail and insight)

      Doctor Shoichiro Tsukita 'Cell biologists often describe the architecture
      of cells using such words as "beautiful," meaning the great orderliness and
      practical placement of the various components for optimized functionality
      and efficiency. To achieve this the cell must have an axis that defines
      where everything is to be placed as well what is inside and outside the
      cell. The mystery is how the cell translates the direction imposed by its
      external environment into an orientation of its internal machinery of its
      cellular axis.' end quote

      If there was a significant shift in the tilt of the earth's axis, the
      balance of the middle would be lost. Extremes of heat and cold would
      instead prevail, in a dual not threefold paradigm. Ahrimanic beings consist
      of intellect and will, with no balancing heart forces. Sorathic human
      beings likewise have no feeling, no remorse or care for what they inflict
      upon others. The earth would lose its temperate zones.

      An axis and an orientation presupposes a surrounding environment with
      something to be orientated toward, which for the earth is the Universe, and
      its stars. In fact, Beings of infinite variety, Beings who interact,
      co-operate, harmonize, oppose, sacrifice, create or dissolve and whose
      forces and influences flow into and maintain the life and growth rhythms of
      the biosphere. Who maintain our bodies, affect our lives, our thoughts, our
      own being, who increasingly choose to leave us more and more free, but
      remain willing to work with us and for our good evolving, if we can be aware
      of them. We know that we can increasingly choose which Beings, which
      influences we each absorb and work with.
      We know from Rudolf Steiner's 'Lectures to the Priests on the Book of
      Revelation' that Ahriman 'eerily lurks in the cosmos' trying to drag the
      earth out of its orbit and away into alien territory. We can see,
      mirror-like, his attacks on the integrity and wholeness of DNA and cell. But
      we know also that a 'wobble' can itself demonstrate the power and ability of
      the earth to self regulate and return to its own dynamic rhythm. It is in
      slight deviation that new impulses of form can arise in nature, from the
      asymmetrical axis that progressive transformations occur in the embryo, for
      In our own lives we often find that it is in the deviations from so called
      'norms' that we later harvest the richest fruit, or set a new and clearer
      course, in our own 'wobbles' along the winding, curved, spirit-receptive
      Path of the Prodigal that we achieve and most value balance.
      Nor do we know to whom we owe the preserved and maintained regularity and
      balanced condition of the earth through times such as these when every
      possible attack is brought upon it, but we might make a guess. Rudolf
      Steiner, and other brothers/sisters of the Christian Initiation work on
      tirelessly, and we can choose to work with them.
      Science, being a window into the mystery-magic of the world, often gives a
      clue as to how things work.
      A catalyzing agent, a remainder number, an imponderable, a trace-element,
      an anonymous human being - such are agents of great power.

      Theodor Schwenk 'The basis of Potentization Research' Quote 'Catalysis -
      whereby the mere presence of certain substances either enables chemical
      reactions to take place or accelerates them without the so-called catalyzing
      agents themselves undergoing any physically or chemically discernable change
      or becoming exhausted. The attention shifts from chemical and quantitative
      aspects to the qualitative, specific uniqueness of the catalyzer, for
      example. The influences and great significance of the so called trace
      elements, of vitamins, enzymes and biological catalyzers show conclusively
      that where they are active at important guiding points they occupy a place
      in the realm of life related to the scene of action of the potencies.' end

      If we potentize ourselves as spiritually active beings, might we not be
      catalyzers also, changing and enlivening the world around us which is
      increasingly subject to deadening, repetitive vibrations, so that new and
      vital impulses find appropriate rhythms and receptors for their activity?
      The 'I am' of an initiated, developed individual can remain, cataalyst like,
      uniquely itself, acting qualitatively, subtly, even unseen or unrecognized.
      And yet be an essential 'trace element' a catalyst, Altar-ing by simply
      being uniquely and fully itself, by being consciously present in the mix.

      If we take the sentence 'axis of evil' out of any political/national context
      and view it simply as a concept, we find a picture of an entity, perhaps the
      earth, perpetually oriented via an evil-axis to a source or star of
      anti-life, anti-evolution. The Earth oriented to Anti-Christ. This is the
      Adversary polar opposite of progressive evolution as envisioned by Rudolf
      Steiner in the light of the Christian Initiation.
      We are free to choose our own orientation, our own Pole Star, our own
      supersensible, self righting axis, and, 'verse-ing' literally turn the
      earth's troubles around......
      We are potentially potent beings, and we can take every glitch, snag,
      aberration that the Adversaries hurl at us and at the Earth, and weave it
      gently, poetically into a richer, more living pattern. We are each the
      Prodigal Son, called to work with endless prodigal, prodigious forces,
      inexhaustible etheric energies.
      There is, also, a grotesque Ahrimanic travesty of this concept of
      inexhaustible etheric powers currently being propagated by some of those who
      adhere to the 'Rapture' fantasy. It is thought that God will continue to
      provide on earth for those who are to be Raptured, that despoiling and
      consuming the earth is all to the good, since 'When the last tree is felled,
      Jesus will appear in His Second Coming' therefore the destruction of the
      Earth's biosphere can only hasten this supposed happy event. This is an
      Ahrimanic construct, a lie we must counter by a deepening knowledge of the
      true nature of Moral Technology, the reality of Virtue, or power, and an
      increasing awareness of and relationship with all the manifold Beings who
      seek our co-operation in working for a Christed evolution of the earth.

      So it may be that the Tsunami disaster, coming in the period of the Holy
      Nights, and the great human loving response and care for those affected,
      which arose to meet it, perhaps enables spiritual beings to work further
      with the event and those killed by it. And by the Grace of the Holy Season,
      and our conscious responding, catch and transform it so that what the Earth
      rang out, bell like, during the Holy Nights was not only the funeral tolling
      of death, but hopefully, future good flowing into the parched and abused
      realms of life on earth. We see such earthly events and their physical
      effects, but do not know what the hierarchies could make of even such
      terrible disasters, especially at Christmas, if the human catalyst -
      potentially you and I - is in place. The Adversary Beings will not cease in
      their endeavours and have great physical and earthly power at their
      disposal. Again I say that if we had to overcome them using their means and
      methods, the powers that they use, we should fail. But Christ has overcome
      the World. We can use the power of potentization, of the creative hollow, of
      Mustard Seed.....

      'The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took,
      and sowed in his field:   Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when
      it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that
      the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof.' Matthew

      Ultimately, the future will depend upon the orientation, the perpetual and
      tireless, minute by minute act of spiritual self righting, spirit aligning,
      the resolute returning from every 'wobble' of each one of us on our own

      'No man is an island, entire of itself
      Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main
      If a clod be washed away by the sea,
      Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were,
      As well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were
      Any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
      And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
      It tolls for thee.
      -- John Donne

      And with Thee, and by Thee, in hope of Thee and because of Thee.....
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