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I: [anthroposophy] Steiner vs Nazis

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    ... From: VALENTINA BRUNETTI To: Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 5:55 PM Subject: R: [anthroposophy] Steiner vs
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      From: VALENTINA BRUNETTI <okcgbr@...>
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      Sent: Friday, December 24, 2004 5:55 PM
      Subject: R: [anthroposophy] Steiner vs Nazis

      > Hi Alex,
      > this topic has been worked on in deep in many anthroposophical web lists
      > ("Anthroposophy Tomorrrow") for instance and you'll may find also some
      > interesting issues digiting on the google "uncle taz" and "defending
      > steiner".
      > I wrote myself an essay of 100 pages about "Antroposophy and
      > Nationalsocialism" in my own mother language, Italian.
      > So I can give you some sketch.
      > Steiner was an opponent of the radical rightwing in Germany since the end
      > WW, after having been (1902-1914) an enemy of the Ariosophic occultism
      > was at the root of the creation of NSDAP in 1919.
      > . In 1922 and 1923 some guys from NSDAP and Thule Geselleschaft tried to
      > kill him, while on March 1921, 15tth, Adolph Hitler has called Steiner's
      > Anthroposophy "Jewish soup able to destroy German's brains". The guy who
      > buried the Goetheanum was a right wing Catholic Extremist near to the Nazi
      > milieu of the German speaking Switzerland. In 1935 the Anthroposophical
      > Society was put "out of law" on the Third Reich territory.
      > This on the outer side of the Historical events. On a more occult level
      > Nazi "thing" was the outcome of a Demonic attack at the heart of Central
      > Europe in oder to destrroy the chance of the development of the
      > Consciuosness Soul in Mankind.
      > There is also much to investigate on the role of Walter Johannes Stein
      > (1891-1957) an intimate Steiner's disciple that went to England in 1933
      > becoming an advisor of Churchill for "the occult background of Nazism" and
      > whose work in WWII has been moulded in sea of halftruths and fiction in
      > infamous "Spear of Destiny" by Trevor Ravenscroft soi-disant Stein's
      > "disciple". Anyeay Hitler was defeated.
      > The victory of the Allies in WWII, in spite of the fact that The West and
      > East too were during the 1933-45 years for a great part under the same
      > Demonic forces that lead Hitler to his takepower ,made possible to save
      > chance of carrying on the development of the Consciousness Soul
      > Neverthless we don't have to forget the help that the Western financial
      > powers gave to the take of power of the Nazi in Germany . Those powers are
      > an offspring of the Masonic and Para Masonic Lodges (see the two books on
      > "Skull and Bones", the first by A.Sutton and the second, "Fleshing Out
      > and Bones" by variuous writers where the connection Western Finance-Nazi
      > investigated in deeep) and are now at work in many many ways,somewhat as a
      > Nazi heritage gesture, as the present world situuation and most of all the
      > present American policy shows.
      > At your disposal for further explanations,
      > Andrea
      > >
      > > Hoping someone might some info or sources regarding the role of
      > > Steiner and the German Anthroposophical Society and the
      > > political/spiritual confrontation with the growing Nazi party. From
      > > the few references available it seems Steiner was supportive of the
      > > German military objectives in the great war that was forced upon
      > > them by events beyond their control. He was a confidant of Gen.von
      > > Moltke and his wife, and this was used against him by Hitler and his
      > > associates.Who was actually behind the destruction of the first
      > > Goetheanum and was RS in danger? Was any mention made of the dark
      > > aims and guidance of the NSDAP who referred to past ages in Atlantis
      > > and hoped to replace the Christian cross with the swastika of the
      > > Aryan volk religion?
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