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R: [anthroposophy] Steiner vs Nazis

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    Hi Alex, this topic has been worked on in deep in many anthroposophical web lists ( Anthroposophy Tomorrrow ) for instance and you ll may find also some
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 24, 2004
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      Hi Alex,
      this topic has been worked on in deep in many anthroposophical web lists
      ("Anthroposophy Tomorrrow") for instance and you'll may find also some
      interesting issues digiting on the google "uncle taz" and "defending
      I wrote myself an essay of 100 pages about "Antroposophy and
      Nationalsocialism" in my own mother language, Italian.
      So I can give you some sketch.
      Steiner was an opponent of the radical rightwing in Germany since the end of
      WW, after having been (1902-1914) an enemy of the Ariosophic occultism that
      was at the root of the creation of NSDAP in 1919.
      . In 1922 and 1923 some guys from NSDAP and Thule Geselleschaft tried to
      kill him, while on March 1921, 15tth, Adolph Hitler has called Steiner's
      Anthroposophy "Jewish soup able to destroy German's brains". The guy who
      buried the Goetheanum was a right wing Catholic Extremist near to the Nazi
      milieu of the German speaking Switzerland. In 1935 the Anthroposophical
      Society was put "out of law" on the Third Reich territory.
      This on the outer side of the Historical events. On a more occult level the
      Nazi "thing" was the outcome of a Demonic attack at the heart of Central
      Europe in oder to destrroy the chance of the development of the
      Consciuosness Soul in Mankind.
      There is also much to investigate on the role of Walter Johannes Stein
      (1891-1957) an intimate Steiner's disciple that went to England in 1933
      becoming an advisor of Churchill for "the occult background of Nazism" and
      whose work in WWII has been moulded in sea of halftruths and fiction in the
      infamous "Spear of Destiny" by Trevor Ravenscroft soi-disant Stein's
      "disciple". Anyeay Hitler was defeated.
      The victory of the Allies in WWII, in spite of the fact that The West and
      East too were during the 1933-45 years for a great part under the same
      Demonic forces that lead Hitler to his takepower ,made possible to save the
      chance of carrying on the development of the Consciousness Soul
      Neverthless we don't have to forget the help that the Western financial
      powers gave to the take of power of the Nazi in Germany . Those powers are
      an offspring of the Masonic and Para Masonic Lodges (see the two books on
      "Skull and Bones", the first by A.Sutton and the second, "Fleshing Out Skull
      and Bones" by variuous writers where the connection Western Finance-Nazi is
      investigated in deeep) and are now at work in many many ways,somewhat as a
      Nazi heritage gesture, as the present world situuation and most of all the
      present American policy shows.
      At your disposal for further explanations,


      > Hoping someone might some info or sources regarding the role of
      > Steiner and the German Anthroposophical Society and the
      > political/spiritual confrontation with the growing Nazi party. From
      > the few references available it seems Steiner was supportive of the
      > German military objectives in the great war that was forced upon
      > them by events beyond their control. He was a confidant of Gen.von
      > Moltke and his wife, and this was used against him by Hitler and his
      > associates.Who was actually behind the destruction of the first
      > Goetheanum and was RS in danger? Was any mention made of the dark
      > aims and guidance of the NSDAP who referred to past ages in Atlantis
      > and hoped to replace the Christian cross with the swastika of the
      > Aryan volk religion?
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    • jarett richardson
      i ve done some research on ariosophy. as far as i can tell it means, aryan wisdom . there are at least 3 peoples that are labelled as aryan (which means
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        i've done some research on ariosophy. as far as i can
        tell it means, "aryan wisdom".

        there are at least 3 peoples that are labelled as
        aryan (which means "noble"): northern europeans,
        iranians, and northern indians (indians from india,
        not native americans).

        in fact, iran means "land of the aryans".

        in india, northern indians are labelled as aryans, and
        southern indians are labelled as dravidians.

        remember, aryans are one of the root races of

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