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Re: Propensity for Evil

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  • holderlin66
    Just getting a clearer format so I can read it. Hello Chantel, I am sorry to be so long in responding. We have had a full house and lots of visitors lately so
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 7, 2004
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      Just getting a clearer format so I can read it.

      Hello Chantel,
      I am sorry to be so long in responding. We have had a full house
      and lots of visitors lately so I have had little time to spare.
      Yes, I agree that sharing experiences can be very strengthening
      and affirming and I'm sure that we all do it with trusted friends
      from time to time. My sister and I were doing just that this week,
      bringing light to many childhood experiences which arose from the
      natural spiritual awareness of children who can observe certain
      beings and events without having a workable context to make sense of
      them at the time. They can even be very disturbing, as one
      encounter my sister had with a being of great evil. So it is good to
      go back and make them clearer to ourselves and one another in the
      light of spiritual science, even though my sister is not an anthro,
      but has a deep spirituality of her own, brought from past lives into
      very practical and workable forms in her present life, which has
      been a very hard one.
      I have mentioned also, on this forum, childhood experiences. But
      I had not spoken of them to anyone until my mid thirties. I found
      that by then I could look at what had been a defining experience
      within a biographical time-space journey, and see what it really was
      and how it had influenced my life. It had matured. This is, of
      course, a purely personal anecdote. By middle age an encounter with
      a spiritual Being, perhaps a Guardian Angel, has lived a certain
      life and destiny within one's own life; has moved through time and
      been seen from many angles and nuances, proved itself through many
      These experiences are one thing. And of course, they arise
      throughout life, in encounters with others, through karma, and in
      ourselves alone.
      But the path of spiritual exercises is a deliberate, accelerating
      process, and needs tenderness and nurture much as a seedling or a
      child; requires a protection from other influences and spiritual
      climates, which gives it a chance to grow and mature. Beginnings are
      always delicate and vulnerable, whether bud, shoot or babe, even
      though such mighty forces are latent in them.
      When such an early 'glimpse' (which is usually what it is for us!)
      is spoken into the world it can be over defined, seen from one
      angle, limited in a way which inhibits it from its ultimate fullness
      and truth. This is a danger. It can put a full stop to a subtle,
      rhythmic process.
      The developing of each individual chakra is a precise operation,
      each requiring certain moods of soul and development of virtues, and
      we know that Rudolf Steiner gave very clear techniques, reversing
      the old direction. We know that some lotus petals which
      were 'given freely' by the gods for an atavistic clairvoyance
      appropriate for the far past can become active through wrong
      practice and cast a glamour on the student. We all know 'spiritual
      nuts' who boast of their powers and tell everyone of their so called
      As someone with a physical handicap of long standing, and which I
      have managed to live with in my own way quite well for 54 years, I
      spend my life avoiding nuts who are convinced that they can heal me,
      not having the least idea of the precariousness of bones and muscles
      which have been subjected to surgery etc in childhood, and these
      people have a nasty habit of leaping out everywhere and trying to
      physically lay hands on me! These are the people who try a new
      method or tradition every few months and are never proficient in
      anything! (But this is to digress - its just that a recent encounter
      of this kind still gives me the shivers! I was almost pushed over by
      a frenzied so called healer!)
      The exercises given by Rudolf Steiner work. I see the not
      speaking condition as a lesson in spiritual tact and delicacy,
      The 'basic conditions for a spiritual student' exercises are useful
      here. It is about creating a sensitive, fertile atmosphere for the
      unfolding of new faculties. Reverence and stillness seem to be the
      best sheaths for these new flowers.
      But here, as in everything, there can be no blanket rules or one
      size fits every occasion. We each have our own unique way, and yet
      can walk hand in hand. That is the beauty of it all!
      Love, Jan
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