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Source for Winter Solstice Stories

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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Hello Everyone, A little while ago, someone posted asking if anyone had a source for winter solstice stories. I m sorry, but I can t remember which group it
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2004
      Hello Everyone,

      A little while ago, someone posted asking if anyone had a source for winter solstice stories. I'm sorry, but I can't remember which group it was and can't find the e-mail, so I am sending this to several groups that might be interested.

      I got the new "Isabella" catalog in the mail today and opened it to find this item:


      The Sacred Traditions of Christmas
      John Matthews, With Caitlyn Matthews

      Even amidst the breathlessness and the flurry of the days leading up to Christmas, there is something about this time of year that has a certain quiet to it, that goes deeper than what appears to be happening all around us, that asks us to pay attention to a powerful essence that surrounds us. No matter what our religious beliefs, the urge to step back and acknowledge these days as somehow very special, very sacred, is potent, indeed. THE WINTER SOLSTICE is an extraordinary book that shows us why this time of year is so joyous, so life affirming, and full of spiritual meaning and festival. Celebrations for the Winter Solstice have become almost commonplace in the past several years. Last summer someone told us of the one her small town Illinois Christian church had held. It was the minister's wife who gathered the congregation together to have this Solstice celebration which nearly everybody agreed brought richness, a greater sense of community, and deeper love to their Christmas season. This book will become a classic, assisting others to do the same. Here, gathered between its covers is an astounding amount of lore, history, traditions, celebrations and ceremonies that began nearly 2000 years ago. Celtic folk expert Matthews takes us back to the community-centered roots of the holiday. He brings meaning to the origins of Santa Claus, the Yule Log, caroling, mistletoe, Christmas evergreen. He describes old traditions from European ceremonies and revels and we are guided by him to sculpt new traditions that can make the season more meaningful and more inclusive of community. He shows us how to hallow the full cycle of the Twelve Days of Christmas, wassail the trees, make a Yule Candle. There are recipes, stories, plays, decorating ideas - and 500 color illustrations. But most of all, there is a wisdom to this book that acknowledges that the time of the Solstice, the time of Christmas, is a time for reflection, for coming to a greater understanding of true needs and wants, for ceremony that doesn't have to be theatrical or churchy, but does express our intimate love, our human joy. If you have a firm belief about what the Christmas season means to you, you will find here celebratory aspects of your spiritual tradition that draw upon age-old Solstice customs. If you have no fixed belief, you may discover sacred pathways that lie within Winter's gift. This is a beautiful, fascinating and warm book that begs to be used again and again over the years. 9711 - PAPERBACK BOOK - 256 PGS
      Our price $19.95

      There is another terrific one in the catalog, that doesn't seem to be up on the website yet. (I can't find it). It is item #9309 - The Return of the Light - Twelve Tales from Around the World for the Winter Solstice. $13.95.

      I plan to get both!

      Isabella is a good source for good stuff!

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