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Re: [anthroposophy] The Magic Flute

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    Dear Joksu, Of mystical, meta-umbilical access to the Presence of the hierarchies, and of the Zauberflote as a sturdy branch upon a Deathless Tree, and perched
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2004
      Dear Joksu,

      Of mystical, meta-umbilical access to the Presence of the hierarchies, and of the Zauberflote as a sturdy branch upon a Deathless Tree, and perched out upon this fragile, precarious, interim sub-celestial theater upon whose spinning globe the standing, kneeling, dreaming, thinking man voices a terrestrial form of Divine Music which consecrates, thrills, leavens, rainbows this petty pace from day to day, which I dare say lofts human intention till it verges to majestic, much can be summoned and invested into words.

      Your Presence the Sea, Our Words brief Ships which echoing, inscribe the path and drive of the tide, and humankind and the frail rudder of such extraterrestial intelligence as can be whispered, which is still most faint, humankind, the Appointed Mariners, mentored by an Angel Within, the one who tutors us in brave balance, in sturdy navigation, in spark of soar and hovering float, and tells of such events to come as make men Changelings and upon them bestow a fiery, sparkling destiny, much can be said. Ah, thus I detect, grow wise and so surmise fresh wine up ahead...........

      One such interesting thought, archetypal, elusive, even legendary in focus compared to the more concrete symbology of the flute, is to ponder, better visualize what this symbol looks like clothed, better, robed more ancient, childlike language closer to the wind, one which would be present, subtly touchable, in the less descended genre of the fairy tale.

      So we look at a powerful Russian variant of the Singing Bones, (the first story in the Arthur Ransome's early 1900 collection "Old Peter's Russian Tales" ). Here, a humble Cinderella-like character called "Little Stupid", the purest and youngest of three sisters, asks her father to procure at the faraway Nijny Novgorod fair, a crystal ball and a silver saucer. And receiving it after three montys spins it in front of them all, much to the chagrin of her envious, more self-serving sisters. Gazing into it, she receives the gift of a the global fish-eye lensed view of all the events in Russia as if worthy of an omniscient Third eye clairvoyant view of the Macrocosm, one which can only be offered to the one who lives in, or achieves freedom from the cravelike entrappment, from the house-arrest of but a single particular point of view, such as the sisters who prefer necklaces and satin dresses to knowledge.

      And so it comes to pass, that the elder ones, imagining they can steal this gift, lure Little Stupid into a forest, where they chop off her head, and bury the body in a mound at the foot of a tree, where the following spring, a woodsman
      hacks down the premordial equivalent of the Magic Flute, which is broadcasts an akashic retelling of the events which happened two seasons before, and the plaintiff cry of the innocent one for being brought back into the presence into the world, through a sip of the holy water of life of the Czar's well...

      On an allegorical level, the girl is the ancient clairvoyance, jaded, murdered by greed, and asking to be resurrected.
      It is an earlier, more direct, perhaps more courage-inspired invitation, a welcome back to achieve initiation. And suggests, that transparent simplicity is perhaps more potent than clandestine sophistication as a means to win back what has been lost..........

      And speaks to the error of scientific attitudes which attempt to launder and autoclave mystery, replacing awe with literal forms of precision, as if by cleansing query of its riddles and overwhelming ambiguity, one can and earn for himself a "get out of childhood free" card, become a power broker in the name of freedom, and engineer reverence................

      So it is that power may boast no advantage over enchantment and innocence, and that the dark snake of Herme's Staff upon which we have slid into concrete perspective, is but history which free will must morph to upward climb in the sourcing of destiny, history turned inside out. For the scab is shed when the wound of the Fall of Man is healed...

      Which is a roundabout way (now at last it can be sung)
      of extending

      Happy holiday greetings to you all,

      Warm Regards,


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      Hello all!

      A while ago I was watching a production of Mozart's Magic Flute made
      by local music students. In this production the magic flute used in
      the stage looked like a branch of a tree. In the libretto of this
      opera it is said that the Flute is made from a thousand year old oak
      tree. This brought to my mind something that Christ Jesus has said
      to His disciples.

      According to my memory it goes something like this: You are the
      branches and I am the Tree. You can bear fruits, when you are
      connected to Me. Christ Jesus planted this Tree of Life, this Cosmic
      Christ in our Earth and this magnificent Event is also linked to
      Earth's destiny as a future Sun.

      In Mozart's opera the Flute helps to tame the lower nature and it
      also makes possible for the main characters (Tamino and Pamina) to
      pass through the trials before the Initiation. The Flute describes
      the connection to spiritual realities. We all already have this
      Magic Flute, it is the Mystic Christ in our heart; we must just find
      it and learn to play it (or let it play by itself). Then this Flute
      can be the true inspiration or intuition, which can lead us to
      fulfill our spiritual duty (dharma). Later this connection described
      by the Flute can even reach the stage, when a seeker can say: Not I,
      but Christ in me.

      Operaticly Yours

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