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Re: [anthroposophy] Rép.: Dashwood's Hellfire Club and Animal Abuse

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  • Jan
    Hello Dan, Squirrel Friend, It seems a while since we spoke, but let me say with Manfred Kyber that it only seems and that all distance is near when rightly
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 24, 2004
      Hello Dan, Squirrel Friend,
      It seems a while since we spoke, but let me say with Manfred Kyber that it
      only seems and that 'all distance is near when rightly understood'. And I
      have followed your posts and checked out your recommended websites on AT
      forum, so we stay close!
      Love, Jan
      > Hi Jan,
      > It's been while you and me together in a chat :)
      > Let it be known! my Franciscan Heart is all with you: Ahimsa!
      > Life - Existence Properly Recognized of the Animals; Animal Sat!
      > Yep, Optic Progressive in sight one does Steady moves Goethean
      > From Archetypal Plant to the next Kingdom to Embrace;
      > Do elaborates Ô Astral Perfect the view Felt
      > And so Active in Compassion Starry-Light Expressed!
      > A Jan very Blessed and Known as Mother to the Elementals..
      > And Memory Vivids the Carrieds inside with you in Communion Share..
      > Plus over this a Supervisor Friend, Next to you is the Angel!
      > The Devachan Strolls unseen by the common of the Mortals
      > Are indeed Musics Geniied our Art Conch-Scienceness
      > Along with us is a White Aura of Redemption!
      > The one so doing is a Messiah to Nature..
      > That which ye do to the lesser creatures!
      > In a more prosaic stance I now do tell
      > I did not use the link to the website sent;
      > But I've seen the lady on tv how she was performing,
      > Herself in the halls of Death like a cow advancing...
      > So, is an Autistic necessarily and essentially a Moral Leap
      > Up from the general mass of nowadays still ever Remote and Messy?
      > Not really. But Sensitive yes surely that's the main point here.
      > Danny knows very well the Ethical Indvidualism of Jan
      > And puts no doubt on its Foundation
      > Fluid and Solid always in Speech here Welcomed...
      > But Idealism of Far Away twill be when we'll all be Vegetarian;
      > Meanwhile: Very Welcome in an Easing of the Cows' actual conditions!
      > Let us pray and Act for the Sooner the Better
      > The Release of our Neighbours from such Cruel Clutches!
      > I'm Adamant with you Jan;
      > We all have a Voice that can Tell...
      > Let us use it like you to Promote Harmonious
      > The Goodness Human Spreading through all Realms!
      > This is the Work Sun Sphere Earth
      > The Transformation toward Jupiter!
      > We sure do need all the so-called
      > Luna (Etheric) Thick Skinned
      > In order to Stream Warm the Love;
      > To Pour Abundantly Ceaseless
      > Like Manicheans who for others
      > May seem moved by a madness;
      > But Spirit and Imaginations
      > In Will Force Flowing;
      > That's Just the Reversed
      > Wisdom of Paul in Practice!
      > Those of the Temporal Enforcing
      > Through all kinds of Black Magic
      > Are the Crafters of the Dooming
      > In Quicksands without even realising!
      > Stand Strong and tall;
      > By the Lamp your own
      > Never fading stay bold;
      > Know the Light of Christ
      > Overcoming the obstacles
      > Even those found Most Perilous!
      > Light a Light
      > Where there's Darkness;
      > And utter words of Righteousness
      > To the Violators of Life....
      > So that they may Change -
      > There's still time
      > For the required to happen!
      > The Waters of the Re-Genesis to which we Participate
      > Are Sublimental ANew Day and Night to it let us Partake!
      > Love to you Jan,
      > Squirrel Dan ;)=
      > And parenthesis P.S.: (Cousin to the Eagle - the cry examplifies..
      > Ever heard how they pierce Air a manifestation so like!?...)
      > ----Message original -----
      > De : Jan<starbirdgarden@...>
      > Re - Mind and Brain posts.
      > What to say about the plight of animals?
      > First, let me make it clear that I was not casting aspersions on the lady
      > herself, or her personal life-struggle. Not having read the book I have no
      > comments to make on the 'picture thinking' described or her life and work.
      > Viewing her web page I was just terribly hurt and sad to reflect once
      > again upon seemingly endless inhumanity and cruelty. I have long seen the
      > ab-use of animals as early steps along the inverse - Ahrimanic - initiation
      > that is the Shadow Crossing of the Threshold in unconsciousness. What is
      > unconscious in us, of course, is the habitat of highly conscious beings, who
      > have an agenda and end game of their own.
      > Also, as I have often said - but it bears repetition - I see the picture
      > here of the future ab-use of humans in the present plight of the animals as
      > well as de-humanizing of the people who are involved.
      > This is depicted very clearly in the 'Four stages of cruelty' by Hogarth,
      > see below.
      > http://www.haleysteele.com/hogarth/plates/four_stages.html
      > Hogarth himself says
      > Quote - "The Four Stages of Cruelty were done in hopes of preventing in some
      > degree that cruel treatment of poor Animals which makes the streets of
      > London more disagreeable to the human mind, than any thing what ever, the
      > very describing of which gives pain.... but it could not be done in too
      > strong a manner as the most stony hearts were meant to be affected by
      > them... " end quote
      > It is the human being who ends as cold corpse on the dissecting table.....
      > These days the cruelty is not committed so openly on the street, but
      > behind high walls with very sophisticated security systems, in such secrecy
      > that most people are unaware of the extent of it. In Cambridge, where Bacon,
      > early advocate of vivisection went to study, are 'Life (!) Sciences'
      > departments, where experiments are carried out on primates and other
      > animals. Similar faculties are being built at great expense, and the cost is
      > not only financial but human.
      > The herding, estranging of animals from their natural environment and
      > relationship with other species, vaccinating and medicating them, placing
      > them in restraining, confining single animal width runways - as pictured on
      > the web site - stunning with electric-stun guns into insensibility, and then
      > slaughtering them, I see, for instance, a picture of our education system as
      > it is increasingly practiced in some state schools where children are herded
      > into a collective group soul identity, inoculated with false world
      > conceptions, made to travel in restrictive straight jacket thought
      > paradigms, stunned with information overload; with the ultimate intention of
      > slaughtering what is intrinsically human in them.
      > This is not to say that this will succeed. Only that it is the intention
      > of certain beings, imaged in ill treatment of animals among other symptoms
      > around us, and to bring about another, healthy outcome we need to look at
      > what is going on. The irony is that if we refused this inhumanity towards
      > animals, it could not so easily be practiced upon ourselves!
      > The gesture of the Rosicrucian is reverence, love and service to the realm
      > which has fallen that we ourselves may rise, and upon whose back we have
      > climbed to human status. Can we be compassionate humans while abusive to
      > animals? Here is the ideal.
      > Rudolf Steiner 'Francis of Assisi made no attempt to set aside the
      > experiences of the heart; on the contrary, he retained them in complete
      > perfection. That is what is so grand and majestic about Francis of Assisi;
      > he enlarged his heart to embrace his entire soul, his entire being.'
      > End quote. Rudolf Steiner June 6 1912 Oslo.
      > The moral virtue-soul-force that could heal leprosy can also raise what is
      > bestial. The animals have so much to tell us. They are ensouled beings.
      > Animals in the wild remain wild. They live in their own species, eat and
      > are eaten, breed and die. Animals brought into relationship with what is
      > truly human behave quite differently. I can think of a sanctuary here in
      > England, where many horses and donkeys live in small herds which the animals
      > form for themselves, where their evident friendships are respected and
      > accommodated, faithful friendships which last for their lifetimes.
      > Cross species friendships also form. I know of a donkey and a goat who
      > are inseparable. This is not just a case of mother substitute, but a coming
      > together of animal adults in companionable, warm relationship.
      > This is a beautiful thing to see. It can only occur where humans come
      > into the lives of animals in a loving way.
      > In dark magic/occultism, animal abuse is brought into relationship with
      > human sado-masochistic and aberrant sexual practices, such as bestiality.
      > The Famous Hellfire Club, founded by Sir Francis Dashwood, known as the
      > 'Order of the Knights of St Francis' or 'The Monks of Medmenham' parodied
      > the purification of the astral body striven for by the true Franciscan
      > Knights of Compassion, wearing Franciscan habits they performed horrible
      > black magical rites where animals were involved in foul ways. Again there
      > was an inner circle of twelve.
      > http://pluto.scs.ryerson.ca/~monica/Monks.htm
      > In this picture of Francis Dashwood, also by Hogarth, the face in the halo,
      > said to be Lord Sandwich, looks remarkably like Ahriman to me.....
      > The common practice by black magicians of reversing something holy, not
      > only seeks to draw strength from the power of the good and turn it to the
      > service of evil, (since evil is always too weak itself to stand alone) the
      > reversal has always has an element of hate in it. A breath of Soratic rage.
      > It is usual to downplay the Hellfire Club as merely a few young noblemen
      > indulging in a bit of rather silly ribaldry dressed as monks and nuns and
      > spicing it up with a bit of black magic. But it went beyond that, as its
      > membership indicates. What consciously opposes the good has a deliberate
      > aim in view inimical to the true spiritual destiny of humanity.
      > In the course of human evolution empathy must be developed. Not a
      > sentimental feel good self indulgence, but true sympathy, which is the
      > doctrine of correspondences made human, the feeling, experiencing of
      > another's pain. I read an article once about a woman who must have developed
      > this empathy prematurely, as she had to flee into a remote place where she
      > rarely met people or even many animals. Every cruel word, or inhumane act
      > was felt by her physically as well as emotionally, as terrible pain, until
      > she could no longer endure the society of ordinary life as we know it today,
      > and lived alone as a hermit. Many today feel the pangs of the beginning of
      > this state. They suffer much, and we see them fighting the fight for the
      > weak all around the world, doing aid work for the downtrodden, protecting
      > the habitat of animals, trying to heal the ravaged earth, helped most surely
      > by angels and elementals, bearing their pain aloft.
      > Once again I turn to Longfellow. These two verses from his poem 'Saint
      > Francis to the Birds' seem to me to demonstrate the appropriate relationship
      > of human being to animal.
      > 'O Brother birds' St Francis said,
      > 'Ye come to me and ask for bread.
      > But not by bread alone to-day
      > Shall ye be fed and sent away.
      > Ye shall be fed, ye happy birds,
      > With manna of celestial words;
      > Not mine, though mine they seem to be,
      > Not mine, though they be spoke through me.'
      > We can bring to the animals what they cannot come to of themselves.
      > Again, I do not by any means restrict the great mission of St Francis to the
      > animal kingdom alone. We have explored his Being, spiritual past and future
      > and his works, in some depth on this list. But since the Hellfire Club still
      > has its adherents and its imitators, defiling the Knighthood of Compassion,
      > it must surely be a compensating, healing gesture to stand as true
      > Rosicrucians and bless and heal the animal kingdom as it groaneth and
      > trevaileth when forced down below its true estate and is treated as mineral
      > and plant, as product and even object. Let them instead be helpmeet, friend
      > and brother along the path of earthly evolving.
      > Jan
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