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The Ahriman Gate

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    Look at this!!! Please forward to the AT group for me. Thanks! Christine http://www.raidersnewsupdate.com/fringe.htm ... COMING SOON! Tom Horn... has got his
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 22, 2004
      Look at this!!! Please forward to the AT group for me. Thanks! Christine


      >> RNU >> Books >> Coming Soon Find Opportunities


      "Tom Horn... has got his answers, and I've got to tell you, they'll put chills down your spine!"

      Barbara Simpson
      The Babe in the Bunker
      On Art Bell's Coast to Coast
      Also See Barbara's WND Columns

      Two landers touch down on the planet Mars in what is to become an international search for life. The British Beagle 2 reaches the red planet on the day the Savior’s birth is celebrated, December 25th, 2003 and immediately disappears. Shortly after, NASA’s Spirit Rover rolls onto the Gusev Crater, a lake-like depression south of the Martian equator, and begins transmitting unexpected images and data from the anomalous terrain. Within days and without explanation, it abruptly stops. Engineers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory are called in to work on the problem, and the rover is rebooted. Then it photographs something that defies explanation… something that wasn’t supposed to be seen… yet.
      Alternative researcher Zecharia Sitchin spent more than twenty years interpreting thousands of Sumerian cuniform texts. The result was the wildly popular Earth Chronicle series, in which Sitchin linked various ancient myths and calendars - such as Stonehenge and Tiahuanacu in Peru - to the Sumerians. "The Arhiman Gate brings the reader face to face with the return of the Nephilim... and that might be a little too close for some folks!" - Dr. Lynn Marzulli, best selling author of "Nephilim"

      Sitchin claimed the Sumerian texts were a record of visitation of earth by Nibiruans, a.k.a. the Anunnaki and Nephilim of Old Testament fame. He further claimed the alien visitors accelerated human evolution by enhancing hominid DNA, creating Homo sapiens.

      In the soon to be released supernatural thriller The Arhiman Gate, Tom and Nita Horn (National Spokesperson for Cloud 10 Pictures New Movie 'Deceived') tell the incredible fictional story of a young Marine and his sister who discover information connecting the U.S. Government with UFOs, the Face on Mars, and Sitchin's Anunnaki.
      "Dr. and Mrs. Horn are obviously conversant with ancient Biblical sources, and make good use of it in their novel." - Dr. I.D.E. Thomas, BBC Correspondent and best selling author of "The Omega Conspiracy"

      "Romance! Intrigue! Thrilling Cat & Mouse Scenes!" - Raiders News Update

      Written in the classic styles of Dean Koontz and John Saul, The Arhiman Gate addresses out-of-control technology, masquerading demons, and prophetic possibilities ala Jenkins and Lahaye's Left Behind series.

      Unlike Left Behind, The Arhiman Gate's pace rarely lets up as Evangelicals and Catholics combat a mutual supernatural enemy. With surgical precision that would make Robin Cook proud, the authors take you to the point of falling in love with the characters, then terrify you by catapulting them into a mind-boggling yet somehow completely believable phantasm where spiritual and physical beings - and worlds - collide.

      Historian of the Year and award-winning Egyptologist Donald Jones says "The Arhiman Gate starts fast...then rockets your emotions into pure adrenaline overload! The authors explore the fascinating science - and conspiratorial possibilities - of an enigmatic World Government involved with transgenic research, Extra Terrestrial Vehicles, crypto-archaeology, and ghastly genetic research, convening in a nightmare scenario that makes you truly appreciate it when God enters the scene."
      "Instantly on the ‘A’ list of thrilling Christian fiction!! Makes the Antichrist of those 'other' End Times books about as scary as the Tooth Fairy!" - Christian News Service

      "Scared the Hades out of me! Then I realized, that's what it's SUPPOSED to do!"
      Historian of the Year and award winning Egyptologist,
      Dr. Donald C. Jones

      The Arhiman Gate is predicted by publishing experts to be a best-selling, ground-breaking Christian novel. They're so sure of it, the book is being sold by RNU and others with a money-back guarantee! That's right. If a person doesn't love it...they can return it for a full refund. Incredible.

      The national release of The Arhiman Gate will begin later this year with much fanfare and author participation in an aggressive marketing plan, including press releases, magazine print, radio interviews, and a related website. The Arhiman Gate will be approximately 450 pages, trade paperback, with an estimated retail price of $17.95. Mild for a book of this size.

      As part of the national publicity agreement and while supplies last, free copies of Spiritual Warfare: The Invisible Invasion, The Gods Who Walk Among Us, or Joe Horn's Borrowed Time album will be given to individuals purchasing The Arhiman Gate from Raiders News Update. The limited edition copies will be a Raiders News Update exclusive, autographed and personalized by the authors. "Never have I seen the enigmas of ufology so deftly woven into a plot like that before. Things I have believed intensely for years were fleshed out in extremely clear terms!" - David Flynn, Author of "Cydonia: The Secret Chronicles of Mars" and Webmaster of the Famous Watchers Website

      Advanced reservations are currently being accepted for the first 2000 copies. (Send no money now. No deposit is required). Persons interested in securing a limited edition, autographed The Arhiman Gate (and free copy of Spiritual Warfare or The Gods or Borrowed Time), must contact RNU as soon as possible using the QUICKMAILER below. A working email address must be provided. Responders will be contacted in the near future to confirm their order. This offer is good only through Raiders News Update and while supplies last.
      "Absolutely over the top! Should be read AND used by Sunday School teachers and others around the world to begin a serious debate on the ethics of Genetic Modification." - Bill Carmichael, Founding Publisher of Christian Parenting Magazines

      "By far the most intense piece of Christian fiction in a long time. One can only hope this is the first in an exciting new series" - National Book Review

      To reserve your limited edition copy of The Arhiman Gate...and your FREE book or Borrowed Time album...email us the following information as soon as possible using the quick mailer below:

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      That's it! You will receive an email confirmation as soon as The Arhiman Gate is published.
      "The Arhiman Gate starts fast... then rockets your emotions into pure adrenaline overload!"
      Historian of the Year and award winning Egyptologist,
      Dr. Donald C. Jones

      © 2004 RaidersNewsUpdate.com
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