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Kings and Streams

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  • joksu57
    Hello All! Many ideas/details in this post are taken from a lecture called Sages from the Eastern Land held in 5. January 1930 by a Christian Initiate Mr.
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      Hello All!

      Many ideas/details in this post are taken from a lecture
      called "Sages from the Eastern Land" held in 5. January 1930 by a
      Christian Initiate Mr. Ervast (the lecture is not translated in

      The idea of threefolding can also be used to understand (except a
      society and a human been) the Kingdom of Heaven, which "technically"
      can be interpreted as the Great White Lodge or White Brotherhood.
      Mr. Ervast has said that after the Christ Event / the Mystery of
      Golgotha it is proper to speak about the White Brotherhood of
      Christ, because then this Brotherhood of the "White Initiates" got
      its higher degrees.

      In the legend about the three Wise Men from the east or Three Kings
      can be seen three high representans of this old Secret Brotherhood.
      These Kings were leaders of the three sectors of life: economy,
      culture and "politics or government" taken as spiritual realities.
      The Christ Child represents the new altar.

      These Kings are also great Sages of the "Old School" (which had
      an "oriental flavour") and they can be called Mahachohan,
      Boddhisattva and Manu. They come to pay homage to the New Spiritual
      King, Christ. This Tale and the scene about the Kings around the
      Christ Child can also be taken as a prediction conserning future,
      when the altar in the middle of the (threefolded) society is Christ.

      The gift of Melchior (=Mahachohan) is gold and it is naturally
      connected to the economic sector.The Frankencense of Balthazar
      (=Boddhisattva) deals with the culture parliament. The true
      Frankencense, incence, wich makes the "air sweet", is proper
      education, Christ-centered religion, Spiritual Science and true art.
      The gift of Caspar (=Manu) was the embalming Pine Myrrh and this
      refers to death and also to immortality. Manu is the leader of the
      State or political sector and in the old India there were the Laws
      of Manu. But Manu is also a "leader" (or father) of a Race, and it
      is through a new Race how humanity as a whole have been connected to
      immortality in the material sense of the term. Finally we must also
      win individually over death by building the immortal resurrection
      body and as Dr. Steiner has mentioned, we can get the "seed" to this
      vehicle from Christ Jesus.

      Mr. Ervast calls these three Magi the High Ministers in the School
      of Melchizedek. This "giving of the gifts" can then be seen also as
      a some kind of a "preliminary transformation" from the Old Covenant
      to the new One. If this incident in considered as a fact of the
      unseen world, then it is probably better to connect it to the Birth
      that occured in the banks of Jordan.

      The three different streams in Christianity is also a very
      interesting subject. It might be too daring to connect the three
      streams directly to the three departments, which have been discussed
      earlier. Anyway there is an affinity between the Johannine
      Christianity and the culture department / Boddhisattva. St. Peter's
      stream is connected to economy parliament; e.g. the newcomers had to
      give their property to the apostoles, when they joined that
      congeration. Then I must somehow connect St. Paul to Manu; a new
      human type can be seen in St. Paul after his Damascus experience
      ("not I, but Christ in me").

      There were problems though, especially in the St. Peter stream. St.
      John was initiated by Christ Jesus Himself and the Damascus
      Experience was not even possible before the Mystery of Golgotha. St.
      Paul had his great Initiation in his way to Damascos. Nothing of
      this magnitude happened to Peter. I have felt that the "real leader"
      in this stream should have been St. Stephen, who got his "Damascus
      Vision" when he was stoned to death. Mr. Ervast has said that from
      the gaze of dying St. Stephen Saul got a "fire" to his soul, which
      eventually "bursted to flames" in the road to Damascos, changing
      Saul completely.

      When I think about the central teachings of Christ Jesus, which are
      gathered in the Sermon on the Mount, there are three distinct
      topics: New commandments (two "general" and five spesific) given to
      replace the old ones given by Moses, the Beatitutes and Our Father –
      prayer/meditation. The first one of these is connected to the St.
      Peters' stream. This ethical "Rock Bottom" has been missing from our
      culture; it was only after the achievements of Leo Tolstoy, when the
      real fruits of this stream began to emerge again and after that Mr.
      Ervast has studied extensively this subject.

      Warm Regards
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