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WW3 and Albert Pike

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    Subject: [Sightings] A Hero or Mass Murderer? Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 12:27 EST From: Robert Wade To:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2004
      Subject: [Sightings] A Hero or Mass Murderer?
      Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 12:27 EST
      From: Robert Wade <robert_w_wade@...>
      To: Sightings@yahoogroups.com

      Greetings Group Members,

      There is a statue of a Confederate general in
      Washington D.C.--the only statue of any Confederate in
      our capitol. So what did General Albert Pike do to
      deserve such an honor? Well if you know the answer to
      this riddle you also know one of the key secrets of
      ancient knowledge.

      Albert Pike was an intelligent man in many respects,
      well educated, well read, and the master of several
      languages. During the civil war he showed mankind just
      how vicious a man can be by slaughtering innocent men,

      women and children. Indeed, his exploits were so
      profane that England warned the President of the
      Confederacy, Jeff Davis to rein in this monster or the
      South would also have England as its enemy. This
      "national" hero was a leader in the KKK (while they
      were still lynching blacks) as well as that strange
      and secretive group the Masons. After the Civil War,
      he was arrested for high crimes and treason by the
      U.S. government. It looked as if hanging would be Mr.
      Pike's just punishment, when the very President of the
      United States of America (a fellow Mason), Andrew
      Johnson, personally intervened and freed him so he
      could follow his pursuit of evil.

      I choose the word "evil" with justification. Albert
      Pike confided in many friends and some fellow
      Confederate Officers that he worshiped the being we
      call Lucifer. Indeed, he claimed to have a
      communication bracelet linking him to Lucifer. The
      work which Albert Pike will forever be infamous for
      was not his butchery in the Civil War or his lynching
      and hate provoking within the KKK, it was the work he
      did for the prince of darkness. He planned the three
      world wars... who would fight whom and who would win.
      We are now well on the way to beginning his third
      world war. Thus far EVERYTHING has been EXACTLY as he
      planned it in 1872. So who will fight whom in the
      final world war? The basic war will be between
      Christians and Moslems of course. Already the hate and
      anger have been stoked to boiling. But before the
      Christians and Moslems can get after each other in
      earnest, there first will have to be some equalizing
      to make it a balanced fight. Mr. Pike selects the
      Communist to smash hard against the Christians before
      the main marathon event is to start. Who will win
      this planned event? No side will win--everyone
      suffers and most die.

      Now who among you knows the secret behind this man and
      the reason he is considered a "hero"? You need a
      hint? Nostradamus knew how wars are caused.

      Robert Wade




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