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Winepressed by Harvey

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  • Jan
    Harvey wrote The locusts have descended into the starbirdgarden. They come welcome! There is enough for all..... Garden grows at Rainbow s End, upon
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2004
      Harvey wrote
      'The locusts have descended into the starbirdgarden.'

      They come welcome! There is enough for all..... Garden grows at Rainbow's
      End, upon Sun-spaced ever empty burgeoned crock of bounteous gold.

      Greetings Dear, Dear Harvey!
      Above the hazy gell of London's morning skies methinks I spied a
      Star-ship, buoyant, paper-light, most richly cargo'd, lambent-trailed,
      seeding dim clouds with bright and fertile rain which dropped most gently
      upon the parched place beneath.
      So, face upturned in gratitude for aqua-vita so liberally largessed,
      waving to air borne friend, I am refreshed and watch good-news-paper plane
      glide in masterly mercy flight, bringing me too,from earthly fixed and
      centered point to mind-opened plane, planar, receptive, not de-pressed, not
      even dis-tilled, but most masterly and serenely afloat upon paradoxical
      secret currents of upper air known to the Pythagorean Bees. Bounty came thus
      unlooked for, freely toted by raised and renewed sub ethers, meditated and
      digested with only a hiccough at some of the richer fare and stronger meat.
      I surf the breeze in the fecund wake of Early-Fired-Paper-Plane on Starlight
      Taken for granted, perhaps, is thought that whatever thickened darkness
      wherein we venture Son-lit is Lazarus'd, passed through the winepress,
      ferre-mented into new virtue powered life.
      With thanks,
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