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Re: Vaccination - Needled by Ahriman

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  • holderlin66
    starbirdgarden wrote: Rolling along over trails and pathways I remember from years ago up on the Heaths of Hampstead, Jan drives her three wheeling, free
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 11, 2004
      starbirdgarden wrote:

      Rolling along over trails and pathways I remember from years ago up
      on the Heaths of Hampstead, Jan drives her three wheeling, free
      wheeling, little rolling trinity vehicle. She is living, traveling,
      three fold road show of nature mysticism and well researched

      Now since the poor, once shining site, Anthroposophy is visited
      rarely, has slowed down and rarely sputters something amazing, Jan's
      richly researched document and the warmth with which she always
      presents her material, allows for a nice quiet research contribution
      that bears all the rich hallmarks of the Michael School. But not
      having to be in the center of a lot of debate and gunfire. A place
      to work through some research insights, and as I have hoped for, so
      many times, was that people would actually go and explain, clearly,
      and accurately some detail and its implications from the many
      subjects approached through Spiritual Science.

      Parents of Waldorf students and children preparing to get on the
      conveyor belt of vaccinations, should be warned, guarded and
      sometimes strictly fought for on specific grounds, so many details
      of harrowing substance abuse aimed and targetted and for what? It
      is without a doubt that the for what, the omitted follow up on
      mercury or aluminum or endless brainwashing of flu vaccines, is a
      question of trust, of faith, of automatic pilot that somehow you
      have imagined that governments are looking out for your best
      interests. Trust and Faith, going back to the massive religious
      failings of history and the church, are ingrained into habit, as
      faith in the Church pivoted to Faith in materialistic science. That
      you can look at good people, doctors, and they don't even know
      enough about the human body to understand that they are devastating
      astral and brain cohesive functions.

      Body and bodies, physical, etheric, astral and I AM blood issues are
      set today with goals directed towards designer disease and
      biowarfare that makes THALOMID (thalidomide) babies and deformation
      seem like innocent mistakes. Today the nervous system, where the
      connections of I AM to the thinking and sense system maintain their
      health are surrounded by aspertaine in soft drinks, deadly mercury
      in injections, targetted bird flu leaps and Monkey level leaps from
      the animal to the human community, are lab funded and designed in
      military labs and amped up to target and control aspects of the
      population. Think tanks and labs have used insect/nervous system
      pathways to build gene designed nervous system disorders.

      Fears and actual nightmares are introduced and the already aware
      company and corporate Pharma group create the cures when they create
      the disease. Your left hand absolutely knows what your right hand is
      doing and ignorance is no longer a happy herman excuse to murder
      your children. But what does such ignorant medical insight, such
      profiteering imply? Well for the faint of heart it implies that
      these are mere accidents and mis diagnoses and flukes..But to the
      more conscious striving soul..who actually raise and have raised
      children... humanity is in grave danger. Our children are not in
      good hands and culture is undermining what the spiritual world has
      given as potential gifts.
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