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Re: [anthroposophy] Vaccination - Needled by Ahriman

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  • Jan
    Hello Golden-Christine, I ve missed your posts and poems lately. I tend not to post my Starlight Rides notes because they are local and just passing
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 11, 2004
      Hello Golden-Christine,
      I've missed your posts and poems lately. I tend not to post my
      'Starlight Rides' notes because they are local and just passing thoughts or
      comments on seasons and passers by and probably not of much interest to
      other people. I'm just enjoying the freedom of movement of Starlight
      Express - I can walk but with a limp and not far, so since I can't park the
      car anywhere in London these days, the scooter is just magic!
      Actually when my Fairy Godchild and I went rambling through the parklands
      you were present, as I told her about you and clever Baldur the Emailing
      Cat, and his family. Which delighted her greatly. I am half expecting an
      email from her dog, a miniature Schnauzer any time now....
      Today London is bright and skies are clear and golden with sunshine, and I
      have been out riding for hours, gathering it all in.
      Love, Jan

      On 10/11/04 6:23 pm, "golden3000997@..." <golden3000997@...> wrote:

      > Hello Jan-My-Star-Bird!
      > Have I told you lately that I love you? Please do send us these golden letters
      > whenever the spirit that is in you and that is you moves you. Just knowing
      > that you are there, in troubled, cold, foggy, gray London makes me wish I was
      > there instead of in sunny Miami. The warmth emanating from your heart across
      > "the pond" is hotter than the cold materialism that I live with all around me
      > on a daily basis.
      > Like the after images of the primary colors, so many times the outside is the
      > opposite of the inside. It is that way with many individuals, beautiful on the
      > outside, ugly inside or vice versa. But when an individual is beautiful inside
      > and out, I think he or she must be counterbalancing an awful lot of ugliness
      > that is not a part of them.
      > I look forward to the day when we will meet, even if it is in the spiritual
      > world. But who knows? London is not all that far away!
      > Blessings and big wet sloppy slurpy kisses,
      > Christine
      > Jan <starbirdgarden@...> wrote:
      >>    Ahriman does not care for risks, preferring the 'belt and braces' of
      >> overkill techniques and technology.
      >>  The slightest potential or potency, anything at all which eludes
      >> definition, categorizing, de-constructing, immobilizing, freezing, is a
      >> serious escape route in the thick materialized etheric crust he is
      >> attempting to form around the human being and the earth itself.
      >>  We know, of course, that crust and husk can be seedcase or nutshell and
      >> break open in sudden flourish of new and fruitful growth, which is why
      >> Ahriman dare take no chances. Mustard seed consciousness is not amenable to
      >> terminator-genetic manipulation. Even stony ground may prove unpredictably
      >> fertile as the Christ penetrates the Earth.  The Etheric Christ can be
      >> simultaneously present to all who seek Him, and so the Sub-Etheric Ahriman
      >> tries to be everywhere at once as mirror imaged, electro-magnetic, even
      >> physical simulacrum that is not Brother but Big-Brother to humankind.
      >>  The essentially human warmth he craves can only elude as he dehumanizes
      >> even as he seeks its source, dies beneath his vivisection.
      >>  Just as he has the 'whole' human being genomed, classified, reduced, filed
      >> and finally labelled; just when he has us completely bought and sold,
      >> devalued, priced and mort-gaged, again and again it happens that a smile
      >> flashes between strangers, a new love-spark leaps into transforming Fire of
      >> New Day, and the solidifying shadow in his grasping hand becomes intangible
      >> sunbeam, Straight-jacket becomes chrysalis.  The Butterfly pollen-dust
      >> flight-miracle occurs before his eyes. Just when his calculation nears
      >> completion, when the reckoning is done, someone sacrifices themselves for
      >> another, is selflessly kind to one who has wronged them and, in an instant,
      >> frozen wasteland blossoms.......
      >>    The treasure laid by the Gods within the human soul is so great, so
      >> powerful, that it really can overcome all, given the slightest opportunity.
      >> So super-abundant is the generosity and love of Christ that the tiniest
      >> gleam of Son-Light within the soul can suddenly flash into searchlight
      >> radiance that not only exposes Ahriman and his Morth-brood crouching in our
      >> own astral-shadow land, but illumines the way ahead for many others to
      >> travel by.
      >> So he must cover every possible contingency, leave no single moment of
      >> human life free, must seek new means of binding, freezing and aborting.
      >>  Birth and Death.  Holy portals. For the hastening Spiritual Wayfarer, as
      >> for Everyman on the mundane road of initiation by daily life, every moment
      >> is a possible birth or death, death for birth - birth from death; dangerous,
      >> opportune, fraught with power, points of emergency, of emerging from one
      >> state of consciousness into another.  Ahriman has to have these two crucial
      >> gateways guarded and bolted on his dark side of the threshold.
      >>  Quote from 'The Human Life' by George and Gisela O'Neil
      >>    "Every child of man is a Wunderkind - though like the seeds in the
      >> forests few have the chance to germinate.  Those who have done so in the
      >> past - their destinies being such - came forth in song, in colour, and in
      >> word, in mighty energies which were the impulsive spirit of the jolting
      >> onward march of human history.  Ancient scriptures, the wisdom of the tribal
      >> gods, were metered and sung. Remember Krishna's song of courage or
      >> Alexander's eventful  youth.  Youthful idealism has ever had a divine
      >> militancy about it, a flaming necessity, not to be deemed earth-born.
      >> It breaks forth upon its time, unquenchably.
      >>  So it has been - in the childhood of humanity, in early times especially,
      >> when youth forces extended well into what today we call age.  When young men
      >> of 55-odd were still intoning their memories of life among the angels prior
      >> to setting foot upon the earth.
      >>  Today it is different. As those divine teachers of earth school, the
      >> hierarchies, curtail the span of youth more and more, emerging ego-man must
      >> kindle his own will fires.  No longer can he rely upon his body being
      >> 'enthused' or god-filled, by music, and dance, by ceremony and procession.
      >> The 'I' must now become its own enthusiast, its own idealist who transmutes
      >> moral intuitions, carrying them into deeds." end quote
      >> And it is at this wonderful magical idealism borne to earth by hosts of
      >> Michael inspired young, that Ahriman strikes hardest.
      >>  Even before birth they are scanned, ultra sounded, blood tested, gene
      >> mapped, and if found wanting may easily be eliminated.
      >>  We know that every nativity is attended by the Twelve Good Cosmic Fairies,
      >> bearing gifts.  The Thirteenth, dressed as a nurse, stands by the cradle
      >> also, needle in hand.
      >>  We have spoken before of the colossal assaults upon our children, no
      >> longer merely the Massacre but torturing to death of  the Innocents.  A
      >> child told me recently how the computerized white-board in the classroom
      >> made her head ache.  A teacher spoke yesterday of how she loved to see the
      >> primary children working happily on their laptops.  Their backs hunch before
      >> the screens - Ahriman has his foot on the neck, steals the uniquely human
      >> upright spine that can receive spiritual impulses from the stars, forces it
      >> downward into horizontal animal posture, ready to be corralled, herded with
      >> his electric human-cattle prod.  (Doctors speak of 'herd immunity' in their
      >> public vaccination programs.)
      >>  A friend told me recently of a nine year old boy who had become suddenly
      >> mentally disturbed and disruptive after explicit sex education at school.
      >> Ahriman, arch-procuring pedophile steals childhood and delivers it to the
      >> Asuras.
      >>   We've discussed Ritalin and Prozac child abuse before and the intensified
      >> electro magnetic field created by mercury-amalgam filled teeth in
      >> combination with saliva.  Most children now carry high tech mobile phones,
      >> with power to micro wave their brains.
      >>  An interesting development in computer games is the use of web-cam
      >> technology which transfers an image of the child in real time to the screen
      >> where it can watch itself moving in combat with computor game-adversaries.
      >> If this is played using the increasingly common digital projectors, which
      >> project the computer screen onto any wall or surface, the photo-child can be
      >> life size.  It can see itself, projected into this bizarre Maya, its double
      >> dances before it, not as in film or video of past event which is pictured
      >> inwardly and distanced by memory, but here and now and under attack and
      >> easily identified by the child itself, as itself in Ahrimanland.  How much
      >> of itself does it leave there?
      >>  Before these outer assaults even begin, the child is usually subjected to
      >> combination vaccines in babyhood, (Unless, like me you refuse it for your
      >> children and take the flack) MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) for example,
      >> which has been the cause of Autism and ADD or hyperactivity in increasing
      >> numbers of children in recent years.  Babies sometimes die from the extreme
      >> shock of invasion by multi-super-vaccines, and parents have even been
      >> falsely accused of their murder. SDS, Sudden Death Syndrome can look like
      >> death by shaking, as the child shakes and trembles so violently in epileptic
      >> fashion as the astral body struggles to throw out invaders that the infant
      >> can appear to have been shaken to death.  This is, essentially, harrowing
      >> murder by Ahrimanic elemental beings.
      >>  The components of the vaccines are lethal combinations of genetic material
      >> from other species; mashed chicks, pigs, calf embryos, plus manipulated
      >> viral materials and poisonous metals, including aluminum and mercury.
      >> Cross-species genetic engineering and subtle forms of eugenics are doubtless
      >> going on. Children born with important tasks and destinies are being held in
      >> a form of occult-medico imprisonment where they are unable to take up and
      >> inhabit a body which has become a filthy den of thieves.
      >>  Those children who do manage to live in compromised bodies are denied the
      >> possibilities of soul-healing through illness, denied the blessing of
      >> childhood ailments. The Unholy Grail of Science is the single dose, super
      >> vaccine which works throughout the whole life time, immunizing against all
      >> ailments.
      >>  Quote from  'Phy.is.cian' by Richard Leviton
      >>   "Illness can be a doorway into the presence of Sophia, the great Soul and
      >> Wisdom of the World, the mother of the elements, whose body is made of stars
      >> and planets and is the repository of all cosmic intelligence - what
      >> everything is, what's going on, and why. The purification of the Virgin
      >> Sophia is a rigorous cleansing of the once chaste, epistemologically clean
      >> astral body; it redeems the tragi-comedy of the 'Fall' from Eden into
      >> incarnation.
      >>  The product of this catharsis is a soulful incarnation of the elements of
      >> matter and the entry of Sophia into the world of substance. Imagine: Sophia
      >> present in every cell, molecule, atom, quark - Creation is so precious that
      >> the Soul of the World should incarnate into its minutest areas.
      >>  Even better, this Sophanic purification is the preliminary step in the
      >> redemption of all substance.  The purified Sophia becomes able to cognize
      >> and identify with the Christ-Logos, which, in the Gnostic philosophy of
      >> Sophia, was her heavenly consort; their celestial union was called a syzygy,
      >> and it was meant to be be consummated within human consciousness:  this is
      >> the redemption of substance and the validation of incarnation.  But much has
      >> to go right before it can happen.  The purgation of illness must be
      >> preserved as a human right.
      >> Now into this rational, and shall we say 'divinely mandated' scheme, the
      >> Ahrimanic elements insert a wedge that severely interferes with the Christed
      >> initiation of Sophia, the astral soul in humans.  The Ahrimanic elementals
      >> have no rightful place in the exchange between astral  and microbial in the
      >> context of the human organism.  Metaphorically it is like postatomic
      >> explosion nuclear radiation in the landscape; its half-life runs into the
      >> hundreds of thousands of years..........The disease-initiation process has
      >> been commandeered from human beings and our collegial pleomorphic microbes
      >> by the Ahrimanic elementals and perverted into mechanized soul-killing.
      >> It comes down to this: shall the Christ-Logos  permeate substance or the
      >> Ahrimanic elementals?" end quote.
      >>  Let me just say that the above is the best book by far that I have ever
      >> found on the occult reality of modern medicine. It puts into words what I
      >> knew instinctively in my childhood battles with doctors and medicines,
      >> experienced as attacks.
      >>  Documents have recently come to light which record the fact that children
      >> in hospitals, care homes and orphanages were regularly used for medical
      >> experimentation, including vaccines, up to the 1960's.  Illegitimate babies
      >> placed in the care of Nuns were a favourite choice as there was little or no
      >> parental come-back when things went wrong. Although it was a woman coming
      >> from one of these homes who blew the whistle when she found her medical
      >> papers, years after her adoption by an American couple.
      >>  Often a false diagnosis of some other disease was used to cover up and
      >> disguise the vaccine damage, as in my own case.
      >> Quote from 'The Poisoned Needle' an expose of vaccination by Eleanor McBean
      >> http://www.whale.to/a/mcbean.html#ALL%20VACCINES%20CAN%20CAUSE%20POLIO
      >> "According to a report in the Hobart (Tasmania) "Mercury," (April 111950),
      >> "Combined injections for diphtheria and whooping cough may cause severe
      >> cases of infantile paralysis." It stated that a St. Pancras, London medical
      >> officer found 40 cases and that a British Health Ministry doctor reported 65
      >> cases where paralysis occurred two weeks after vaccine injections, and in 49
      >> of these, the paralysis was confined to the limb in which the injection had
      >> been given. Two of the cases followed the injection of penicillin. Dr. J. K.
      >> Marlin, from the Guy Hospital reported 80 cases where children developed
      >> infantile paralysis soon after having been vaccinated. "Mercury" stated that
      >> "the doctors realizing the danger of their findings to the government¹s
      >> diphtheria immunization campaign, withheld publications until some of the
      >> cases could be followed up over a period of many months. Some of the
      >> children recovered after a year or more. Others are still paralyzed." end
      >> quote.
      >> I was one of those children in St Pancras injected with that vaccine in
      >> 1950, being diagnosed with 'polio' a week or so later, and although I have
      >> no quarrel with being crippled in this life and no interest in finding out
      >> more about my own case, (as I can see various karmic adjustments and
      >> opportunities in it,) I do not like to live in any lie, ever the hallmark of
      >> Ahriman. In fact, I see physical paralysis as a victory, an externalizing of
      >> what might otherwise have been paralysis of the will.  Things have moved on
      >> from those earlier vaccines, however, and are far deadlier now, and more
      >> than polio-pretence is at stake.
      >>  A symptom of autism can be the inability of a child to distinguish itself
      >> from surrounding objects, unable to define what is self and not self, the
      >> 'I' is unable to incarnate effectively into its sheaths and make its own
      >> boundaries. Cases, symptoms and causes vary, but it is certain that
      >> increasing numbers of individuals are held back, almost in pre birth state
      >> and spellbound by this condition.
      >>  Last week I spent a day with my very well parented, protected and normally
      >> incarnated nine year old 'fairy God-daughter. She skipped lightly alongside
      >> my scooter through parkland, stopping to pick up leaves and berries, feeding
      >> conkers to squirrels, admiring dogs, conversing in a rich dialogue that wove
      >> a new and shining thread into our time stream of destiny shared through many
      >> lives. Listening to her, watching her grace of movement, following her
      >> nimble thought, I was recipient of a treasure soul-cargo of real, priceless
      >> childhood, distilled from Mystery knowledge and past initiation such as we
      >> cannot now afford to be lost to Ahriman.  This child, at least, will stand,
      >> Eurythmy poised for life.
      >> Here is more soul cargo. Quote from Algernon Blackwood 'The Human Chord'
      >>  "As a boy he constructed so vividly in imagination that he came to believe
      >> in the living reality of all his creations: for everybody and everything he
      >> found names - real names.  Inside him somewhere stretched immense
      >> playgrounds, compared to which the hayfields and lawns of his father's
      >> estate seemed trivial; planes without horizon, seas deep enough to float the
      >> planets like corks, and 'such tremendous forests' with 'trees like tall
      >> pointed hill-tops'.  He had only to close his eyes,  drop his thoughts
      >> inwards, sink  after them himself, call aloud and - see.
      >>  His imagination conceived and bore - worlds;  but nothing in these worlds
      >> became alive until he discovered its true and living name.  The name was the
      >> breath of life; and sooner or later he inevitably found it." end quote
      >> Such is the bounty of childhood that steps through the portal of Birth.
      >> One more time, folks - Rudolf Steiner "The soul will be abolished by means
      >> of a medicament in the form of a vaccine which will be injected into  the
      >> human organism in earliest infancy, if possible immediately after birth, to
      >> ensure that this human body never has the idea that a soul   and a spirit
      >> exist.  Materialistic doctors  will be entrusted with the task of driving
      >> souls out of human beings". (Steiner 1917)
      >> If the spirit is unable to take hold and the soul driven out, who or what is
      >> intended to inhabit these bodies?
      >> The other Portal, that of Death, and its spiritual harvest is also
      >> targeted. Lets see what Ahriman has planned for our old age......
      >> One of the greatest tragedies of our times is the spiritual poverty of many
      >> people's old age.  Death itself is surgically postponed, prolonged long past
      >> the time when the individual needs to pass on. Living corpses are kept in
      >> limbo, tubed, chemically hydrated, medically mummified. There is to be no
      >> way out of Ahriman's Rest Home cul-de-sac.
      >>  The horrors of most of these geriatric wards and homes are too well known
      >> to need elaboration.
      >>   Many elderly people are forced into them because they have become not
      >> only physically ill but also seriously confused, have 'senile dementia' and
      >> increasingly, Alzheimer's disease.
      >> It can become virtually impossible to care for such people at home, where,
      >> instead of the
      >>    'old, old, woman and the boy who was half past three,
      >>     and the way they played together was beautiful to see'
      >>    (Henry Cuyler Bunner)
      >> instead of a rich treasury of experience and wisdom, of value to the family
      >> and the whole community, the old man/woman becomes another baby, returning
      >> to infancy not as harvester, alchemist, transforming the wonder and magic of
      >> childhood and of life's trials and joys to a rich treasure for the benefit
      >> of all, but a travesty of physical babyhood only, without its heavenly aura.
      >>  There are, of course many and varied reasons for this.  Some people have
      >> no treasure to transform, having been vaccinated, educated, materialized
      >> into spiritual emptiness in early life, whereupon their forces are exhausted
      >> by the thirties and nothing remains for old age. Others grow weary of life
      >> that is too hard.
      >>  But the Thirteenth Fairy with the Needle, ready with the 'flu jab' is
      >> responsible for the plight of many.
      >>  Many if not most elderly people these days are living on a cocktail of
      >> medication.  The deadly influenza vaccine is the icing on the Ahrimanic
      >> cake.
      >>  Epidemics of disease follow mass vaccination.  (See Eleanor McBean or Len
      >> Horrowitz)
      >> http://www.whale.to/vaccines/horowitz.html
      >> Man made or naturally occurring viruses can easily invade the
      >> vaccine-compromised immune system, which is an expression of the 'I' which
      >> is already prevented from incarnating effectively by false materialistic
      >> world conceptions. The vaccine itself may cause the disease. If an
      >> individual overcomes the disease, Ahriman is again defeated, but it becomes
      >> ever harder for the individual to muster the necessary forces, especially as
      >> disease is usually 'treated - as in given a treat' with more chemical
      >> medication, which is delicious, strengthening food for the inhabiting
      >> Ahrimanic elementals.
      >>  A receptive astral climate of fear is engendered to incarnate the
      >> Ahrimanic elementals lurking in manipulated viruses and vaccines.  Recently
      >> we heard much about Bird Flu in China.  Leaving aside for the moment the
      >> fact that evil forms of factory farming and cruelty automatically engender
      >> disease, we will accept that some people died from the Bird Flu, which only
      >> occurred from close proximity or consumption of infected birds. Nature's
      >> revenge, perhaps.
      >>  II heard a brief item on BBC radio news some months ago, by a so called
      >> 'Medical Expert' stating that if the Bird Flu Virus ever crossed with the
      >> human influenza virus a deadly pandemic would ensue.  He went on to say that
      >> this was near impossible, however, as the virus did not 'jump species'.
      >> This being the case, supplies of Bird Flu virus were being flown to Britain
      >> (at sub zero temperatures - Ahriman loves the cold) where they would be
      >> crossed with the human flu virus. (!)  That way, if the impossible happened,
      >> a vaccine would be obtainable.  Quite.
      >>  Every year similar 'experts' state that a new pandemic of influenza
      >> (influenza arises from the word 'influence') is about to strike with deadly
      >> results.  Flu jabs are advised for the very young, the vulnerable and the
      >> elderly. Who exactly is 'influencing' us?
      >>  A few reports surfaced that elderly people's senile dementia and confusion
      >> increased after flu shots.  I found that in fact an epidemic of vaccine
      >> induced Alzheimer's is more likely than a flu epidemic, although doubtless
      >> that can be arranged.
      >> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/3444783.stm
      >> Quote - ACCORDING TO HUGH FUDENBURG, MD - the world's leading
      >> immunogenetisit and 13th most quoted biologist of our time (nearly 850
      >> papers in peer review journals) - If an individual has had 5 consecutive
      >> flu shots between 1970 - 1980 (the years of the study) his/her chance of
      >> developing Alzheimer's Disease is 10 times greater than if they had 1,  two
      >> or no shots. When asked why Dr. Fudenberg stated that it is due to  the
      >> mercury and aluminum buildup that is in EVERY flu shot (and in almost all
      >> childhood shots). The gradual mercury and aluminum buildup in the brain
      >> causes cognitive dysfunction. ALZHEIMERS is now expected to QUADRUPLE.
      >> Dr. Fudenberg's comments are from his speech at the NVIC  International
      >> Vaccine Conference, Arlington VA September, 1997.
      >> Alzheimers to quadruple statement is from the John's  Hopkins Newsletter of
      >> November 1998. End quote
      >> On Friday I shall be meeting a friend to celebrate her 79th birthday.  I
      >> shall scoot to the venue, our Holy Hill, on Starlight Express, while she
      >> will walk with her usual light, dancing steps, straight back, and head held
      >> high. This exceptionally beautiful lady is a fiery force, enthused by
      >> sunlike ego, blood warmed to human-and animal-brotherhood, quite fearless
      >> and strong.
      >>  The golden buttercup fields of her childhood in Ireland have passed
      >> through the fires of her life's many hard trials and been transformed to
      >> purified spiritual currency, so that though materially very poor she is yet
      >> rich.  Repeatedly offered the flu vaccine by letter from the doctor she
      >> doesn't visit, she replies, by post, that she prefers not to be poisoned.
      >>  After 63 we reach the 'karma free' years, years more truly our own to use
      >> as we choose, to develop what is most important to us. Shall they be spent
      >> in Ahrimanic-elemental confusion?
      >> Quote from 'The Human Life' By George and Gisela O'Neil.
      >> (The normal span of life is 72 years) If man passes through this and into
      >> his mid-seventies, he may experience a resurgence of creative energy, a
      >> second wind, which carries him into his late 70s and 80s, renewed with inner
      >> life forces.  Then a truer aspect of his own Self is revealed to those
      >> around him.  The healing presence and the warm,  gentle glow, or the fiery
      >> enthusiasm for new beginnings of those who have in this way reached their
      >> 80s is then a source of great inspiration for all." end quote
      >>  Such is the possible harvest of a long, hard life.  Can we begin to
      >> imagine what kind of spiritual treasures some wonderful contributors to
      >> these anthro lists will bring forth in later years?  The 'Pilgrim soul' in
      >> us does not need to grow 'old and grey and full of sleep'!
      >> Does Ahriman tolerate this kind of Elder warming and strengthening human
      >> life on earth?  Can he afford it?  'To materialistic doctors is entrusted
      >> the task of driving the soul out of the body'
      >> Refuse to be 'influenced.'
      >> Jan
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    • holderlin66
      starbirdgarden wrote: Rolling along over trails and pathways I remember from years ago up on the Heaths of Hampstead, Jan drives her three wheeling, free
      Message 2 of 4 , Nov 11, 2004
        starbirdgarden wrote:

        Rolling along over trails and pathways I remember from years ago up
        on the Heaths of Hampstead, Jan drives her three wheeling, free
        wheeling, little rolling trinity vehicle. She is living, traveling,
        three fold road show of nature mysticism and well researched

        Now since the poor, once shining site, Anthroposophy is visited
        rarely, has slowed down and rarely sputters something amazing, Jan's
        richly researched document and the warmth with which she always
        presents her material, allows for a nice quiet research contribution
        that bears all the rich hallmarks of the Michael School. But not
        having to be in the center of a lot of debate and gunfire. A place
        to work through some research insights, and as I have hoped for, so
        many times, was that people would actually go and explain, clearly,
        and accurately some detail and its implications from the many
        subjects approached through Spiritual Science.

        Parents of Waldorf students and children preparing to get on the
        conveyor belt of vaccinations, should be warned, guarded and
        sometimes strictly fought for on specific grounds, so many details
        of harrowing substance abuse aimed and targetted and for what? It
        is without a doubt that the for what, the omitted follow up on
        mercury or aluminum or endless brainwashing of flu vaccines, is a
        question of trust, of faith, of automatic pilot that somehow you
        have imagined that governments are looking out for your best
        interests. Trust and Faith, going back to the massive religious
        failings of history and the church, are ingrained into habit, as
        faith in the Church pivoted to Faith in materialistic science. That
        you can look at good people, doctors, and they don't even know
        enough about the human body to understand that they are devastating
        astral and brain cohesive functions.

        Body and bodies, physical, etheric, astral and I AM blood issues are
        set today with goals directed towards designer disease and
        biowarfare that makes THALOMID (thalidomide) babies and deformation
        seem like innocent mistakes. Today the nervous system, where the
        connections of I AM to the thinking and sense system maintain their
        health are surrounded by aspertaine in soft drinks, deadly mercury
        in injections, targetted bird flu leaps and Monkey level leaps from
        the animal to the human community, are lab funded and designed in
        military labs and amped up to target and control aspects of the
        population. Think tanks and labs have used insect/nervous system
        pathways to build gene designed nervous system disorders.

        Fears and actual nightmares are introduced and the already aware
        company and corporate Pharma group create the cures when they create
        the disease. Your left hand absolutely knows what your right hand is
        doing and ignorance is no longer a happy herman excuse to murder
        your children. But what does such ignorant medical insight, such
        profiteering imply? Well for the faint of heart it implies that
        these are mere accidents and mis diagnoses and flukes..But to the
        more conscious striving soul..who actually raise and have raised
        children... humanity is in grave danger. Our children are not in
        good hands and culture is undermining what the spiritual world has
        given as potential gifts.
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