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RE: [anthroposophy] Planets

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    The work where your answers are to be found on this is Occult Science or, as it has been republished Esoteric Science . The planets are incarnations of
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      The work where your answers are to be found on this is "Occult Science" or,
      as it has been republished "Esoteric Science".

      The 'planets' are incarnations of our cosmos. The first 100 pages of the
      book are pure philosophy and then the exposition of the history begins. The
      'moon' period is very difficult indeed to follow. The incarnations relate
      the evolution of consciousness in human beings and how we have left behind
      brothers and sisters as earthly matter, plant and animal life.

      Best Wishes

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      From: toby3744

      On the subject of Steiner's work, I have often wondered about what he
      has said regarding the planets, eg Saturn, Sun, Moon, Earth etc. Is
      he refering to different embodiments of our earth planet within the
      solar system or on a wider scale about the whole universe in which
      the solar system exists. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?


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