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  • Herbert Schumacher
    ... wrote: Hi Micåël, Perhaps you are stumbling over the term chosen ones , which is simply a metaphor for those who choose God, Truth,
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 8, 2004
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      Hi Micåël,

      Perhaps you are stumbling over the term "chosen ones", which is
      simply a metaphor for those who choose God, Truth, Justice,
      Righteousness, Love, etc. - not as an ideal but in actuality, under
      the law of sacrifice (of self).

      Also, since Christ in Jesus did indeed 'descend' into the slow
      vibrations/dimension of this planet and clearly demonstrated His
      sacrifice for Love, it has already been demonstrated how higher
      Consciousness incarnates on behalf of prodigal mankind. Jesus was,
      of course, not the first messiah to do this for the human race and
      he will not be the last.

      Starseeds, Servers, Crystals & Indigos are agents of goodwill and
      light in this world. They bring with them certain qualities of
      energy and vibration in order to help sublimate the planetary grid
      and thus assist in the healing and ultimately the redemption of this
      world and its beings.

      2,000 years ago there was one main messiah: Jesus, and a handful of
      disciples. At this present time on earth a more critical stage of
      the planet's destiny and development has been reached; a more
      thorough cleansing of the world is required and a greater Harvest
      than that in Jesus' time is now at hand. Hence the need for MANY
      advanced souls to be here on earth.

      With regard to taking on the karma of others, this simple
      possibility occurs under the law of resonance and has been happening
      for far longer than 75k years. Even Reiki healers have experienced
      it. All is essentially One; One Universal Life. Therefore in the
      eyes of God, for seemingly separate ego no. 1 to help seemingly
      separate no. 2 by taking on some of no. 2's pain or karma is no
      miracle and occurs as a result of Love, Sacrifice and, of course,
      the free will choice and faith of both no. no. 1 & no. 2 who are in
      a wholesome relationship with one another.


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      > > otherwise the Earth harvest would be a cheat, and God
      > > doesn't cheat...
      > Have you ever heard about a guru or advanced spiritual teacher
      > taking on the karma of his beloved disciples?
      > yeah gar, i can say to you that this concept takes it's roots in
      > Freemasonery 75 k years ago, what they called the Magi ceremonials
      > practices 9k years ago, you will find such derivates in most
      > since they created them all, they put temples and Divinity
      concepts up
      > so people would gather together and the preists could handle their
      > and energy and while in group prayers they could use the group
      > for the highest good etc(supposedly) when in fact it's purpose is
      > provide the operator more fluidic transmisibility or increasing
      his or
      > his superior's personal intent's power, like Christian priests have
      > their followers souls pray for their parish, the bishop and the
      > all that is pretty self centered attention i could write a few
      books on
      > these procedures, what would come out is that those concepts where
      > forced upon people to control them.... do you firmly beleive that
      > could hold others karma legaly, since you talk about divine laws,
      > real....
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