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Re: About the "Second Advent"

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  • Herbert Schumacher
    New Cosmic and Spiritual energies are able to reach the planet. This is the time for transmutation of all life forms. The density must be transformed to the
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      New Cosmic and Spiritual energies are able to
      reach the planet. This is the time for transmutation
      of all life forms.

      The density must be transformed to
      the finer energies and this can be the starting of the

      At the end CHRIST and higher existences (angels..masters ect.)
      will appear..but only before cleaning (cleansing)
      the lesser energies. THe shadows must go.

      Other existences from universe...the >Aliens.. are on the
      line. THey all have a mission lead by JESUS CHRIST (SANANDA)
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Herbert Schumacher"
      <ahs137ac@w...> wrote:
      > The new energies of CHRIST consciousness and spiritual
      > awakening could touch the whole planet. Ascension of
      > mass consciousness is required. Light.Body.Process...schuh
      > ********************************************************************
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "VALENTINA BRUNETTI"
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      > >
      > > About the "Second Advent".
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Between 1909 and 1911, lecturing in several different European
      > towns, Rudolf Steiner told us about the "Second Advent" namely
      > the "Reappearance of Etheric Christ" as an Event due also to a
      > forthcoming chance for Mankind A chance to gain naturally a
      > new level of super-sensible consciousness transcending the physical-
      > sensible one. He told also that the Event would have to develop
      > the mid-thirties of XX Cent onwards ,3000 years long.
      > >
      > > In the meantime ,as a matter of fact the strongest opposition
      > against the Event would be carried on by the Hindrance's Powers ,
      > being their aim the need of obscuring the Event or, at least,
      > letting it happen as a most possible unseen fact by
      > Mankind. The present thoughts of mine are
      > just about this struggle about this "Second Advent" in XX Century
      > and in our age.
      > >
      > >
      > > (The following lines are linked to some insights posted by our
      > listmate Bradford Riley a while ago.)
      > >
      > > The Age of Michael , that began in 1879, is strongly marked by
      > continuous attempts of the Hindrancers to deviate its power of
      > evolution and healthy development of
      > Mankind. Among these attempts we can
      > a "triad" of backward cultural and spiritual streams that , despite
      > the several differences among them, have in common some basic
      > issues namely a strong fundamentalism and a quite
      > obsessive "monotheism" seen as a worship of a "Father God" that, in
      > itself, is much more like a Freudian Super-Ego than an actual
      > Spiritual Being.
      > >
      > > The first of these streams , (it is also the oldest) can be
      > called "Jahvetic legalism" and is at home in several sub-streams of
      > Jewish religious mainstream that , in today's events, has linked
      > itself with the strongly nationalistic features of Zionism. It
      > to be said that, inside Jewry itself, there is a spiritual antidote
      > to such a cultural and social illness , namely the esoteric
      > of Kabbalah ,as embodied in east-european Hassidism, that was for
      > the most part destroyed during the "Shoah".As a matter of fact
      > are several Rabbis that due such an Hassidic-Kabbalistic
      > refuse Zionism and its strong militarist issues.
      > >
      > > The second stream is the "extreme monotheism " of Islamic
      > mainstream both Sunnite and Sciite. It is well known how has been
      > harmful the Western's influence over the Islamic tradition due to
      > the fact that the Western people were not only unable to perform
      > their spiritual task-namely to embody the Consciousness Soul
      > but mistreated Middle east's peoples in order to keep their giant
      > thirst of money profit satisfied. Euro
      > Americans since XIX Cent onwards , slave of their materialist,
      > reductionist and anti-spiritual way of thinking did fill
      > their "emptiness of Spirit" with merciless avidity. (We can also
      > this way the "Zionist issue" that sprung from infamous "Balfour's
      > declaration"in the second decade of XX Century).
      > >
      > > So today's Islam is on a tightrope between fundamentalism (tribal
      > rage included) and pseudo-modernisation.Nonetheless also in Islam
      > there could be a kind of "antidote" namely the "Sufi" tradition,
      > sprung from ancient Gnostic and Neo-Platonic wisdom ,somehow able
      > mitigate that Islam in which "Allah is everything and man nothing"
      > and where is considered madness the idea that God could one day
      > choose to live in a man's body.But sufism is out of mainstream
      > and, most of all, gets very little chances in geo-political matters
      > of today.
      > >
      > > The third stream can be called "PseudoChristian Fundamentalism"
      > is the standpoint of lots of different protestant Churches based in
      > the USA that are so close to Dubya's heart.This stream worships
      > a "Jesus" appearing much more like a furious Old Testament's Jahve
      > than the God of Love and Wisdom of the Gospels: a warrior Messiah
      > whose "Second Coming" will be a kind of movie where "He and His
      > Armies " appear to be just ready to torn in pieces the "infidels"
      > in Armaggedon's battlefield. This basic false picture
      > today by tens of books used to sell millions , has the same issue
      > obsessive "monotheism" of Zionist Legalism and Islamism,
      > that Christianity is rooted on a Trinitarian Reality (Godfather,
      > The Son-Logos, and the Holy Spirit-Sophia, Each One reverberating
      > Itself in the Three Angelic Hierarchies 'Groups )
      > >
      > > What is the counterbalance of such a perverted falsehood about
      > most sacred Reality in the world?
      > >
      > > It should perhaps have to be Catholicism but the Rome's Church
      > avoided to take a distance from Jesuitism's octopus fulfilling
      > esoteric task at the end of the Millennium namely to insert the
      > doctrine of Karma and Reincarnation inside its Tradition . This
      > happened despite the fact of the esoteric experiences made by
      > K.Woijtyla during his youth in Poland. Here we can also grasp the
      > occult meaning of the strange "conversion" of Valentin Tomberg
      > Michael's School to Jesuitism.
      > >
      > > So the whole of the burden of counterbalance the foolishness
      > of "Jesus" as a Zionistic Messiah (see below) is on Michael's
      > shoulders who has among its tasks also the following: the building
      > a bridge towards the "Goodwill Men " community that refuses to
      > worship Mammon, the false Jesus and the "Father" able only to
      > prescribe, forbid and punish.
      > >
      > > " THE SECOND ADVENT" The true and the false one.
      > >
      > > There is a basic question about this matter and precisely about
      > the "Etheric Reappearance" of the Christ took place after 1930s.
      > Well, both via mainstream literature statements and private and non-
      > published communications it is possible to say the
      > following. The "Reappearance" is
      > actually taking place just in the way Steiner predicted at the
      > beginning of the XX Century but, in the same, time it did not
      > become "common experience" of many like it could have been
      > possible. The Hindrancers' steps to avoid the spreading of the
      > Event have been marked by several steps in the past, for instance
      > Hitler's take of power or the giant false Etheric Fire of Alamos in
      > 1945 about which Bradford gave us precious
      > insights. Today's
      > events show a "new alliance" between "Christian" fundies and
      > Zionists in order to build an image of "The Second Christ " totally
      > different from the kind- hearted, brotherly and, in the meantime,
      > gently powerful Presence that is the gesture of the actual Etheric
      > Christ. In this picture the third backward stream- the
      > Islamic- has been given the character of the "enemy" to be
      > by all the possible means but, if we bear in mind the events of
      > we see that an usual mean of struggle of the Hindrancers against
      > Lofty Beings has always been the historical contrast between
      > different streams that, at the core, are all equally under Black
      > powers' command Needless to say that the hope of a victory
      > of Kerry over Dubya in the next US President's Elections is not of
      > much hope due to the fact that both Kerry and Dubya are "Skull &
      > Bones" men , namely "Lodges' addicts".
      > >
      > >
      > > The monotheistic, legalistic, fundamentalist obsession got
      > counterbalances for Spiritual Science's student. The path of
      > cognition and meditation depicted by Steiner and his esoteric
      > followers (Stein, Zeylmans, Unger ,Scaligero, Barfield, Kuhlewind ,
      > Ben Aharon, Meyer,Joseph and many others ) give us the means to
      > in ourselves the atavistic gesture of fundamentalism and legalism
      > come to terms to them. While in the social earthly realm
      > are at work those who are trying to build the above said bridge to
      > the "Goodwill Men" land, the "Third Sector" or "Civil Society"
      > universe. Such bridge can counterbalance the governance-
      > superpowers that, rooted in esoteric ceremonialism of the Lodges,
      > strive for Earth's annihilation in order to throw the evolution
      > the "Eight Sphere".
      > >
      > > That's why I forwarded Jarna's lectures held by Ben Aharon.
      > words are a good example of what actually means this attempt to
      > such a counterbalance.
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Andrea
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