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Depleted Uranium/2

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  • Jan
    Since we have decided against being aborted and terminated.......... Here is Michael Jones in his book Nuclear Energy - A Spiritual perspective The ancient
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2004
      Since we have decided against being aborted and terminated..........

      Here is Michael Jones in his book 'Nuclear Energy - A Spiritual
      "The ancient miners who brought metal ores up out of the earth and treated
      them in their furnaces thought of the metals as seeds planted in the earth
      by the gods. The furnace was a type of womb in which the metal seeds could
      be made to develop. Today we can perceive a kind of anti-womb or death
      chamber in the reactor when the seeds of the left behind moon substances are
      unnaturally subjected to further densification and loss of 'inner heat'.
      Instead of working in reverent harmony with nature, men are working against
      it. What takes place in the reactor is reversing the will of evolution.
      Through artificial nuclear fission densification continues on earth without
      any corresponding spiritual sacrifice. This process is expressed in the
      substances themselves and also in our social life in the tightening of
      security and centralization of power and the apparent justification of
      materialism that arises through seeing energy released from matter. Man's
      enlargement of and re-linking with the 'left behind' moon sphere in the
      earth undermines the equilibrium of nature, and its proliferation demands
      from him the creation of a counter-current of equal power." end quote

      It is interesting that artificial radiation interferes with human and
      animal reproduction, causing disease, sterility and mutation, as an anti-
      germinating mirror image of the natural radiation involved in seed growth.
      Taken spiritually, as is our purpose, the 'Earth Seed - Human Seed' image
      has very far reaching effects. Because it is empowering. Hermetically, as
      Hermits, we can altar the Macrocosmic outcome. Follows another
      correspondence from Michael Jones. Speaking of the mirror image of the
      'planetary' model of the atom with its dense nucleus with its protons and
      orbiting electrons, he says -
      Quote "Compared with the massive density of the nucleus the electrons
      have altogether the character of an image. Unlike the solar system where
      the radiant sun is the centre of compact and dense planets and moons, the
      atom system is centered upon density and we could say that in the atom the
      sun (electrons) is made to dance around the moon (nucleus). The nucleus
      reflects the number of electrons in its orbit by its proton content. The
      nucleus with its protons would seem to be more Ahrimanic, the electrons
      Luciferic. This simplistic model of the atom is like an inverted solar
      system. It is the electrons that are involved in chemical change and the
      forming of compounds, the nucleus remaining relatively inert unless its
      density is increased to instability and rupture by artificial bombardment.
      If densification is continued beyond a certain point the result is
      destruction of form and release of the binding forces imprisoned in the
      nucleus. We have seen how this occurs in nuclear fission. But a similar
      process occurs within the human organism, albeit of a subtly different kind.
      This breakdown of form is what takes place in human digestion.....It is a
      mysterious and wonderful fact that we destroy our food and the unconscious
      effort we make to do this provides us with a foundation for consciousness."
      end quote.

      Steiner speaks of a future human condition when we will know and
      experience one another by a process of digestion. We will digest one
      another. (No sci fi author matches Steiner!)
      In The Revelation of John the Angel requires us to ŒTake the Book and eat
      it up¹ to digest and act, nothing passive here but an initiation of the
      will. Bombarded with information, ceaselessly presented with an inverted
      pictures of reality, crushed beneath the weight of atoms it becomes
      increasingly difficult for humanity to really understand and digest anything
      thoroughly. We suffer indigestion, and so poisoning, on a massive scale. As
      in digesting our food is killed and disintegrated so that it can pass into
      warmth-etheric life, so must we spiritually disolve and ultimately pass
      through us, enlivened, the world of events and happenings.
      Admittedly in the face of so much world disaster and negativity it is easy
      to become despondent, bewildered and afraid. How can we overcome the deadly
      dust of DU sprinkled so liberally over us, over the earth, like a salt and
      peppering, a season-ing, making us a tasty meal for lip smacking Demons?
      Adversary attacks will intensify. There is nothing to be gained by denying
      it. But we are called also to be the true salt of the earth, and have the
      promise that Christ is with us always.
      We cannot develop the consciousness soul without the forces of death. We
      cannot develop spirit self without the forces of evil. Lest we feel unduly
      weak and puny before the waxing forces of death and of evil, perhaps feeling
      temporarily isolated in the developing consciousness soul, it is worth
      remembering how little we are really are alone. Apart from the One Who made
      the promise of companioning us on the way, there are hosts of Angelic,
      hierarchical beings who actively will a Christed evolution of the earth and
      will help when called upon. There are the spellbound elementals, longing
      for the awakening and friendship of men; there is the wisdom and kinship of
      the animals, only to be unlocked by love and empathy, and there are the so
      called dead.
      Atomistic thinking, the human being as merely product of nature and
      nurture, body and environment, necessarily robs us of a continued
      relationship with those who have crossed the Threshold, who no longer have a
      body or a physical environment, and actively will to help and inspire us.
      They can have no possible existence according to a materialistic paradigm,
      which conveniently casts a cloak over the true uses and pirating of human
      etheric forces by the Brothers of the Shadow, who, naturally, do not
      believe the lies they spin for our consumption. Their deceptions turn the
      dead into active centers of destruction, human replicas of DU dust
      particles. There is increasingly urgent work to be done here.
      Having each come to our own understanding of what is going down, got our
      own handle on events, there are various ways of going to work. No doubt
      everyone has a particular way of their own. We can look briefly at some
      different but harmonizing approaches.
      In his book ŒThe Christ Mystery¹ Robert Powell researches, using
      Astrosophy and his own insights, the descent of Christ on His way to the
      Mother, through the inner layers of the earth and brings it into relation
      with certain mirroring events in the world, both evil and healing. He
      brings also the Beatitudes as compensating, balancing powers to the inner
      Quote from Robert Powell ŒThe Christ Mystery¹ (After giving tables of
      dates and correspondences which are too long to include -)
      ³On this path of descent, it is a matter in each sphere of a
      confrontation with a particular kind of evil. We can begin to gain a
      comprehension of this struggle by way of analogy with the confrontation
      which took place in the human realm on Earth between 1933 and 1945. The
      powers of evil working from the sub-earthly spheres found a vehicle in the
      human kingdom (³The Fuhrer²) to act as a focus of their opposition to the
      Second Coming. Through this vehicle a full scale attack was launched which
      was the counterpoint to the impulse brought by Christ. This can be followed
      down to the last detail. For example, instead of ³Hallowed be Thy name² the
      chant arose on earth to hallow (³heil²) the name of the Fuhrer. And instead
      of ³Thy Kingdom come² the Fuhrer sought to establish an evil kingdom (The
      Third Reich) in place of the Kingdom of God....... Although 1945 signified
      the end of conflict in the human realm on Earth, the confrontation went on
      to continue in the sub-earthly spheres, into which Christ descended,
      signifying the opening of the gates of hell. The explosion of an atomic bomb
      at Hiroshima (and then at Nagasaki) was a man made sign of the opening of
      the gates of hell, whereby the earth¹s surface ­ which may be likened to an
      eggshell (enclosing the Earth¹s interior, comprising the sub-earthly spheres
      and the Kingdom of the Mother) - became shattered......... In fact this
      ³eggshell² is itself the first sub-earthly sphere, the Mineral Earth. As
      such it is not really a sphere like the other sub-earthly spheres, but a
      layer separating the human realm from the underworld.² End quote

      He goes on to describe the influence of the Mineral Earth upon human
      consciousness and the development of military uses for nuclear fission.
      Quote ³For the first sub-earthly sphere, the Mineral Earth, the first
      Beatitude is relevant: ³Blessed are the seekers of the spirit for theirs is
      the kingdom of heaven² The influence of the Mineral earth is the opposite
      of this impulse, leading to a turning away from the spirit, turning towards
      the earthly kingdom ­ the mineral, material, mechanical realm and its laws.²
      end quote.
      As in any work quoted, a fuller study is deserved and required, but I
      bring this as one example of compensating. The fifth Post Atlantean epoch
      will be destroyed through lack of Morality, and end in the war of All
      against All.
      Therefore meditating the Beatitudes is a safe and necessary technique,
      because working through the Christ it is purifying, and remembering the
      macro/micro correspondence, is a sure way of affecting the greater world in
      a healthy way, and also fitting and preparing us for the eventual wielding
      of powers of white magic, when through the Philosopher¹s Stone we have
      reversed the forces of death in the breath and can speak words of
      transformation, working with Christ as Lord of the Elements.
      Steiner Quote from ³At the gates of Spiritual Science² - ³when human
      beings have learned to radiate life on Earth and have trained their
      breathing so that it promotes life, they will have overcome the Fire earth.
      When spiritually they overcome pain through serenity, they overcome the Air
      Earth. When concord reigns, the ³Divisive layer² is conquered. When white
      magic triumphs, no evil remains on Earth. Human evolution thus implies a
      transformation of the earth¹s interior.² end quote.
      Ultimately, sacrifice is required. This is the way of spiritual creating
      and spiritual being. Worlds are founded on sacrifice. Not the sacrifice OF
      another being, but sacrifice FOR another being. To sacrifice we must first
      have something to sacrifice, and to sacrifice we must make sacred. Develop
      kind-red and empathy to the extent that it becomes a beneficial force and
      creative power. Having developed self consciousness on the altar of the
      sacrificial deeds of the minerals, we will one day offer up the fruits of
      that consciousness as foundation and ground of worlds and consciousness of
      other beings.

      Mary Fullerson - ³The ritual of Holy Breath will be the first for
      purification of the earth after the wind and flame have passed across the
      land. And those who have chosen to let Him walk with them ­ the Form of the
      Forth, the Very Son of God ­ will be the transformers after fiery test.
      Their breath, their being, will directly purify the elements. From eye and
      mouth and nostril will come forth the power to change the molecules around
      their presence. The breath that leaves a body thus recharged can fall in
      blessing upon anything within its range. And when a band of Breathers of
      the Holy breath breathe together in ritual upon a point of need, there shall
      be full regeneration. Quickening shall come, indeed, and in the twinkling
      of an eye ....... Instant of flow of Holy Breath.......² end quote

      Mary Fullerson, from her own experience of the Etheric Christ, speaks
      always with a force of Œquickening¹ which indicates an alert inner
      wakefulness, a spiritual virtue or faculty which gives the ability to decide
      rightly and act appropriately in the crucial moment. Trevrezent¹s other
      name is ŒTatenschnellen¹ (Quick-Doer). Stein reminds us that Trevrezent
      brings his activity to bear wherever it is a question of securing proper
      balance. He compensates for the shortfall of others, and is misjudged if
      seen only in relation to himself as he may appear to overshoot the mark.
      This relatedness to others and to events is all. Objective judgement of
      ourselves, warm empathy with others. This is the Quest and task of
      Human-Kind. Above all, never lose heart or feel dis-empowered. That is what
      the adversaries count upon. We know that they usually laugh too soon!
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