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  • elaine upton
    Hello all, I forward here news some may find important (sent via the Michael Lightweaver network). First there is here an introduction to the news of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2000
      Hello all,

      I forward here news some may find important (sent via the Michael
      Lightweaver network). First there is here an introduction to the news of the
      network (solution oriented news on environmental/spiritual/humane issues),
      and then, there are snippets or longer of news.

      Pace e Bene,

      >From: Lightweave@...
      >To: Lightweave@...
      >Subject: World Report Issue #2
      >Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 12:45:23 EDT
      > To the second issue of The World Report & Global Resources, a monthly
      >publication dedicated to providing you with brief solution oriented news
      >resources about people and events that are successfully solving todays
      > The World Report is published by Network 2012, an international project
      >dedicated to linking up "World Servers" globally for the purpose of
      >cooperation and communication. To learn more about Network 2012, click
      >here: <
      >A HREF="http://www.n2012.com/">Network 2012</A> or go to
      > You can visit Mountain Light Sanctuary, the international networking hub
      >where The World Report is produced by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.mtnlightsanctuary.com/">Mountain Light Sanctuary</A> or
      >going to http://mtnlightsanctuary.com
      > Lost in space? A number of people on our mailing list, for some reason,
      >not receive the first issue in early May. If you didn't and would like to
      >have it, just let me know. Also, there have been rare cases when folks
      >sent me emails that I never received. If you have sent an email and never
      >received a response, don't take it personally. Just try again. It may
      >still be floating out there somewhere in cyberspace.
      > Feel free to forward this to your own network, and if you have received
      >as a forward and would like to subscribe directly, let me know. There is no
      >Toward A Peaceful and Prosperous Planet,
      >Michael Lightweaver
      >Mountain Light Sanctuary
      >Asheville, NC. USA
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      >the submission criteria.
      >If you received duplicate copies of this at different e-addresses,
      >please let us know which address to remove.
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      >World Report & Global Resources
      >News From The Leading Edge Of Planetary Transformation
      >June 2000
      >World Report
      >Solutions Oriented News From Around The World
      >News Briefs
      > Inspiring News Briefs From Around The World
      >Global Resources
      >Websites Devoted To Positive Planetary Transformation
      >Networking News
      >News Update From Network 2012
      >World Report
      >Solutions Oriented News From Around The World
      >Featured Story
      >A World Without Schools?
      >Global - Around the world radically different learning systems are emerging
      >as the foundation for a radically different society as people are assuming
      >responsibility for their own education and collections of self learners are
      >replacing the school system. This new mode of learning is exemplified by
      >homeschooling. In 1980 there were about 20,000 homeschoolers. By 1990 the
      >number was over 200,000. By 2000 there were nearly 2,000.000
      >If this rate of growth continues for another decade there will be 20
      >children learning without schools!
      > The modes and means for learning are as varied as the people themselves.
      >Sacramento California a group of school dropouts and school rejects formed
      >their own school. They opened the 'Drop Out Resource Center' in 1997,
      >a room, worked with a book store to set up their own learning library. With
      >donations from sympathetic neighbors they started a newsletter that has
      >helped other nonschool groups start their own learning centers. [Drop Out,
      >1114 21st St., Sacramento, CA 95814 USA]
      > To preserve their culture a group of Algonkins in Great Neck, New York
      >up their own Home School Collective, 'Seeds of Many Nations." The rich
      >ceremonies of their nation, the history of land loss and repression, the
      >practice of cooperation, and the belief in mutual aid, are central to their
      >learning programs. The school system's attempt to instill a different
      >culture, one based on authority, hierarchy and the superiorly of the
      >culture was leaving indigenous people without a feeling of self-worth or
      >"belonging," This learning collective is producing a people with pride.
      >[Seeds of Many Nations, 234162 Olf Village Stn. Grand Necy NY 11023 USA]
      > Many such groups are springing up around the world. One of the
      >of a world without schools is Professor Roland Meighan and his publication
      >"Education Now." Meighan recognizes that learning is not an artificial
      >process that can forced on to individuals by outside forces. Leaning
      >year in and year out throughout one's life. Traditional schools often do
      >more to prevent real learning than to promote it. For ten years "Education
      >Now" has been a strong voice to deschooling society. [Education Now, 113
      >Arundal Drive, Bramcote Hills, Nottingham, NG9 3FQ, UK]
      > In the past couple of years the whole de-schooling movement has found a
      >voice. The 'Self Education Foundation' in 1999 started an awards program
      >unique self learning programs. They found "a wild combination of
      >Black and intercity homeschooling activists, pioneering self-education
      >groups, people involved with punk and hip hop culture, creative technology,
      >prison self-education, and youth-initiated school reform efforts." Their
      >awards went to 11 of the motley array of social innovations.
      >Foundation, PO Box 30790, Philadelphia, PA 19104-0790 USA]
      > Bringing all this non school learning activity under one roof has been
      >goal of "A Coalition for Self-Learning," an ad hoc collection of members
      >Japan to Moscow, from Denmark to India, from North America to Australia.
      >Coalition met on the internet. Few of them have ever met face to face. But
      >together they have written a book in cyberspace called "Creating Learning
      >Communities." The book is now available online and will soon be in print.
      >The Coalition is launching a campaign to link up with other social
      >to make a radically different learning system the foundation for a
      >different society. [Coalition for Self Learning, PO Box 567, Rangeley
      >04970 USA] http://futureworld.dk/ccl-llc/book.htm or click here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.futureworld.dk/ccl-llc/book.htm">[Ingen titel]</A>
      >Stepping Back From The Brink
      >UNITED NATIONS - Last month, the five nuclear powers on the UN Security
      >Council agreed to eliminate their nuclear arsenals as part of a new
      >disarmament agenda approved by 187 countries. It marked the first time the
      >major nuclear powers had publicly affirmed their obligation to disarm.
      > The new agreement was significant because it marked the first time in 15
      >years that the signatories to the nonproliferation treaty have reached
      >consensus on moving forward with nuclear disarmament. Secretary-General
      >Annan said it "marks a significant step forward in humanity's pursuit of a
      >more peaceful world -- a world free of nuclear dangers, a world with
      >strengthened global norms for nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament."
      >five nuclear powers -- the United States, Russia, Britain, France and China
      >-- also agreed to "an unequivocal undertaking" to eliminate their nuclear
      > The delegates took other important steps leading up to a total ban on
      >nuclear weapons, including a moratorium on testing pending activation of
      >Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, further reductions of tactical
      >weapons, increased transparency on reporting information about nuclear
      >arsenals and taking weapons off "hair-trigger" alert.
      > They also agreed to permanently and irreversibly remove plutonium and
      >uranium from nuclear warheads, and to negotiate within the next five years
      >treaty banning the production of weapons-grade nuclear material.
      >Web Users Relieve World Hunger
      >CYBERSPACE - Internet users from over 100 countries have discovered a way
      >address world hunger with daily visits to The Hunger Site. By clicking the
      >"donate free food" button each visitor can make a daily contribution of one
      >to two cups of rice, wheat, maize or other staple to one of the 800 million
      >starving people around the world via the United Nations World Food Program.
      > Since the site's inception in June, 1999, donations have grown to 6.3
      >million cups of food, according to Francis Mwanza, spokeswoman for the
      >Food Program that feeds people in 80 nations. "The extraordinary growth of
      >The Hunger Site has shown us the potential of the Internet in relieving
      >hunger," she said. "The number of people who've visited the site proves
      >people do care about hunger and want to help us stop it," said Mwanza. The
      >U.N. program determines what food will be sent to which particular nation
      > Created by John Breen, a computer programmer in Bloomington, Ind., the
      >site offers a straightforward compilation of data on hunger, how
      >are calculated, links to related hunger sites and a map that starkly
      >starvation around the world. Current traffic to the site is providing
      >between 2,000 and 3,000 donations every day.
      > Your daily contribution of a cup of food could make the difference
      >life and death for a child. Visit the Hunger Site at:
      >or click here: <A
      >Site - Donate Food for Free to Hungr�</A>
      >Ancient Redwoods Saved In After Long Struggle
      >USA - California - Hours before the final deadline, Pacific Lumber agreed
      >accept federal and state funds totaling nearly a quarter billion dollars in
      >exchange for the Headwaters Forest, over 10,000 acres including the largest
      >unprotected grove of ancient redwoods in the world, many of which are more
      >than 1,000 years old and more than 300 feet high.
      > The Sierra Club characterized the deal as "a big step forward in
      >the ancient forests," and it praised the efforts of Governor Gray Davis and
      >senators in the state that helped to raise $100 million to buy additional
      > Pacific Lumber, whose stock rose almost 24% after the announcement,
      >it was given "assurances" that it could remain viable as a local business
      >employer of 130 years. "Years of work went into this agreement but, it was
      >worth it," read their statement, which described the deal as "truly a
      >compromise." Secretary Bruce Babbitt thanked the U.S. Congress for "having
      >the foresight" to provide $250 million dollars for "this gift to future
      >generations." President Clinton praised the work of Davis, Senator Diane
      >Feinstein, and the "tireless efforts" of the negotiators for enshrining the
      >"majesty and awe of the Headwaters... and the web of life it sustains."
      >News Briefs
      >Inspiring News Briefs From Around The World
      >Animals For Entertainment - NOT!
      >Brazil - On April 27, Jos� Sarney Filho, the Brazilian Minister of
      >Environment forbade the use of Marine Mammals for entertainment. He has
      >supporting many issues regarding animal rights, which is a new turn of
      >in Brazil. Should you wish to give international support to this move, you
      >can email him at sarneyfilho@...
      >SA Outpaces UK In Recycling
      >South Africa - The South African countryside is being cleaned up as plastic
      >recycling in South Africa is outpacing that of the United Kingdom! There
      >not so many cans lying around anymore since the three year old
      >program is now recycling 40% of South African can production - enough to
      >manufacture 100,000 new motor vehicles. As an added bonus, the program is
      >providing an income for the 18,000 collectors. (Source: Positive Africa
      >Navy Cancels Sonar Test On Wales
      >USA - According to Andrew Wetzler at the Natural Resources Defense Council,
      >the United States Navy recently officially canceled the LWAD 00-2 Sea Test
      >scheduled to begin in May week off the east coast of the United States.
      >cancellation of these sonar tests is a remarkable victory for those devoted
      >to protecting marine life, especially cetaceans, from the tunnel view
      >technological decisions being made by the US Navy. This came after a
      >concerted internet based protest by citizens from all over the world. For
      >more complete information on this, contact Larry Sinkin at
      >US Crime On Steady Decline
      >USA - All kinds of gun related deaths - accidental, homicide, and suicide -
      >are at the lowest levels since the mid-60's, probably due to tougher
      >gun-control laws and the prosperity of individuals as well as social
      >agencies. Homicide rates in the 1990s have fallen to levels not seen since
      >the 1960s. And the school crime rate dropped from 155 to 102 incidents per
      >1,000 children between 1993 and 1997.
      >Company Gives Thumbs Down To Genetic Corn
      >USA - FRITO-LAY of Dallas, Texas has announced it will no longer use
      >genetically engineered corn in its products. This is seen as a major step
      >the preservation of safe food sources. But the biotech giants have started
      >their own campaign to encourage Fritos to reverse their decision. If Frito
      >holds to their commitment, this may very well be the start of the downfall
      >genetically engineered foods in America. Let Frito- Lay know your thoughts,
      >it will make an impression. Email consumer.affairs@...
      >Toys Of Tomorrow & Transformation
      >USA - The minds, hearts & souls of the leaders of Planet Earth in the year
      >2040 are being shaped in the schools and homes of today. In the1980s,
      >leaving Mattel toys, Eric Frydler had a vision of creating the world's most
      >empowering toy company, knowing that toys were the tools which shape young
      >minds - the same young minds which will steward our planet for the next
      >generation. This led to the creation of "Toymorrow," a company devoted to
      >toys and transformation. You can visit Toymorrow at
      >or email Frydler at writerguy@...
      >Moms March For Gun Control in US
      >USA - 750,000 activists at the Million Mom March rallied in Washington DC
      >Mothers Day (May 14th) to protest gun violence and call for stricter US
      >gun-control laws. Satellite marches in 73 cities across the US added their
      >Environment Minister Promotes "Gaia" Concept
      >UK - According to a recent article in the Sunday Times, the UK Environment
      >Minister, Michael Meacher, is supporting the concept that the planet we
      >on is a living entity; that it is a crucial link "in the interconnectedness
      >of different species." According to some analysts, this is the first of
      >several steps the current government will be taking in promoting the
      >Earth" concept.
      >Global Resources
      >Websites devoted to Positive Planetary Transformation
      >Wanna learn to fly - by night? Then a visit to the Dream Flights website
      >a must. Everything you ever wanted to know about flying dreams, including
      >how to have them, is available at the website. You can even join the
      >"fly-by-night" club. And, as a bonus, there is a treasure trove of links
      >every aspect of dreams and dreaming. Check it out at
      >http://members.aol.com/caseyflyer/flying/dreams.html or click here: <A
      >HREF="http://members.aol.com/caseyflyer/flying/dreams.html">Flying Dreams!
      >Home page of Dream Flights</A>
      >Asheville, NC., USA has been compared with Sedona, AZ, Mt. Shasta, CA, and
      >similar locations which have been attracting spiritual, alternative and
      >holistic people over the past several years. In some ways it is similar,
      >in many ways different. Check out this comprehensive directory of
      >new age Asheville at www.newfrontier.com/aha or click here: <A
      >HREF="http://newfrontier.com/aha/">Asheville Holistic Alternatives</A>
      >A Quiz: What source gives you over 7,000 holistic/new age listings from
      >countries? Answer: The Mystic Planet The New Age Directory of Planet
      >The directory includes hundreds of eclectic categories covering many
      >areas including spiritual, metaphysical, transformational, holistic health,
      >new age, environmental, intentional communities, vegetarian resources,
      >projects and alternatives of all kinds. Check it out at
      >http://mysticplanet.com/03DIRECT.HTM or click here: <A
      >HREF="http://mysticplanet.com/03DIRECT.HTM">Mystic Planet's New Age
      >of Planet Ear�</A>
      >Economy, Finance & Business
      >A major movement is underway in the industrialized world to graduate from
      >"godless capitalism." Both communism and traditional capitalism have failed
      >to feed the human spirit, in spite of technological advances and the
      >abundance of creature comforts. A new movement is underway to bring
      >into the workplace. It is a movement that recognizes that workers, at
      >whatever level in the system, are more than statistics or robots.
      >which have acknowledged this and implemented appropriate changes have also
      >seen dramatic changes in morale, attitude.... and profit. You can learn
      >about all of this from Spirit At Work, an organization dedicated to
      >a more enlightened workplace. Their website includes a comprehensive
      >directory, resources, articles, reports, courses, speakers, and loads of
      >links.oCheck it out at http://www.spiritatwork.com or click here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.spiritatwork.com/">Spirit At Work Home Page</A>
      >Earth Mysteries
      >Did you ever wish there was one website that would list all of the
      >tours to ancient sacred sites? It may not contain them all, but the Time
      >Travel website does list dozens of trips by different groups and tour
      >companies to over 50 ancient sacred site destinations including the most
      >popular such as Egypt, Peru, Ireland and England, Greece, Mexico and
      >America. In addition, it has almost 2,000 photo images of sacred sites
      >around the world. Check it out at http://www.sacredtravel.com/default.htm
      >or click here: <A HREF="http://www.sacredtravel.com/default.htm">Time
      >| Sacred Tours & Adventures</A>
      >Galactic Citizenship
      >Forget about big eyed boogiemen who nibble on humans at Area 51. According
      >to The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, our various
      >visitors are a bit more civil and advanced than that. And "CSETI" is
      >dedicated to establishing peaceful and sustainable relations with these
      >extraterrestrial life forms. With over ten years of field research and
      >experience, CSETI has accumulated impressive documentation of
      >extraterrestrial Earth visits and activity. Unlike many such groups, CSETI
      >has established some respectability in both governmental and scientific
      >circles, both in the USA and abroad. You can get all the details at their
      >website at: http://www.cseti.org or by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.cseti.org/">CSETI Homepage</A>
      >Health & Healing
      >Joel Rothschild is one of the longest living AIDS survivors in the world.
      >Having survive multiple deadly infections has qualified him to teach others
      >about courage, healing, letting go of fear and living life to its full
      >potential. As he says, it's not just to survive but to thrive and prosper.
      >Recently he put some of his most personal experiences in life - from his
      >private journal - into a book for others who face major life challenges.
      >can learn more about his journey at http://joelrothschild.com/index2.html
      >by clicking here: <A HREF="http://joelrothschild.com/index2.html">Joel
      >If you read the daily news or watch TV, you can easily be overwhelmed by
      >negativity and sometimes feel hopeless. What can one person do? Plenty!
      >The World Report is full of stories of individuals who decided to make a
      >difference. But if your life is already overcommitted, perhaps the best
      >could do is join with others in meditating, visualizing or praying for the
      >healing of tragic world events. The Global Meditation Focus Group invites
      >you to participate in their weekly focus-for-healing on critical world
      >situations. As a participant you will receive a weekly email of that weeks
      >focus, including lots of information about the situation and website
      >resources for additional information. The focus group does not recommend
      >specific ways to resolve the situation nor specific meditation methods or
      >techniques. They suggest you follow your own guidance. Research has shown
      >that critical mass transforms. Details are available at
      >http://refcities.com/focusgroup/ or by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://refcities.com/focusgroup/">Focus Group Webpage</A>
      >Native Peoples
      >All you ever wanted to know about the Mayans and didn't know who to ask,
      >be found on the Jaguar Sun Website. Topics include Mayan Culture, Ancient
      >Kingdoms, Contemporary Maya, and many resources including links, books,
      >videos and travel. Check it out at http://www.criscenzo.com/jaguar or
      >here: <A HREF="http://www.criscenzo.com/jaguar/">Mayan civilization </A>
      >Looking to connect with the alternative/holistic/consciousness folks in
      >ona, Spain? Now it's as easy as a few clicks on the internet. Thanks to
      >Sergi, there is a new internet club at yahoo called "Barcelona
      >complete with a forum, chat, links, etc., designed to link up the holistic
      >community of Barcelona. And whether or not you want to connect with the
      >folks in Barcelona, the idea is a great model for what any of us can do in
      >and for our own communities. Its easy and its free! Check it out at
      >http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/barcelonalightworkers or by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/barcelonalightworkers">Yahoo! Clubs
      >barcelonalightworkers</A> You may contact Sergi direct at
      >Science & Technology
      >Over the past few years the concept of "Free Energy" has been moving out of
      >the halls of science fiction and into the research labs of respected
      >scientists. Researcher Steve Kaplan, has brought many of the current
      >explorations into free energy under one roof at his alternative energy
      >website. Using terms like "serendipitous transformations," "paradigm
      >and "over-unity devices," Kaplan describes a variety of power sources
      >he claims, are infinite and exist virtually everywhere. Not only are these
      >energy sources ubiquitous, but they are inexpensive, clean, dependable and
      >safe. Kaplan's list includes cold fusion, solid-state energy devices,
      >magnets, hydrogen, use of waste heat, low-impact water power and other
      >innovations.=. It all available at http://www.connexion.org/kaplan/ or by
      >clicking here: <A HREF="http://www.connexion.org/kaplan/">Kaplan</A>
      >You think YOU have problems??? Meet 14 year old Stephanie Jobe, founder of
      >Creations Guardians. Stephanie was born with a condition known as
      >sensitivity." She describes the sensation of normal clothing to her skin
      >many sounds like dragging your finger nails across a chalkboard. Once she
      >began school Stephanie was diagnosed as a "high functioning autistic."
      >is now 14 and is still dealing with her physical challenges on a day-to-day
      >basis - that is when she's not out befriending and feeding the homeless at
      >the local parks, championing the environment, or working on behalf of
      >rights. She says that her best therapy has been that of helping others. It
      >helps her forget her own problems. Visit the website Stephanie created,
      >her personally, and learn about her champion causes. It's all there at
      >http://www.creationsguardians.com/ or by clicking here: <A
      >HREF="http://www.creationsguardians.com/">Creations Guardians</A>
      > ---------------------------------------------------------------
      >Networking News
      >News Updates From Network 2012
      >Planetary Awakening Network
      >The Planetary Awakening Network (PAN) was established in 1998 as an
      >international emergency alert system to link up world serves so that we
      >work together to bring healing to world crisis situations. Since that time
      >it has become a major networking vehicle for those who are working toward a
      >more peaceful, just, prosperous and conscious planet. The association now
      >has over 570 independent internet based networks in 47 countries and
      >continues to grow steadily at the rate of 15 to 20 a month. There is no
      >and you can participate with a network as small as five people. For more
      >information email lightweave@... and request info on PAN.
      >UK Light Summit Set For November
      >Since 1988, Network 2012 has been convening regional, national and
      >international "Light Link" network gatherings. The purpose of these
      >is to bring together those involved in conscious raising activities in many
      >areas of planetary change for the purpose of getting to know one another.
      >Unlike most conferences, there are no speakers, lectures, workshops or
      >seminars. We simply meet in a circle as peers for three or four days to
      >share our resources, visions and challenges, and to explore ways to work
      >together on behalf of positive planetary change. To date there have been 15
      >summits in the USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Thailand and the Mideast. The
      >UK summit is scheduled for Nov. 5-9 in Wales. For detailed information,
      >contact lightweave@...
      >Ultimately our lives are a reflection of our basic philosophy.
      >If we live in a world that we see as a constant struggle between the forces
      >of good and evil,
      >- personified in individuals, institutions or groups of people -
      >we will be in a constant state of war.
      >If, however, we recognize the possibility of good and evil within ourselves
      >and all others,
      > then our challenge becomes one of graduating from the lesser good within
      >and seeking to bring out the greater good in others.
      > Michael

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