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Depleted Uranium/1

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    Depleted Uranium (henceforth DU ) became of particular interest interest to me when I read accounts of the aftermath of the blitzing of Yugoslavia during the
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      Depleted Uranium/1     Depleted Uranium (henceforth DU ) became of particular interest interest to me when I read accounts of the aftermath of the blitzing of Yugoslavia during the Kosovo War. As usual, those responsible for the bombing and its resultant death and destruction claimed that DU has no ill effects! But I maintain that its true nature and consequences are certainly known to those, human or otherwise, who stand behind the outer events of that war; a war which is now rarely even mentioned in Britain, save as an example of a so called ‘successful military intervention’.
        Recently a bombed bridge was re-opened in Mostar, Bosnia with great ceremony and claimed as a symbol of harmony by the usual suspects, ‘Action Man’ Lord Paddy Ashdown chief among them for Britain as ‘envoy for peace’.  What a joke!
        In reality, of course, this war was long, long mapped and prepared, the pot stirred and kept boiling, the fires below surreptitiously and expertly stoked. Very dark and underhand means were used. But today we are considering the weapons not the war itself, so to move on -
        DU like GM crops is now a done deal. Ahriman, with the Asuras snapping at his heels, has upped the ante. The dark Genii, or demon, is out of the bottle; is here among us and we have somehow to live with the consequences and ultimately make the attempt to turn it all to good.
        A first step for all aspiring Michaelites is to understand what is going on, or at least to make a sincere attempt; to con-verse with events, to weave threads of understanding into a far greater picture.  More, we must do this poetically, imaginatively, in concert with angels and elementals, bringing new phenomena into an appropriate ratio or meter with the revelations of spiritual science and then see if we can arrive at an idea at least of the appropriate compensating deed.
         We know that simply understanding world events that are manipulated by the adversaries, seeing their imprint on affairs is itself a power inhibiting and balancing them as well as protecting against their more deceptive distortions of our thinking.
        The greatest crime then, is not failing; because failure can be rich and fruitful. Like the young Parsifal we sin most by not asking. Failing to take up the Quest. And this particular Questing/ Questioning is a truly wonderful Mystery Journey because it takes us right into the realm of profound, beautiful and most powerful cosmic revelations given by the Christian Initiate.  So it already brings a certain good.
        Before we look at the result of torturing minerals and the production of sub material forces and radiation, (if you have not the necessary anthro orientated or basic science books the processes are easily found by a google search) let us look at naturally occurring uranium (Uranus means 'a sky filled with stars') and at the world of minerals or rocks in general, at this many splendoured kingdom with its royal, fiery, starry descent and its sacrificial death-offering in the cause of dawning and developing human consciousness.
        Looking in the light of Anthroposophy we come, necessarily with reverence, certainly with joy and wonder, even with awe, to the study of those great rhythms, contractions, expansions, deeds, confrontations and cycles of the incarnating Earth.
        Again and again, through Steiner's various lectures on cosmology and cosmic memory, and also through the works of those who took up these great truths and applied them to their own particular field of science; mineral, plant, or animal, those who were and are true spiritual scientists, we may plunge into buoyant fountains of living knowledge and apply it afresh as events unfold around us.
           So we look back to the flowing and streaming of the metals, their unique and holy singing and resounding - (we may even reflect for a moment on the phenomena of 'Heavy Metal' music which allies itself with the sub-atomic, fallen metals - perhaps its death forces a basis for unfolding self consciousness in its young adherents) - and the greening, the mighty blossoming of the newly borning earth. To milky, honeyed sweetness, the inflowing of planetary forces, crystallizing, dematerializing, reforming and the slow mineralizing of rock out of great life processes, the plant-mineral of old moon transforming itself to new states of being upon the earth.  This was not a once only drying out, a straight line hardening event but instead a lively dance, a rhythmic process of dying and becoming, a great co-working art-worked Drama choreographed by Heavenly Beings.
        In this necessarily brief glance at such mighty cosmic events we can of course only touch lightly on the fringe of their infinite complexities which obviously require continued reverent and meditative study, but even such grazing at the edges can be fruitful.
        In his question 'What is the earth's significance for the macrocosm?' Rudolf Steiner, near the end of his earthly life, brings ever greater more luminous realities before our souls, and answers his own question in letter X1X of 'The Michael Mystery, or Letters to the Members'
      Quote from above. Steiner -
          "Clairvoyant vision discovers the macrocosm to be the more overflowing with life the further back it looks into the past.  In the far past it was so alive that all possibility of measuring any of its vital manifestations ceases.  Then man is separated from the livingness.  The macrocosm comes increasingly into the realm of the calculable.
        But this means it gradually dies.  The macrocosm dies to the degree that man, the microcosm, emerges from it as an independent being.
        An extinct macrocosm confronts us in the cosmic present.  But man is not only the product of its evolution; the earth too, was born of the macrocosm.
         Man, deriving from earth the forces upon which his self-consciousness is founded, is in far too close a relationship to it to have an adequate grasp of its nature and being.  As his self consciousness came into full flowering in the consciousness soul era, he became accustomed to taking into account only the spatial extension of the universe and regarding the earth as an insignificant grain of dust in comparison with the physical dimensions of universal space.  It will seem strange, therefore, to hear what spiritual vision has to say about the true significance of  this supposed 'grain of dust'." end quote

        DU dust is not only an inevitable outcome of the idea of an inert, dead atom in final application, but going deeper into sub earthly realms, is materialized thought form of an atom which is more than dead, which itself deals death, is anti matter, anti life.
        Steiner goes on to speak of the earth as seed-embryo of a new macrocosm. (And forgive me for elugising, friends, but the older I get the more moved I am by the sheer glory of his revelations.)
      Speaking of the super abundance of seed production in nature, beyond what is needed to continue the species, he says

        Quote - "This surplus is one of seed potential. Plants are the repositories of more seed forces than they need for the growth of leaves, fruit and blossom, and for the consciousness that beholds it, this excess of seed potential streams out into the extraterrestrial macrocosm.  Surplus stores of energy ray out similarly into the macrocosm from the mineral kingdom.  This energy has the task of bringing the forces issuing from vegetation to their right locations in the macrocosm. Under the influence of the mineral forces, a new model of the macrocosm grows out of the forces of the plant world." end quote.

      Animal forces also ray out and encompass what has streamed from plant and mineral to bring a self enclosed spherical model macrocosm into being. To see the earth as seed-embryo is to see it truly. (I beg any not familiar with this 'letter to the members X1X' published as The Michael Mystery to read it fully, as precis is used only to keep the whole post as short as possible, and is regretted)
        In his excellent book 'The Living Earth' Walther Cloos brings these insights directly to bear upon his own study of the mineral kingdom to great effect, finding fascinating correspondences between macrocosm and microcosm, in the spirit of the following quote from Steiner.

       Steiner  "In the exercise of imagination the soul lives in rhythm and Michael's sphere is the world that reveals itself in rhythm."

        Walther Cloos traces the mineral through these mighty blossoming, abundant life processes and brings them into relation with the plants; also tracing the processes of the incarnating metals and minerals in their mirroring of human embryology.

        Quote from Walther Cloos -
        "The oldest life of this living albuminous atmosphere was the world of the mineral-plants which was brought over from Old Moon in the recapitulations described above, and now came to an end in a 'grandiose combustion' characterized by Rudolf Steiner as a sort of flowering process........
      Let us take plants such as Chamomile or Marigold. In their flowers, colouring matter and strong scent are formed.  The plant which, before it flowers, is all growth and development, suddenly calls a halt in order to make room for a process which one can only compare with a burning away - a flaming and fading away (disintegrating).  What arises from this decomposition are essential oils.  These are inflammable and burn with brilliant coloured flames.
        It is noteworthy that every blossom has a considerably higher temperature than its surroundings.  Here we have really an organic process of combustion.  The process does not go as far as mineral combustion.  We smell no smoke, only the scent of the flower, we see no flame, only the colour of the flowers, we see no ash, instead we see the seeds which result from this remarkable plant combustion."  end quote.

        Remaining with this correspondence between plant and mineral, he goes on to describe an interesting phenomenon which accompanies seed germination. Describing the seed's journey through its first, 'milky' unripe state to the hardening of starch and crystalizing of protein as it dries and ripens, or mineralizes he follows it further. It is worth going with him in some detail.
        Quote from 'Walther Cloos 'The Living earth' -
      "Not only its substance but its whole inner structure becomes rock like or earthy. This is necessary because the seedling which remains unaffected by the drying process will later, when it germinates, need this 'earthiness' of the seed.  Every seed, in ripening,  builds for itself its own little Earth which supports the life of the seedling until it finds union with the greater Earth." end quote

      Again following the rhythmic alternation of hardening and softening, which he has already established in the great, cosmic incarnating of the minerals upon the earth, materializing and dematerializing, he follows the germinating process itself. The mineralized seed, when sown, comes under the influences of warmth and moisture and again assumes a gelloid or colloidal condition.  The nutritive substance disintegrates into water, carbon dioxide, ammonia and salts.

      Cloos continues "This gradual process of disintegration of nutritive substance and the associated root growth is accompanied by something that is not outwardly visible.  The germinating seed sends out radiations.  The existence of these germination and growth radiations was discovered by biological and physical tests."  these were accurately described by a Russian scientist Gurwitsch.  Cloos describes these tests and remarks that the radiations were doubtless the reason for the old custom of attaching a grain of corn to a cutting about to be planted.
        Quote 'Thus we have, in this process taking place between the 'milky state' and germination a true reflection of those other processes that we encounter within the mineral world in radioactive compounds...........The minerals which today are radioactive were present in the primal rocks during this whole process of hardening. (Uranium and Thorium are found most often in the granites and pegmatites)  They are evidently a sort of ferment which, extremely finely distributed, works towards the dissolution of the 'Earth as a seed'.  One might say that the 'earth seed' is beginning to germinate so that out of this dissolution a new future might arise."  end quote from 'The Living Earth'.

           Remembering Man as microcosm we may take it that human development and spiritual germination is implicit in this picture.
        We might ask what unripe and unholy Anti-Seed is being 'germinated-terminated' by the artificial radiation black magically engendered by nuclear technology?  What GM modified, Ahrimanipulated dead end is being prepared as Eighth Sphere for a cloned Mutant Humanity?  In fact, when we view surplus seed production as bearing forces necessary for the Earth as Seed, we can see a deeper occult purpose than merely economics in the terminator gene.  We might see it, Hermetically, as a model for a lifeless anti-seed terminated Earth evolution.
            In the human model it can be seen as terminated spiritual potential, an abortion.

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