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Dead Poets' Society/ Books(and such) as the Mummification of our Deeds Written

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    ... De : holderlin66 danifyou@t... wrote: Christ and Sophia , *** Compass again Nice Triangulation - Brad :) You Informed - in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2004
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      danifyou@t... wrote:

      'Christ and Sophia',

      Compass again Nice Triangulation - Brad :)

      You Informed - in appreciation - provided -> that:

      For want of a better insight, it is almost as sweet as a sonnet.
      Nice poetic lay out brother Danny, very nice.

      'Sonnet'; from: "little song";
      'Sonneto'-(Italy) exactly so
      The many of what wrote Michelangelo...

      But hey, lo - Courtesy of the Communions
      Share of Talents occuring sometimes
      Between the Livings and the Deads
      A Communication enacted
      Supersensible presence
      Noted at times (an example)
      In my case: Baudelaire...
      Then another this last weekend
      And yesterday present
      Around personal feelings
      Imbued Words and Images
      After of few of his poems a read...
      Entrance into his deeds
      Spirit-footsteps left in ink
      Almost Blood itself
      Special Fluid trace
      Rhyme Realms
      Tracks of Self -
      The Thoughts written:
      Most Mummy the Factor
      Steiner talked about
      How the Link remained!

      (...To not forget about the Elementals;
      A Stir Particular Attract Sameness...;
      Elective Affinities New Degree Goethean
      I say Soul Content concerned
      Identify the Geniis with/in a Poem;
      And get *Bildung* 'I'-Doer Conscious
      Logological Go In *Poeïsis*'Essence!)

      The other guy - his name; introduction:


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