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Rép. : [anthroposophy] Risen Christ and the Sophic Soul

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    Bradford gave many dates. And Danny asks: What s your own year and month pal? (Not 1952 by coincidence?...) Dan ... De : holderlin66
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2004
      Bradford gave many dates.

      And Danny asks:

      What"s your own year and month pal?
      (Not 1952 by coincidence?...)


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      De : holderlin66<holderlin66@...>
      16th April Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin (1889)

      20th April Adolf Hitler (1889);

      Name: Albert Einstein
      Birth Date: March 14, 1879
      Death Date: April 18, 1955
      Place of Birth: Ulm, Germany
      Place of Death: Princeton, Massachusetts, United States
      Nationality: American
      Gender: Male
      Occupations: physicist, scientist

      "Forty years after he came to America , Chaplin was accused of being
      a communist. He had no answer to prove the accusations wrong except
      that it was his constitutional right, and with Senator McCarthy on
      the loose that wasn't enough. Charlie had come to America, that
      forty years ago, to breathe free air. Now he was leaving for the
      same reason (James, Clive, pg 137).

      After finding out that Chaplin was "sympathetic with the Leftist
      beliefs", the FBI went to work to find out what was going on. The
      extensive files on Chaplin maintained by the FBI over a period of
      more than fifty years. They total more than nineteen hundred pages.
      Not only was he accused of being a communist, he was also accused of
      being Jewish, as well, because his half-brother, Sidney, was three-
      fourths Jewish. Chaplin's reputation was not good with the FBI.

      Charlie's investigation began on August 15, 1922, when an agent
      called A.A. Hopkins passed on the information to the FBI that
      Charlie had given a reception for a prominent labor leader, William
      Z. Foster, who was visiting Los Angeles (Robinson, David, pg. 751).
      He was also frequently the guest of the millionaire D.C. James at
      his cliffside mansion in Carmel. It was there that he came to
      delight with his host's son, Dan, a would be writer and a communist
      whom he later would employ as an assistant director on "The Great

      After being questioned about being a communist, Chaplin answered, "I
      do not want to create any revolution, all I want to do is create a
      few more films. I might amuse people. I hope so." (Robinson, David,

      The FBI interviewed scores of witnesses, and the secret evidence
      they collected fills more than four hundred pages. On January 15th,
      1927, Chaplin suffered a serious nervous breakdown. Three days after
      that, the broken comedian learned from a story in the New York Times
      that the U.S. Government was about to lien on his assets. In 1933
      the impromptu performances stopped. Instead, Chaplin's dark moods
      became more obvious, and his anger flashes more constant. A fear of
      failure was plaguing him. The secret to Chaplin's fortitude in
      weathering the storms of the late 1940's was the unqualified success
      and happiness of his marriage to Oona. '

      Bradford comments;

      Firstly we can see that Einstein came into incarnation, 1879, when
      the bonified Michael Battle and the Ahrimanic forces had had their
      War In Heaven. This War in Heaven, shifted the field of battle to
      Humanity. Here in our human environment, certain secrets that had
      been hidden in the world of the Angels, would now be part of human
      life on Earth. The light bulb and Edison, blinked on in 1879, but
      Einstein had brought into his incarnation and destiny a potent and
      exclusive focus and quetion. Something had impressed Einstein about
      the nature of our universe as he surveyed the Stunning War in Heaven
      and looked ahead into the rise of Ahrimanic forces in 1933.

      Einstein certainly wasn't the last soul to see the battle of 1879
      and the War in Heaven but he captured something of the stunned
      severing force of light and anti-light. Einstein had grasped the
      shift of how light is Love and Love and Light is laced in matter.
      But Einstein lost the pieces of the riddle, but not the potency of
      the pre-birth experience.

      Einstein brought with him the peculiar living Manichean strife of
      Light and Darkness all the way down into his brain. The War in
      Heaven and the nature of Light thundered down into the very interior
      brain cortex of the forming embryo of baby Einstein. The defeat and
      meaning of Ahrimanic forces and the high complexity of Light trailed
      out of Heaven and tumbled into the crib of Einstein. But Ahriman was
      mixed and tossed into the tumult as that which was exiled into the
      brains and deeds of humanity, once the Michael's House had been

      In dealing with Christic and Incarnational details we can point
      precisely to how Charlie Chaplin and Hitler had moved through the
      world to the point where Chaplin had them intersect in his
      film, "The Great Dictator". We can literally observe a risen Christ,
      Etheric Christ, crisis signature, in the destiny of Chaplin. He is
      haunted and hounded by Hoover's FBI. Like Novalis and Jerry Lee
      Lewis Chaplin saw an unfallen majesty in a young girl.

      However, if we attempt to examine anything of the delicate nature of
      biography, we find that the guns of AntiSemitism constantly point at
      Steiner. It is easier to point those guns than build an impression
      of the Risen Etheric Christ Event of the 20th century. That is too
      difficult so it is easier to shoot Steiner in the knees with the
      label Antisemitic. This blunt weapon is used against Steiner with as
      many rumors as there are bristles on boars head.

      Now understanding the impact of the Etheric Christ on everyone also
      allows us to see the effects of the Etheric Christ on Charlie
      Chaplin, Albert Einstein and Adolf Hitler.

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