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  • Kytka
    Hello Friends~ I am writing to let you know of our new venture...a PRINTED Journal!!! WCE is an holistic journal for mothers inspired by Waldorf Education and,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2000
      Hello Friends~
      I am writing to let you know of our new venture...a PRINTED Journal!!!
      WCE is an holistic journal for mothers inspired by Waldorf Education
      and, to varying degrees, anthroposophy (some readers have little or
      no interest in the latter). If you are a Christian who is offended by
      the mention of more ancient ways, this journal is not for you. If you
      are a Pagan who feels attacked by a Christian prayer or the lighting
      of sabbath candles, or an anthroposophist up in arms over the thought
      of family beds or long term nursing, it is also, simply, not for you.
      This is not a "religious" publication, but it is one meant to help
      you contact your spiritual inner voice and inspire your own inner
      work .
      Kytka Jezek is a mother, daughter, sister and wife. She holds a
      Doctoratein Naturopathy & is a Certified Childbirth Educator. Until
      recently she was the owner of Hedgehog Farms catalog which
      specialized in Waldorf-Inspired toys and books, and often writes on
      the subjects of Waldorf Education, homebirth, natural health,
      extended breastfeeding, attachment parenting, the family bed, and
      everything else that she considers "common sense parenting." She has
      acted as both Advisory & Trustee at Three Cedars Waldorf School as
      well as leading the parent toddler group. She is currently
      homeschooling and building the W.I.S.H.(Waldorf Inspired Students at
      Home) website at
      She is expecting her third child.
      Ceridwen (Anya) Coit has been involved with the Waldorf Homeschooling
      movement since 1985. She has a background in Folklore & Mythology,
      Celtic Studies, Comparative Religions and Ecotheology. She has worked
      for domestic violence shelters, taught healthy relationships and teen
      dating violence awareness to young people, and been involved with
      domestic violence support groups which, while promoting the rights of
      women, have not shirked from exploring the religious lives and
      questions of women, including those of the more conservative
      Christian element and healing ceremonies for Celtic Reconstructionist
      Pagans. She has helped families apply Waldorf methods of learning to
      Fundamentalist beliefs, been active in the promotion of Native
      American earth views, Jewish Waldorf impulses,and EcoSpirituality in
      general. Her Website is located at:
      in the value of traditional women´s work, while we also value the
      rights women have fought to attain.

      in the shared strength and struggle of women. We acknowledge that
      there are injustices that still exist for many of us -- but we are
      not about anger. We hope to be about healing.

      in the power of grassroots movements and our right to live our own
      lives in our own unique ways.

      in simplicty -- that more is less, and that caring for the Earth is
      not only necessary adult work but as good for our inner selves as it
      is for the planet.

      that childhood should be as joyous as possible without creating the
      false impression that life exists without both work and struggles.

      that children should grow in wonder of the natural rhythm of the year,
      allowed to simply breathe and be while unfolding into who they
      naturally are.

      that play is the true work of childhood which is sadly undervalued by
      modern society.

      and adversity, regardless of how you define your family.

      If you believe in synthesis, are able to take what you want and leave
      the rest for those who feel otherwise, then you will find here a
      sense of warm connection -- an offering of thoughts and joys to
      inspire your own personal path. This journal is for you.
      The Waldorf Community Exchange is published bimonthly by WISH (Waldorf
      Inspired Students at Home) and can be contacted at:
      WISH -- Journal
      PO Box 1034
      Bellevue, WA 98009-1034
      United States $30.
      Canada & Mexico $38.
      Overseas $48.
      Single/Sample issues $6.

      (24 pages!)

      May Day
      Babbling Brooks and Field Frolics (A Thoughtful Look at Families and
      Seasonal Activity: Miniature Maypoles
      Second Year Journal (Life with 2-Year-Olds)
      Children and Their World: Nurturing Their Natures
      Poetry -- Sacred Oak
      Understanding Art in the Waldorf Curriculum
      Wise Women -- The Pages of Shared Wisdom and Ideas
      Memories -- At Home in Kitty Kottage (MEMORIES is a section dedicated
      to learning from our own childhoods)
      A Lesson in Laziness (A Story for children written in the style of an
      Irish Folktale by a Waldorf Homeschooled Student)

      We welcome your letters and submissions! (and ask that you get
      inspired to share YOUR wisdom and send them in!) Please include your
      name, address and telephone number. Also indicate whether you wish to
      remain anonymous or if you would like credit for your piece. Include
      a brief bio about yourself and your business if this applies. By
      sending in your submission, you are indicating your willingness and
      explicit permission to have it published by Ceridwen
      (Anya) Coit, Kytka Jezek, W.I.S.H., or the Waldorf Community
      Exchange. We reserve the right to edit.

      NOTE: (We will also make special arrangements with people who want to
      share something of their own larger writings or projects -- meaning
      if you need or want to retain specific copyright we will not rule out
      something that you send. We do ask that you consider making letters
      and articles as donations so that we can share with a wider audience
      across various mediums and thus get the message to more people about
      what options are available for their family life. We will also
      happily point people in the direction of your own websites or printed

      We are both very excited about the new Journal and look forward to
      many wonderful issues in the future... We hope to hear from you soon!
      Love & Light,
      Kytka & Anya
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