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Soul food/ Goethean Medecine; to Archetypal Plant!

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Sir MacDonald - in one of his Novel - said: (Barely a Riddle applying to the Doped Men Dried to the Bones Because of their Fire Will o the Wisp Devouring
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2004
      Sir MacDonald - in one of his Novel - said:
      (Barely a Riddle applying to the Doped
      Men Dried to the Bones
      Because of their Fire Will 'o' the Wisp
      Devouring away the Harmonious Tonic
      Calibration Structural - out-come words-False Notes
      Lying to the Real Self with *Impressive* Luciferianism;
      Deceptive Light of the Too Much Sentient
      Illusioning a Liveliness with the Overdone;
      But No Substance - everyone becomes a Clown -
      Don't we live in a Circus Cast Appearances
      Of a Matrix World - DEPLETED of Wholesomeness
      Making way to all kinds of side kicks useless!...

      But Spirit of Redemption and Hopefulness....
      Thanks Jan for sharing this moment of what happened;
      I angle now on the same question of the Little Ones Special!)

      "The next morning, as we started,
      we spied, a little away from us,
      two skeletons moving about in a thicket.
      The Little Ones broke their ranks, and ran to them.
      I followed; and, although now walking at ease,
      without splint or ligature, I was able to recognise
      the pair I had before seen in that neighbourhood.
      The children at once made friends with them, laying hold
      of their arms, and stroking the bones of their long fingers;
      and it was plain the poor creatures took their attention kindly.

      The two seemed on excellent term with each other.
      Their common deprivation had brought them together!
      the loss of everything had been
      the beginning of a new life to them!

      Perceiving they had gathered handful of herbs,
      and were looking for more presumably to rub their bones
      with, for in what other way could nourishment
      reach their system so rudimentary?--
      the Little Ones, having keenly
      examined those they held, gathered
      of the same sorts, and filled the hands
      the skeletons held out to receive them."

      "Choosing twelve Little Ones,
      not of the biggest and strongest,
      but of the sweetest and merriest,
      I mounted them on 6 elephants,
      and took two more of the wisest "clumsies",
      as the children called them, to bear the princess."...

      The Pure at Heart be Blessed;
      To them belongs the Kingdom(s) of Heaven!

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      De : Jan<starbirdgarden@...>
      A tiny interchange worth remembering.
      Three children were seated around the table in my kitchen, two so called
      'normal' children and one 'special needs,' very Special Child with a mild
      form of autism who suffers much. I cut them slices of home baked bread,
      which they ate heartily, although habituated to 'junk foods'.
      The Special Child took one bite, then looked up with an amazed expression
      on her face.
      'Auntie, it's, it's....! What did you put in this bread?' I saw that she
      really wanted to know. It was important that she identify it correctly to
      'I put love into it sweetheart,' I replied and the other two snorted.
      But the Special Child, the child who sees spirits and elves and weeps
      bitterly because her parents do not believe in God, met my eyes with a flash
      of joy and was satisfied with the truth.
      She ate her bread slowly and reverently as though it were Holy Manna.
      Which for her, it was.
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