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  • Jan
    Brad wrote - I love the word calibrated, one can see a great deal with the word calibrated. Size and ratio of Being to Being are calibrated. The Moon moving
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      Brad wrote -
      "I love the word calibrated, one can see a great deal with the word
      calibrated. Size and ratio of Being to Being are calibrated. The
      Moon moving closer or further away reveals the giant redwood forests
      or the calibrated current size of the butterfly."

      Jan - This interested me greatly, reminding me of a conversation I recently
      had with a young man, a composer and musician friend of my elder son and
      longtime 'member' of our family on J B S Haldane's fascinating essay 'On
      Being the Right Size' - published in 1928. This young friend is of
      exceptional intelligence, thinking mostly in math and music, but whose heart
      forces are also strong and full having been nurtured by the suffering caused
      by the death of his only sister from cancer and balanced by his recent
      fatherhood. He is hands on father to two very bright and inquiring small
      children, aged five and three ...... I sometimes remind him of his own
      childhood exploits in cahoots with my son!



      In Haldane we have another very interesting biography, the following of a
      thread of thought through materialistic paradigms and ideologies, youthful
      morality and expectation of brotherliness in and out of Marxism, his
      dis-illusion and continual re-orientation but sincerely followed and
      examined in the light karmically available to that particular soul. A
      criticism of Haldane was that his science was 'too idealistic'. And again,
      in the knowledge of the truth of reincarnation, we can hope, even expect,
      that a fiery enthusiasm and the light of idealism in the thinker sows the
      seed of future transforming of his materialistic world conceptions.

      Steiner - Quote from 'Freedom and Love. Their Significance in World
      So we see that our whole constitution, beginning with the warmth
      organism, is, in very fact, permeated by moral ideals. And when at death
      the etheric body, the astral body and the Ego emerge from the physical body,
      these higher members of our human nature are filled with all the impressions
      we have had. Our Ego was living in the warmth organism when it was
      quickened by moral ideas. We were living in our air organism, into which
      were implanted sources of light which now, after death, go forth into the
      cosmos together with us. In our fluid organism, tone was kindled which now
      becomes part of the Music of the Spheres, resounding from us into the
      cosmos. And we bring life with us when we pass out into the cosmos through
      the portal of death.
      You will now have an inkling of what the life that pervades the universe
      really is. Where are the sources of life? They lie in that which quickens
      those moral ideals which fire man with enthusiasm. We come to the point of
      saying to ourselves that if today we allow ourselves to be inspired by moral
      ideals, these will carry forth life, tone and light into the universe and
      will become world creative." End quote.

      How might a soul such as Haldane, already implicated in later cloning,
      promoting cold materialistic world views, review his life and work in the
      light of the Hierarchies after death? Might not that very fire of idealism
      which motivated him, sometimes mistakenly but always whole heartedly and
      vividly be the fiery magic mustard seed of future powers of transformation?
      For in ideals of brotherhood, however immature or incomplete we always come
      close to Christ. However atheistic Haldane might have been, still there was
      that love of fellow man and desire for freedom which must surely bring him
      into relation with Christ after death and enable Christ, Lord of Karma, to
      bring highest good out of evil.
      Bradford's Goethean view of calibrating is already balancing, perhaps even
      healing to that soul. In spiritual science we find another paradigm of
      relatedness, of elvish etheric gold-space, where inner is larger than outer
      and the magic cauldron is always overflowing, the Sampo grinding out
      substance from nothing, Mother Carey making things make themselves.......
      Where we have to grow to come into relationship with ideas.
      Haldane speaks in his essay of the relation of gravity to mice, and how
      they can fall from great height without injury. This interested me as I
      have recently sat in the garden watching and feeding sunflower seeds to wild
      mice, fascinated by their incredible speeds. Impossible for four such tiny
      legs to move them at such super speed! Quite other dimensions of time and
      motion must be involved. The unique Minnie Theobold, breakaway Theosophist,
      said that Robins and Mice had a particular relationship to elementals that
      'whisk their aura'. Let's balance Haldane with Minnie!

      Quote from Minnie Theobold - Three Levels of Consciousness.
      "Robins and mice are closely in touch with humanity, being links between
      the man and the elemental world.
      The reason why so many people are insanely scared of mice is that mice are
      so frequently 'whisked' by some elemental and this is intended to attract
      attention. I use the words 'insanely' and 'whisked' because these words
      carry with them further ideas. It is through the insane or irrational brain
      that one receives these messages and the imps, without interfering with the
      life of the mouse, whisk it, or bring about a sort of hurricane in the aura
      of the mouse an intensification of a circular movement. The frightened
      onlooker is just conscious of something calling him and dislikes anything
      supernatural. Take courage; it is only of the nature of a storm in a
      teacup; neither the mouse nor the small psychic hurricane will hurt you.
      But until all such fears have been overcome it is better not to dabble in
      psychism, nor delve down into the subconscious. No one gets far along this
      path without seeing and feeling worse than that. Be prepared to see and
      hear horrors. Are you sure that your faith in protection through the Cross
      of Life will hold? Are you firmly nailed to this cross? If the
      perpendicular life mode of resurrection is raising you up and taking you
      down are you sure that you still have hold on to the horizontal mode of
      incarnation? Don't pray to visit heaven, to rise into the super-conscious
      and speak with angels unless you are prepared to pass through hell on the
      way. Because the life that carries you up goes down first to get the
      necessary impetus to rise. There is always a Good Friday before every
      Easter Day." end quote

      While I am not at one with Minnie in everything, I love her direct
      observations and experience gleaned from a life of total spiritual
      dedication and practice. And I love Robins. And mice.
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