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    danifyou wrote: [Bradford the following authored] ... Bradford comments; Once again, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it is time for Bradford and Danny to
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      danifyou wrote:

      [Bradford the following authored]
      > "Beings who look forever backwards into,
      > (Blue Flower of Novalis)"

      Bradford comments;

      Once again, ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, it is time for
      Bradford and Danny to give you codes and passwords to the world of
      Imagination. Jan, Harvey and Joksu know these codes and Passwords,
      but many of you out there, can't understand, can't hold together what
      Novalis called "little Fable's" ideas for two seconds in your
      intellects. Little Fable is Grace and the Christ paradigm of logic in
      the Christo world of new planetary education.

      Characters such as Eros, Sophia, Fable, Ginnistan and the Scribe
      offer an undertone into mythic maps of Imagination. Three Fairy Tales
      of monumental import must be studied. 1- "The Green Snake and
      Beautiful Lily". 2- "Blue Flower-Heinrich von Ofterdingen". 3-
      Steiner's tale of ART and SCIENCE is a brilliant tale about Winter of
      the intellect and the soul and warmth of the spirit in Art. Which
      makes a study of Novalis/Raphael a key to understanding deeper levels
      of Michael School research.

      Now these three fairy tales still mean very little to the Anthro
      impaired. But for example, if we look into Saturn and Saturn as the
      Scribe character in the tale of "The Blue Flower" by Novalis, we must
      learn something incredible. We babble about the Akashic records and
      we also babble about the planets, but we fail to understand how the
      Beings of Saturn look ever Backwards at the failed Karma of human
      deeds and the ancient foundations of Cosmic evolution. We fail to see
      and understand that the Rings of Saturn and the Planet Saturn, in
      it's orbit of 29 1/2 years is an immense marker for the biography of
      humanity. So how do we approach the mystery of the Akashic records
      and Saturn but also a marker for the indication the work of certain
      Beings connected to Kronos and Time. We could approach this mystery,
      if you had the organ of Imagination, through the inner eye of the
      First Anthro, Novalis.


      "The scribe wrote endlessly, looking up only occasionally to give the
      children a sour look, or to scowl darkly at the wet-nurse, who simply
      smiled back pleasantly and said nothing.

      The children's father was constantly coming in and going out, and
      each time he would see how the children were going, and kindly greet
      Ginnistan. He always had something to say to the scribe, who would
      listen attentively, and after he had transcribed it would lean over
      and hand the pages to a noble godly woman who was leaning against an
      altar who had a dark bowl full of clear water. She dipped the pages
      into the bowl, and looked into it with a cheerful smile. If when she
      drew them out the writing remained and had become shining, she would
      hand the leaf back to the scribe to be fastened into a large book.
      Often, if his efforts had been in vain and were washed away, the
      scribe's countenance would turn sullen.

      From time to time, the woman would turn to Ginnistan and the
      children, dip her finger into the bowl, sprinkle some drops on them.
      As soon as the drops touched the wet-nurse, the child or the cradle,
      they would melt into a blue haze, displaying a thousand strange
      sights, always changing. If a drop were to perchance fall on the
      scribe, it would result in a shower of numbers and geometrical
      figures, [ here please try to understand Kepler and his model of the
      universe if you can] which he would then industriously gather, thread
      them on a string, and then hang them as an ornament around his neck."

      Bradford continues:

      Following the destiny of understanding Saturn Beings allows us to
      understand hard copies, hard facts and soft facts. The difference
      between Fable and The Scribe is Grace has entered back into Creation
      through the Christ event of Golgotha. Fact? Fable? Hard fact or soft
      fact? If you don't know the answer to these kinds of question you are
      only slowly coming to terms with Michael School wisdom. There is much
      more ahead.

      To truly understand the immensity of what I am relating to you that
      you are missing, is that you would have to follow the removal of the
      head of John the Baptist and the further destiny of Raphael and
      Novalis to the dawning impulse of Anthroposophy.

      Here, if you could understand, doubtful, even grasp how Novalis could
      see the things in his Fairy Tales and stories and how George
      McDonald, Emerson and others grasped the richness of Novalis, you
      would nearly understand how Steiner indicated that the Baptist became
      the Group Soul that hovered over the disciples, remembered Jesus as
      the painter Raphael and entered the world Imaginitive cognition in
      his destiny as Novalis.

      Now Fable and Grace were weaving strongly in the heart of Novalis.
      Ancient Kronos was the Saturn image of the deadly effect of Saturn
      eating his children. Certainly the critical, wild man of ethics and
      goat skin, John the Baptist, stood in the road and the path of
      Judaism and marked a way to a MidSummer mystery. What a wild Goat
      Skin, scapegoat of his own people and what a stunning friendship he
      had with Jesus. Since the dawning of the I AM, individual human
      beings have slowly been able to write I AM deeds into the akasha and
      these new deeds are looked upon form either the aspect of Fable
      (Grace) or from the aspect of the Scribe (necessity). This amounts to
      what we need to understand as Freedom and Necessity. Karma and Grace.

      First of all Steiner was an Initiate who went beyond Saturn.
      Second The Native Americans had a Saturn atlantis imprint in their
      Racial etheric make-up.
      Victor Hugo wrote THE most important poem on Saturn insights ever
      Albrecht Durer's painting "Melancholia" gives some indication of a
      Saturn meditaion and mood.

      Now how you find your way to these objecitve insights is up to you.
      But if you intend to build Imagination and Intellect into a refined
      organ of cognition, you have to be able to see how Art and Science
      work together. That is why Steiner's fairy tale on Art and Science is
      one of the most important of the Three Fairy Tales to understand as
      Europe gave birth to the Michael Impulse.

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