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Rép. : Re: Karmic Bliss in May; or Producing the Spiritual Futurity

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    ... De : golden3000997@cs.com In a message dated 5/14/2004 1:53:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time, ... Hello Darling Danny! I haven t been away, just quiet. : )
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      In a message dated 5/14/2004 1:53:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
      danifyou@... writes:

      > So to become Freedom
      > And Love in Action,
      > Yet full of Wisdom...
      Hello Darling Danny!

      I haven't been away, just quiet. : ) This quote is amazing to me. I had a
      long discussion on AT with Mike Helsher about the semantical truths of Love,
      Truth and Love in Action. I always like to stress Love in Action rather than
      "love" because I believe that true love is what we DO, not what we FEEL. I used a
      passage from Madeleine L'Engle's second book in the "Wrinkle in Time" series -
      "A Wind at the Door" to illustrate where I got that revelation.

      I started reading Madeleine's book "Walking on Water" about Christianity and
      Art. I have had it a long time, but just now took it up. So far, there are
      lots of beautiful ideas. Such a soul!

      As you and Jan have pointed out, Steiner said that we do NOT accumultate
      "good karma" by our "good" deeds. We owe the Universe so much already that any and
      all "good" that we do can only be payment of debt owed. So the good stuff
      that flows back to us is a free gift from God and nothing that we "deserve". I
      hope, however, that through the power of Christ's forgiveness and much washing
      away of old past debts that we can someday achieve a state of "equilibrium" in
      which that which we produce as debt and that which we produce as "payment"
      become rhythmically equalized and we are more and more "open" to receiving that
      Grace. Sometimes, I think we are still so mired in past debt that we can't see
      or hear or feel the Grace streaming toward us from the future.

      "Mired in the past"...

      You do enunciate a State Astral
      Where we should be aware of that
      Which lives in us is it really Human....
      For we have the Dragon and a definition!
      'Freedom and Love', or Not!

      You talk Brotherhood and Economy;
      And 'Mired' is the cousin of 'Petrified'....
      Solution peculiar mode of activity of the human mind
      To Nature as a petrified Enchanted City:
      Lo! the Philosophy of Freedom
      Is just this 'Poetry' sense fundamental
      But unusual in contemporary language;
      For the Greek word 'Poiesis' is nearly
      Same as what renders 'Production': "Every
      Cause for that which springs from non-being
      Into being is poeisis' (Plato Symposium 205b).
      Something that was not there or here before,
      Like the Word that became Flesh; therefore
      With one another as 'I's Moral we do the Job
      Redemption to the all that is/has Fallen
      Because of us now each single
      Thing through a particular Combination
      With the rest of the whole - Elevates;
      Key, Purpose and Meaning: SHAPE
      The Beautiful Society,
      World Family;
      The Beautiful Household
      Of the Universe.

      Thus Original 'Oikonomia'(Economy):
      'The Art of Good Housekeeping'. :)


      And Christine who shall Hover again said:

      I know that I have shared this poem with you before, but it still says so
      much to the point of how I am still feeling in my life:

      To Walk on Water

      I want to learn, in time, to walk on water.
      My faith, constantly being put to the test
      Fails me most often, tossed on the waves
      Of our reasonable and unholy age.

      It is not true that we are never given
      More than our souls can grasp
      Or rise above. We often sink beneath
      The thunderous waves of unforeseen misfortunes.

      The broken masts wash ashore each day
      And wreckage is a common sight along
      These beaches; yet in the silence of grey
      Morning fog, I stalwartly lift my sail again.

      I cannot swim well, and fear the creatures
      Of the deep, unknown and hideous companions
      Who are with me always, even unto the end of time,
      And for whom I am responsible.

      White mountains on a farther shore are calling me.
      The day is clear but windy, cold and rough.
      I'll try again to reach the distant courses
      Where hope and faith fail not in winter's measures.

      For thought I sink and break upon the waters-
      Denied the saving angel's last minute solace;
      Life has not yet overturned for me the truth
      That someday we shall learn to walk on water.


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