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Karmic Bliss in the Bank! Or not?

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  • Jan
    Because lies obviously have no foundation in reality, people have a natural and healthy tendency to disbelieve them, unless techniques of mind manipulation are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2004
      Because lies obviously have no foundation in reality, people have a
      natural and healthy tendency to disbelieve them, unless techniques of mind
      manipulation are employed as is the case so often today. A common trick of
      the adversary forces and their servants is to mix lies with truth, thereby
      confusing those who have not developed a clear sense of discernment, and
      distorting truths which are warped by association with lies and so misused.
      The hook is baited with a little truth. This is especially dangerous to
      those who seek the spirit, but have not yet found their true and steady path
      and can be seduced by speedy psychic rather than hard won spiritual results.
      Recently I received a letter, 'personally' addressed - as is most junk
      mail - but with a difference. We are accustomed, these days, to
      announcements that we have somehow 'won' or 'been awarded' vast sums of
      money, payable as soon as we part with quite a modest sum or simply hand
      over details of credit cards, passport or driving license. There is always
      the re-cycling bin for these common nuisances.
      This one caught my eye because it promised something different. It seems
      that I have unclaimed 'Karmic Bliss in the Bank!!!!'
      Now I could always do with a bit of bliss. And a good laugh on a dull
      morning is also welcome.
      But in 'personally' addressing this Ahriman holds two fingers up at
      Spiritual Science saying 'read between the lines!' it becomes a symptom, a
      symbol, spits a venomous lie in the face of Anthroposophy, and so the truth,
      as far as I may bring it, must be once presented as compensating deed.
      Because we deal here with what has been thought, with falsifying idea-beings
      and their train of sickened and forcibly corrupted elementals; with what is
      putrefying the world as Lie, working sickness into social life and more
      especially because the elucidation of the facts of Reincarnation was utterly
      basic to Rudolf Steiner's mission.
      Such junk mail is 'personally' addressed! Well, Ahriman's idea of
      getting personal is to purchase a list of names from Bank, Department Store,
      perhaps Bookseller or Call Centre, and use computing to precisely target the
      victim via past purchasing habits. But however that may be, it had my name
      on it so I read it in full.
      It was formatted as the usual letter, as if from a friend and promised me
      the chance to shine, to be noticed, admired and even envied! Money would
      flow. Miracles take place. I was assured that I had 'very rare Karmic
      credit in the bank' (exact words) A special 'coin of karmic riches' could
      be purchased very cheaply which would multiply my good fortune! I only
      needed to pay the writer to be my Spiritual Advisor for all this wealth and
      the opportunity to get one over on others to become a reality! She alone
      could unlock the vault! The only worrying part was that there was 'only a
      small window of opportunity' for me to cash in. Soon (why?) the window
      will close and all my karmic riches will be lost forever! No time to lose
      This unknown person had 'researched' my past lives, and you won't be
      surprised to learn, dear friends, that I had been an amazing, wonderful,
      humanitarian and famous person!!!! (I might add that my own researches have
      led me to quite a different conclusion... but I'm willing to be convinced!)
      and that I have unclaimed karmic credit in the bank.
      A helpful questionnaire was enclosed, asking which famous people of the
      past most interested me... Hmmm. Obviously a really objective researcher.

      Steiner - "Karmic connections are not of such a nature that they can be
      discerned in one sudden flash. The highest, most important facts of
      knowledge regarding life, those that really do shed light upon it, must be
      acquired slowly and by degrees. This is not a welcome thought. It is easier
      to believe that some flash of illumination might enable it to be said: "In
      an earlier life I was associated with this or that person," or "I myself was
      this or that individual." It may be tiresome to think that all this must be
      a matter of knowledge slowly acquired, but that is the case nevertheless.
      Even if we merely cherish the belief that it might possibly be so,
      investigation must be repeated time and time again before the belief will
      become certainty. Even in cases where probability grows constantly stronger,
      investigation leads us farther. We erect barricades against the spiritual
      world if we allow ourselves to form instantaneous judgments in these
      Reincarnation and Karma 1912 lecture 3

      The letter purported to be from a woman, whose most unfortunately lizard
      like face stared up at me from the top of the page. Her psychic powers had
      manifested instantaneously following an out of body experience which left
      her 'dedicated to the service of mankind' - at a price. She listed her
      credentials as being an 'Esteemed Associate Member' of various paranormal
      research groups. I did a search on the first one and found a disclaimer,
      urging people to ignore the fraudster. But I am concerned here with what is
      being circulated as lies concerning reincarnation, rather than the small fry
      greedy hawkers themselves, in this case friend Lizard Face.
      But it isn't funny. Bradford, Andrea and others have pointed to the
      infinite subtleties and complexities of karma, to metamorphosis, both in the
      world and in the individual and the importance to Anthroposophists of
      becoming aware of their own Karmic stream and destiny.
      In Karma as Bank Account we have not Christ as Lord of Karma but Ahriman
      as Bankster! Fiat Karma! Karma at impossible rates of interest, no doubt
      with alluring overdraft facilities. Have now, pay me later. Get in hock to
      Ahriman! Presents all round! But bliss is not in Ahriman's gift. Nor is it
      ours by right of any past deed. Steiner tells us that joy and bliss stream
      towards us from the future, not the past.
      Christ brings Grace into karma, that Holy quality of transforming Mercy
      which 'droppeth as the gentle rain from Heaven upon the place beneath,'
      weaving good for the whole of humanity out of the dark and tangled threads
      of our personal Karma, however hopeless or past redemption they may seem to
      be. As Michael is concerned with world thoughts, so Christ brings good into
      world karma. And it is from this Source that Bliss may flow. Our sufferings
      and sorrows are our own. Steiner explains this fully in the lecture quoted

      Steiner - "It is really so; happiness and joy in life are bestowed by the
      wise guidance of worlds, without our assistance, as something we must
      receive as grace, grace bestowed by the supreme powers of the world who want
      to receive us into themselves." end quote from The True Attitude to Karma
      Vienna, 8th February 1912

      Such unearned bliss did indeed come my way this morning, as I rode on
      Starlight Express, my so called 'in-valid' electric scooter through the
      wonders of the Holy Hill in May. There is a time in early summer, here in
      Alexandra Palace park in London when the earth mirrors the sky with great
      clouds of foamy white Cow Parsley, head high to me on the scooter, rivers of
      bluebells and bluer forget-me-nots and at a great height above, the
      golden-green branching tree-tapestry of the Druid's Cathedral Grove with
      hosts of bird choristers singing ecstasies of praise.
      If the soul is stilled, the great Geese relax their wing-spread guarding
      of their fluffy goslings and graze trusting and restful and let me share
      their lakeside. Today we spoke eye to eye with one another. I admired their
      children and told them of St Francis, and how the world would one day be
      redeemed in generous love of all beings. Thousands of Dandilion Clocks
      struck the hour 'now'! From every tree, every mown and sweet breathed
      meadow, from every planet fragranced blossom, from every mighty white cloud
      above and flowery reflection below the love of Christ flowed in grace and
      power and abundance undreamed of and most definitely undeserved.
      Could an unripened embryonic human heart such as mine hold such joy, such
      vigorous and buoyant love? Never. Bliss cannot be banked. It can only
      overflow, bubble up, become abundant life and love pouring into every open
      flower, every ether-hollow intensive space and brighten friend stranger's
      smile, chance met. The heart-wise have ever empty pockets, full and giving
      I looked up at Ahriman's tall Ariel-Tower stuttering signals into the
      airways and called a challenge.
      "Hey, Ahriman, broadcast this! Christ is here, Christ is everywhere,
      loving, giving, dancing, Being in the risen ethers, in the Father's love
      that is the ground and foundation of existence, in this scarlet rose
      blooming so very close by your electromagnetic stronghold fortress. See,
      Ahriman, these Red Roses will climb ever upward till they blossom on your
      cold and deadened Mast, for they are irresistible, sweet, gentle and
      therefore unconquerable and then human-divine co-creator-music will resound
      all over the world, for music lifts us free of too encroaching, grasping
      gravity and gives us back our true stature.... And then, then we shall find
      the deeper, most hidden treasure which lies in evil redeemed and made holy."
      For a gigantic metal transmitting tower is a paltry, transient thing
      compared with the love that fashions a living tree and sings a daisy into

      Algernon Blackwood - "The sense of wonder and beauty moved profoundly in
      his heart. Where, oh where, in all the dreams of his solitary years had he
      seen anything to equal this unearthly vision of the awakening winds?
      In loops, folds and spirals of incredible grace they slowly began to
      unwrap themselves from the tree stems with a million little delicate
      undulations; like thin mists trembling, and then smoothing out the ruffled
      surface of their thousand serpentine eddies, they slid swiftly upwards from
      the moss and ferns, disentangled themselves without effort from roots and
      stones and bark, and then, reinforced by countless thousands from the lower
      branches, they rose up slowly in vast coloured sheets towards the region of
      the tree tops.
      And as they rose, the silence of the forest passed into sound - trembling
      and murmuring at first, and then rapidly increasing in volume as the distant
      glades sent their voices to swell it, and the note of every hollow and dell
      joined in with its contributory note. From all the shadowy recesses of the
      wood they heard it come, louder and louder, leaping to the centre like
      running great arpeggios, and finally merging all the lesser notes in the
      wave of a single dominant chord - the song of the awakened winds to the
      'They're singing to the sun' Nixie whispered.....'They're changing colour
      too,' he answered breathlessly...'It's the rate they go does that' she tried
      to explain. 'Same as metals getting hot. Their colour comes according to
      their speed." end quote from Algernon Blackwood 'The Education of Uncle

      So friends, although I have no karmic bliss in the bank, I came home today
      undeservedly the richer for pollen gold-dust and a small green leaf caught
      in my hair.
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