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RE: [anthroposophy] The Neuronal complements the Fichtean/ Mauric e

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Apologies Danny, I m so used to the acronym s that I don t look any more. MIR = mind independent reality 0-D = the zero derivation point of knowledge Herbert
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2004
      Apologies Danny,

      I'm so used to the acronym's that I don't look any more.
      MIR = mind independent reality
      0-D = the zero derivation point of knowledge

      Herbert is a radical constructivist, or very close to that view which was
      delivered by Ernst von Glasersfeld. All is subjective. There is no truth nor
      objectivity save by agreement. The worldview is a pragmatic psychism and a
      theory can only be 'valid', ie it works for a time, but not true. They
      penetrate to the root of content in knowledge - that everything is present
      but nothing is discernable (the dissolved boundaries you mention below) -
      but then refuse to admit that thinking, the 'structuring' activity of
      knowledge, cannot be merely subjective.


      Danny wrote

      Perhaps you could tell me what 0-D is;
      And MIR as well; for I'm sure

      To be the (being) "SUGGESTED"! (Superb turn of phrase - MM)

      That which we start with -
      Having to dissolve its boundaries
      Point solid fixed - an Inkling
      Introduced to take part to our Thinking;
      We associate share into a manifestation
      To complete with its rest supersensible levels
      Reckonseeleadaid found in our bodies Godly produced sheaths -
      There's nothing in the world our surrounding
      That cannot be apprehended with these unlocking tools
      Correspondance to the matter events (configurations)
      They have been formed - "extracts ours" - isolated likenesses -
      Other beings supersensible presiding over;
      Constructs assembled outside of the Human Being structure...

      Got to go again


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