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Re: [anthroposophy] Books to start studying Steiner

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    ... *******Some of us economics (and polisci) teachers know a lot... and as a fellow I know once said, There s more to EVERYONE than meets the eye. Starman
    Message 1 of 5 , May 27, 2000
      hj@... writes:
      >Thank you so much Dr. Starman for your email on the various books and for
      >the background on Steiner. I was particularly interested in learning how
      >you discovered anthroposophy as a young man as I find stories of people's
      >"awakenings" really interesting. So if anyone else on the list wants to
      >share their story with me (via the this list or privately) then please
      >For me it started when I was 17 and sitting in a classroom feeling quite
      >bored and weighed down with the years of school that I already had to
      >endure. I was definitely not going to do College as I wanted to escape
      >the school environment. I remember looking out the window into the sky and
      >wondering "what is it all about" and asking for some explanation to be
      >given to me.
      >Then through a set of very strange circumstances over the following week,
      >I met a teacher within my school and discovered how incredibly spirtual and
      >"connected" he was and he was able to receive information from higher
      >levels of spirit and started to teach me after school about various things
      >such as reincarnation, healing with colour, meditation etc. One thing
      >I also learned during that period of my life is that people aren't always
      >what they appear to be at first glance. The teacher I spoke about was
      >someone who specialised in teaching Economics and yet he was the most
      >spiritual and knowledgeable person I have ever met in my life.

      *******Some of us economics (and polisci) teachers know a lot...

      and as a fellow I know once said, "There's more to EVERYONE than meets the

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