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RE: [anthroposophy] The SENSES for Entendement

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    What excellent replies Dan! So entendement is connaitre l essence perhaps: knowledge by acquaintance with the appearance and its essential becoming all at
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 20, 2004
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      What excellent replies Dan! So 'entendement' is 'connaitre l'essence'
      perhaps: knowledge by acquaintance with the appearance and its essential
      becoming all at once.

      Metzinger uses 'vehicle' and 'content' of phenomena as inseparable aspects,
      like astral body and sentient soul; or consciousness soul and spirit self.

      The spiritual senses "see" the meaning at the same time as the phenomenon.
      Tried the link I gave and it failed too but
      went to the main index where it says that the original Meditations were in
      Latin 1641 and translated into French 1647. This is typical of the time as
      Isaac Newton also wrote in Latin - the Church dominated education so Latin
      was a common tongue across Europe for the intellectuals. Seem to remember
      reading that Hegel was the first to write in his native language to make it
      more accessible (????? Hegel accessible ?????) However, I've been
      contradicted and told Kant's Critique was written in German.

      Sorry, must go
      Many Thanks

      Peter Beamish has a research lab at Trinity, Newfoundland. From June to
      September he welcomes vistors to see his work for themselves. He
      communicates to whales, foxes, bald eagles for example in a non-stressful
      manner such that they talk back to him (such as answer yes or no to "Are you
      by such and such a place?") Dr. Doolittle come to life.


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