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Entendement/ Maurice

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    (I m not that sure if my phrases below will look aligned... this is that usually - lo! I write much with a rhyme effect in mind... But this time the sentences
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2004
      (I'm not that sure if my phrases below
      will look aligned... this is that usually - lo!
      I write much with a rhyme effect in mind...
      But this time the sentences at first were prose-like.
      Since that I have to cut my sentences
      by an 'enter'(or else ye may have a text
      on only one line ;) I arranged them
      later on some 'how' my tendency design...
      Anyway, let's see the result how it out-came
      This "mission" of presenting 'Entendement'! ;)

      ----Message original -----
      De : Maurice McCarthy<Maurice.McCarthy@...

      Perhaps you could help me on another matter. Descartes sometimes uses the
      expression "entendemment" which is translated as "mind". (On others "esprit"
      is translated as "mind.") Does entendement carry a sense of intention or

      Hi Maurice!

      I had a real pleasure to think about it..
      (Self-Knowledge in Activity that is!)

      ...No... I'd rather put it as a finished product opposed
      to Will in the sense that we are dealing with
      'Comprehension' the Faculty to draw 'Conclusions'.
      For example...: "Entendons nous";
      An Imperative type of sentence that means:
      Let us Agree on what is 'Meant', on what we are saying.
      Let us Hear(Entendre) well what is our Logic,
      what is Intended(not the Willing...
      but the Idea!) the Core; the Understood.

      While the Intellectual is the Dynamic;
      the Logicization of the Information;
      something tributary of the Skeleton;
      that is: the Mathemathical and the Geometrical;
      Logic as the reflection of the Etheric over
      the Dead Mineral Skelettal Configuration;
      the property of Logical Thinking which is
      "Backed"/bounced in the end by the Head,
      of course the Memory - Inscribing aspect
      awakingness clarity of thoughts, concepts and percepts.

      Yes, 'Entendement' is quite of the 'Head'...
      While the Process Intellectual Itself,
      quite of the Pure Thinkingness "backed"
      by the Skelettal, THE LINES....
      As is 1 + 2 + this + that...
      From A to D, R to T, etc.

      Entendement is like: Boom!
      Intellect like: the reasoning;
      having the thinking going
      in many directions; yet "Tunneled in".
      ...Speaking to yourself in your mind
      many different things. Sequence;
      Thread. But when Entendement
      comes it's like: Boom, that's it!

      (A directing of the spirit to hold something or keep it in
      Yeah, 'Hold' is good!
      Not the Movement of directing,
      that is the Will that will find the Head
      for a()n Arrow(ing) end. But Direction
      in the sense of an Origination Firm Initial
      Idea Point, yes. With the Intellect I can
      track, I can add, I can watch...
      But with Entendement I can
      know "where it comes from"!
      A sense of Set Purpose!

      'Attendance' would be fine...
      Especially if I imaginatively describe
      something to you and you can attend,
      you can have the same image in your mind...
      We would then reach 'Entendement'!
      Which is a Knowledge,
      Capacity to Apprehend!
      The Head; vs. the Intellectual
      as Method and Process!

      Descartes said: "I think therefore I am".
      Quite silly, if you do not think
      for a moment you cease to be?
      ...That brings us to the principle
      of 'Manifestation' right?
      I can freely manifest this or that...
      Whatever I want really!
      Another question arise...
      Is there activities that destroy
      my Beingness as an Entelechy?...
      A Dilution into the Adversary?
      A Disintegration of my Integrity,
      My Autonomy, my Unity,
      Unicity, my-Self shortly!

      (Back to Descartes...)
      He could as well have more meaningfully said:
      "I think therefore I do something!",
      "I am a Doer self-acting motion setting!"
      (We're getting closer to the Philosophy of Freedom!... ;)

      I think there is an example early in Meditation 2.

      Doesn't work with my system...
      Perhaps, the address is incorect;
      'Can't find the url'!

      The Meditations are online at
      in French, Latin and English.

      Do you know if they were originally written in French or Latin or either
      according to which one?
      I always knew of it being in French...
      Otherwise would surprise me much...

      Oh! And one other sign of Entendement
      Is when one asks (Mind Gesture) "Follow me?"
      When one makes 'yes' with his head
      While he listen to the speaker, shortly...

      Seems now more than appropriate
      To add the fact "organic" of the 12 senses!

      Let someone with it familiar - less tired - utter
      in consequence of knowledge readily available -
      release comments for our own knowing sake precious! :)

      This should help!

      Have a Great Day!


      Not Maurice:

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