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Rép. : Re: How long can it take to form (such) clouds?

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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hi Maurice, I ve heard very often of that 1933 date too... However for different reasons including this following one I have adopted myself the year 1909
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2004
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      Hi Maurice,

      I've heard very often of that 1933 date too...
      However for different reasons including this following one
      I have adopted myself the year 1909 rather as its start.

      Although I mixed up I think before the January dates
      Important - by way of the 10 instead of 12 /
      Now you will understand this lapsus well
      As 1910 is also involved in the utterances:

      Prokofieff said:
      "For this 'measure' [of the astral plane]
      which was accomplished by the 'Masters
      of Wisdom and of Harmony of Feelings'
      in the spiritual world nearest to the earth [...]
      had has its chief purpose none other
      than that of preparing the spiritual world
      nearest to the Earth for the new appearance
      of Christ in the etheric realm and also,
      through Rudolf Steiner, their emissary
      on the Earth, of preparing earthly humanity
      for a conscious perception of this event.
      the principal result of whose positive outcome
      would be that Christ would be able to appear
      in the etheric realm from 1909 onwards
      and also that it would at the end of this year,
      be possible for the first time to speak of
      this 'measure' to anthroposophists and then,
      sixteen days later, on 12 january 1910,
      to reveal to them the mystery of the Etheric Christ.
      'The return of Christ will signify an elevation of human
      beings to the sphere where Christ has His abode.'
      'And if the spiritual eyes are open, they will see Him[...]"

      Rudolf Steiner's 'Cosmic and Human Metamorphoses'
      An excerpt: "The occultist is able to point
      out that since the year 1909 or thereabouts
      what is to come is being distinctively and perceptively
      prepared for, that since the year 1909 we have been
      inwardly living in a very special time. It is
      possible today, if we do but seek Him,
      to be very near to Christ, to find
      Him in a quite different way than
      has been hitherto possible."

      Again to look at the 100 years so-called
      3 times 33.33.. Cycle back to Goethe's time
      A Conference Supersensible took place
      And the Images-like - found in a Tale
      'The Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily'...
      Forward now Meaningfully after the 1960's
      Incommensurable a Wave is not precise 'Mechanical'
      But let itself felt on the Wings of Time -
      Came a Flower Power Tide...
      Shall you say coincidence?
      Na, I say Guidance in the Evolution
      Of Mankind, out of the Zeitgeist ON
      The Angels Mission also considered -
      People still decide how to behave inside... ;)

      Nice to hear from you again,

      Maurice of the Sea Northern!


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      De : Maurice McCarthy<Maurice.McCarthy@...>
      Good Day Minnie

      Its 4:40 am here in the cold North Sea and I'm on the nightshift, which is
      fine as no one will bother me if I reply now.

      My memory is not too great but 3000 is the figure that sticks in my mind.
      The Grand Old Lady of West Wales Anthroposophy, Barbara Saunders Davies,
      told me many years ago that Christ's "coming in the clouds" (in the etheric)
      was 1933. The Second World War was a deliberate attempt to disrupt this
      impetus. I certainly remember RS saying that it was an opportunity not to be
      missed, even though only very few will see the vision that St. Paul did.
      Christ will not appear in this way again until the Vulcan incarnation of the

      Don't think I've ever read *The Inner Nature of Man...* so I'll have to dig
      it out. Certainly you're right that he did not give exact figures about the
      dates of incarnation. BSD keeps the library in Mynachlog Ddu and she had
      Vladimir Soloviev's book about the incarnation of the Antichrist where he
      does give the year 2000 but this was not a product of insight but his
      feeling for the way society was going.

      Very Best Wishes

      Never read a Golden Blade myself, neither.

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      Subject: RE: [anthroposophy] Re: Islam is a cancer
      Maurice, a very cordial greeting to you from too close
      to San Francisco for comfort.

      I don't recall Steiner giving exact years for these
      events since I seem to feel he referred to coming
      events as "around" a given time period. I also seem to
      have the impression these important events don't occur
      "at the drop of a hat", so to say, but within given
      time frames following the conducive preparation. The
      Golden Blade was a British publication not widely
      available to me, although the other publications
      mentioned were.

      To further clarify, it is my understanding [from, I
      believe, Steiner's *The Inner Nature of Man...*as well
      as other Steiner works] the physical incarnation of
      Lucifer was spoken of as having taken place
      approximately 2,000 B.C., while Arhiman was due for
      incarnation approximately 2,000 A.D. with Christ's
      descent into the physical body of Jesus exactly
      inbetween these 2 incarnations. Have I confused 2,000
      with 3,000? If so, my apologies. However, it is my
      viewpoint the Etheric Christ has made His descent very




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