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Re: Islam is a cancer

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  • minnie_hah
    Br. Ron, Did not Rudolf Steiner state clearly these events, of which you speak and which all the world is witnessing, were predestined for exactly these times?
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      Br. Ron,

      Did not Rudolf Steiner state clearly these events, of which you speak
      and which all the world is witnessing, were predestined for exactly
      these times? Steiner further stated this is the time Sorath rises up
      ever more strongly along with Ahriman et al, finding mankind has not
      only failed his Angel but also the Father, The Son and The Holy
      Spirit. Further, common sense also bears out the further truth of
      Steiner's words that politics will never change anything involved in
      matters of this nature, but that Spirituality in The Christ is the
      "remedy"? How often were we all warned repeatedly by Steiner of Islam
      [although it seems he referred to it mostly as Mohammadism] rise to
      enormous power "about the turn of the 20th and beginning of the 21st
      centuries" with Ahriman's incarnation in the West? We have all
      remained asleep except for a rare soul here and there, but
      sleep/unconsciousness is exactly the time of Ahriman's greatest
      advances. It is to no avail for one to state the words supposedly
      cried out aloud by Christ Jesus upon the Cross, but as Steiner states,
      those words were not "My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken me" but
      "My God, My God, how Thou has glorified me!" The ONLY solution to the
      horrors of today and to those worse horrors to come, is through
      Spirituality in the true sense of the Word! We gain nothing
      rationalizing, discecting, evaluating or blaming, but we gain what
      mankind has been given the opportunity to gain for not only himself,
      but for the Spiritual Hierarchies and the world, via TRUE
      Anthroposophy! Where is this TRUE Anthroposophy to be found? Not in
      ranting, smearing another, bewailing one's fate, blame of others or
      condemnation, but we find it within our very hearts IF we have allowed
      it to grow there!

      Blessed Resurrection,


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Br. Ron" <rlloyd@d...> wrote:
      > "All of us like sheep have gone astray."
      > You have survived a perilous journey into a frightening realm.
      You have explored the dark recesses of man's soul, examined our worst
      nature, surveyed our most heinous behavior. You have probed hell and
      have met demons, both real and imagined. On behalf of the billion
      souls ensnared by Islam, and the millions who have been victimized by
      it, thank you for caring enough to endure.
      > So what are you going to do?
      > I suppose the answer to that question depends upon who you
      are-what you believe. Knowing that Islam is rotten to the core is
      better than not knowing, but knowledge alone won't save lives or make
      the world any better.
      > If you'll bear with me a few more pages, I'd like to suggest a
      course of action for folks who, like me, know Yahweh and have accepted
      Yahshua's gift of eternal life; for agnostics and atheists, secular
      humanists practicing the false religion of Political Correctness; for
      bad Muslims; and then for good ones.
      > But first a word for everyone: all religions are poisonous;
      some are just more lethal than others. Islam is the worst of a bad
      lot. Islam has no redeeming qualities. Those who submit are destined
      to live and die in civil, economic, intellectual, and religious
      poverty. Collectively, the Islamic nations rank as the least free,
      least prosperous, and least enlightened places on earth. One fifth of
      the world's population is responsible for over four fifths of the
      world's armed conflicts. In life, Muslims are damned by a false
      prophet. In death, a demonic spirit claims their soul. And they do not
      suffer alone. Terror is the legacy of Islam.
      > If you were looking for a summary of Muhammad's creation, a
      way to shortcut 700 pages of study, you won't find it here. The
      religion of a billion people isn't something to trifle with. A little
      knowledge is always dangerous. A handful of quotes used out of context
      will do more harm than good. If you want to study what Islam has to
      say about Jihad, Muhammad's indiscretions, the history and nature of
      Allah, or Satan's role in establishing the religion, an Index and a
      Quotations appendix has been provided to assist you.
      > Ultimately, It all comes down to this: the Hadith Collections
      of Ishaq, Tabari, Bukhari, and Muslim contain all that is known about
      Muhammad and his formation of Islam. If they are not accurate then
      Islam ceases to exist as the Qur'an is jibberish without the context
      and chronology they provide. No Muslim could follow the Qur'an's
      command to emulate the prophet's example. Muslims would be unable to
      emplement the Qur'an's incessent demands to follow the messenger's
      orders, as they would be unknown. The substance behind all five
      pillars vanish. But if the Hadith Collections of Ishaq, Tabari,
      Bukhari, and Muslim are accurate then Islam is nothing more than a
      sadistic fraud-a scam perpetrated by an immoral pirate, a terrorist,
      and warlord. Either way, Islam's wrong.
      > With that said, let's get down to business. I'd like to begin
      with the practitioners of the liberal and atheistic poligious doctrine
      of Political Correctness. You may be gloating. You have been taught to
      believe that religions are opiates, duping people into fighting holy
      wars. You think all fundamentalists are religious whackos, ever ready
      to bludgeon nonbelievers into submission. You believe that your
      tolerant, pacifist beliefs are more civil and enlightened. But don't
      smile too quickly. The last century occurred under your watch, under
      your tutelage; and it was the bloodiest in human history. In it,
      atheists decimated more people in the name of their poligious
      doctrines than those who served false gods. Good Communists practiced
      genocide, murdering all they couldn't seduce or coerce. Lenin's
      revolution left a sea of corpses in its wake. Stalin killed 20 million
      Russians. Mao killed or starved 40 million in China. Pol Pot
      obliterated a quarter of his country. Atheists have murdered Americans
      by the tens of thousands in Korea and Vietnam.
      > In practice, there is no difference between worshiping no god
      and serving a false one. The Communist Manifesto enshrines man while
      Mein Kampf and the Qur'an put Satan on a pedestal. From their throne
      they deceive, beguiling the masses to perpetrate murder and mayhem.
      Draconian dictatorships are imposed. All people are indoctrinated,
      starting in grade school. All freedoms are obliterated. Only poverty
      survives. The mantra is always submit and obey. A thin veneer of order
      is maintained through fear.
      > Throughout time man has demonstrated an aptitude for behaviors
      both heavenly and hellish. Liberals, preaching the dogma of Political
      Correctness, seem to believe that man can be conditioned to behave
      more angelically. But that is not what the empirical evidence
      suggests. Man indoctrinated and separated from God becomes a more
      demonic creature. The central-control, universal-conditioning
      experiment has been run in Nazi, Communist, and Islamic nations,
      always with the same result. All things we hold dear are eliminated:
      prosperity, liberty, justice, opportunity, and peace. Yet such nations
      always seem to develop the perfect culture in which to breed killers.
      And that isn't easy. To corrupt men to the point that they believe
      it's good to murder innocent people takes a total commitment. Schools,
      mosques, party councils, courtrooms, meeting halls, and media outlets
      must work in harmony with a singular state religotic to deceive the
      masses on this massive scale.
      > The common denominator that makes this possible, and that
      makes false and atheistic poligious doctrines indistinguishable, is a
      liberal use of government. Individual liberty-choice-must be
      obliterated. Freedom is sacrificed on the altar of control. Power is
      concentrated and then abused by godless men. The masses are
      discounted, emasculated, indoctrinated, and conditioned to serve the
      few. The victors call themselves cleric and king, comrade and
      secretary general.
      > Ultimately, good men are made bad. Deceived, they plunder and
      kill. They mutilate and terrorize; they rob, enslave, and destroy. And
      they continue to do these things until someone who hasn't been
      victimized, who still knows freedom, cares enough to expose them. But
      that's a problem. Not enough people care. Thanks in large part to the
      false poligious doctrine of Political Correctness, most don't even
      know what the problem is, much less how to fix it.
      > Worst of all, those in a position to make a difference are the
      most deceived. Media darlings and political actors are the most
      self-centered people on the planet. They crave attention, revel in
      power, and will do and say most anything if it makes them more
      popular. Together they are the practitioners of Political Correctness.
      Dispensing a jaundiced view of the world, they prohibit free
      expression and thus rational thought.
      > Step so much as an inch outside the constraints of the PC
      agenda, and you're yesterday's news. Your character is mutilated.
      You'll be raped, spit upon, and then discarded, after having been
      kicked and shamed by those who preach tolerance. I know. I've been
      there. I spoke out against the culture that was destroying corporate
      America and found myself on the cover of Business Week being torn
      apart limb from limb. Nothing the media said over the course of their
      pictorial spread was true, but it didn't matter. The damage was done.
      The point was made. Step outside the circle and you're burnt alive.
      > It's just like Islam's carrot and stick. No matter how wrong,
      submission and obedience are rewarded with booty and babes. But if a
      Muslim steps outside the circle they're ostracized, often murdered,
      and then they're sent to hell to roast on Allah's spit.
      > The carrot and stick is why I believe there isn't a single
      media spokes-person from any major network or national syndicate
      willing to expose the least beneficial, most deceitful, and vicious
      poligious doctrine ever conceived. It might be a career-ending move.
      To a person, the media darlings crave the adulation, power, and money
      their microphones and cameras provide. Such things are prioritized
      over truth, over life itself. And their co-conspirators, the political
      actors who depend upon the media, are no different. Insecurity drives
      them into the public arena. They do it for themselves, for the perks
      of power. They will tell any lie or embrace any falsehood if it serves
      their interests.
      > But hopefully, somewhere, there is someone with a microphone
      or a bully pulpit who is willing to step outside the line and reveal
      Islam's sinister and violent nature. Hope burns eternal. If only ten
      percent of those who hold the levers of public opinion demonstrate the
      compassion and courage needed to tell the truth, we could change the
      > But alas, that kind of sacrificial love, that sense of purpose
      and mission comes from but one place-God. While I am not your judge,
      polls taken of those in the national media show that ninety percent
      classify themselves as politically liberal and religiously agnostic.
      Knowing that politicians have a propensity to lie, the pollsters
      didn't even bother taking their pulse. Yet as agnostics, you should be
      haunted, even bewildered. How is it that Yahweh predicted the mess we
      are in, and the remedy, if he were not God?
      > Fortunately, you can find God and truth in the same place: the
      Bible. Unfortunately, most of you don't have an interest in looking.
      So to kindle a spirit of curiosity, I encourage political actors in
      the gilded arena of egos, and media darlings in the make-believe world
      of artificial lights and cameras, to read In the Company of Good and
      Evil and Tea With Terrorists. (If you're in politics or the media,
      send me an email at www.TeaWithTerrorists.com and I'll give them to
      you.) In the first book you'll come to appreciate the nature of
      insecurity in a contemporary setting, and you'll witness the media
      dispense its poison from a different perspective. In the second,
      you'll confront errant reporting again, and then face the deceitful
      nature of politics from the vantage point of one outside the arena.
      You'll discover the true nature of modern-day Islam and its link to
      terror in a geopolitical and historic perspective. And in Tea With
      Terrorists, you'll meet the Messiah, truth incarnate, up close and
      personal. You'll discover just how liberating stepping outside the
      circle can be, especially if you're in the right company. As one who
      has done so and survived, I assure you, the sense of purpose and
      satisfaction that comes as a result, is more rewarding than winning a
      ratings sweep or an election.
      > While some may venture outside the confines of Political
      Correctness, most will not. America will indoctrinate another
      generation of godless, and thus amoral, thoughtless, and directionless
      people, as has Europe before us. Our culture and economy will suffer.
      We will be terrorized. And then, like 1930's Germany, we will long for
      a dictator who will pull us out of the morass-only to find that he
      will push us into the abyss. After announcing that we have achieved
      peace in our time, the world will erupt in global war. And all because
      media darlings and political actors were afraid to step outside the
      circle. But I have done my part. I have left you without excuse.
      > Moving on, I'd like to speak to Christians-actually I'd like
      to wake you up. Speaking of this generation of believers, Yahweh said,
      "You are neither hot nor cold so I spew you out of my mouth." We've
      lost our passion, our courage, our faith. Most Christians don't know
      God's name, much less what He is like or what He wants. And that is
      why I believe the world is in such a mess. We're in a position to make
      a difference, but we've been sleeping on the job.
      > History tell us that bad overwhelms good until good cares.
      Islam will continue to poison its faithful and deceive its foes until
      the planet is embroiled in World War. That is what it was born to do.
      And while we could stop it, we won't. All of us could make the right
      choice; we could discard that which is false and rely on that which is
      true. But not enough of us are going to make the right call to make a
      > So why bother? Why did I write, and why did you read, Prophet
      of Doom? Because while we collectively will continue to embrace the
      lie, deny the truth, and march like lemmings toward our doom, all will
      not jump into the pit. There is salvation, a bridge to paradise, but
      it's single file. As Christians, it's our job to point as many people
      as possible in the right direction. And often that means showing them
      that the direction they are currently going is wrong.
      > If you have chosen Yahweh, if you know Yahshua personally, you
      have been given your marching orders. The Third Commandments
      proclaims: "You shall not nasa (advance or accept) the shem (character
      or mark) of Yahweh (I Am-the Creator's name) your elohiym (deity) in
      shav (an evil, destructive, deceptive, or false manner), for Yahweh
      will not hold him naqah (clean, innocent, or blameless) who nasa
      (advances or accepts) His shem (character or mark) shav (evilly,
      destructively, deceptively, or falsely)." You have been instructed to
      confront Islam, to save Muslims and non-Muslims from it.
      > Now, before I share the location of the bridge to eternity and
      the rules regarding its passage with bad Muslims, the peaceful and
      loving ones, I'd like to review the nature of this strange place Islam
      has taken us. God has been reshaped to look like the Devil. Allah
      leads men astray; he seals hearts, blinds eyes, and plots against
      human kind. He is depicted interrogating and torturing the inhabitants
      of hell, a place created for his entertainment. Humans are turned on a
      spit and given fresh skin each time one burns off so that the torment
      might be eternal. Allah pours boiling water down our throats, makes us
      eat pitch and thorns. And this painful punishment isn't for the few
      but for the many. Only one in a thousand avoids being tortured. Yet
      even they go to a place of decadence-a four-star brothel with the best
      foods, free-flowing wine, and virginal attendants. Allah loves
      warriors; he craves death and destruction. He brags about his
      participation in terror, mass murder, the enslavement of women and
      children, and thievery. Allah claims booty is lawful and good. Unable
      to give Muslims a reason to live, Allah gave them a reason to die.
      > And as evil as the Islamic "god" is, his prophet was worse.
      His resume reads: demon possession, suicidal, bearing false witness,
      hate speech, taking and offering bribes, pedophilia, terrorism,
      piracy, slave trading, incest, rape, torture, genocide, warmongering,
      plagiarism, womanizing, sexism-well, you know the list. Muhammad was
      hardly a model citizen. Fact is, he and his god had a lot in
      common-too much in common.
      > But worst of all, Allah and Muhammad prohibit choice. They not
      only named their doctrine submission, they chose it for mankind, not
      the other way around. Allah determined who would burn in lust or roast
      in hell based upon a backrub, predestining all men and women to their
      fate. The theme of the Qur'an's last score of surahs is simply: submit
      and obey, perform and pay, fight and slay. It's no wonder Islam has
      bred hell on earth. Muslims are unable to rise above the depraved
      character of their prophet and god. And those who do are killed.
      > For Muslims who believe paradise lies under the shade of
      swords, for those trying to emulate the life of Muhammad the Terrible,
      there is no longer hope. Your iniquity is full, which means you have
      been corrupted beyond salvation. While my evangelical Christian
      friends will chafe at these words, they are nonetheless true. Yahweh
      provided the proof when he caused the flood, when he dealt with Sodom,
      and when he ordered the annihilation of the Canaanites (people
      extraordinarily similar to Jihadist Muslims). Christ told his
      disciples to shake the dust off their sandals if the gift they were
      offering, the good news of the Gospels, was rejected. All we can do
      with good Muslims is to remove the sword from their hands so that bad
      Muslims might know the truth and be freed to make the right choice.
      > If you were a bad Muslim you know the truth. Muhammad was the
      most evil man who ever lived. Allah was the most demonic god ever
      conceived. The Qur'an was the nastiest book ever written. Islam was
      the most hateful and violent fraud ever perpetrated on humankind. The
      path to damnation has been revealed. As a former Muslim you are free
      of the deceptions that have led you astray. So what now?
      > First, I want to commiserate with you. You probably feel
      dirty, like your soul needs a good scrubbing. You've got to feel
      lonely, isolated, afraid. Allah orders Muslims to kill renegades.
      Rejecting Islam takes courage. I admire yours.
      > Second, I want to tell you about the bridge to eternity. But
      understand, I cannot take you across it. The choice is yours alone,
      and passage is single file.
      > Choice! Ultimately, that's all that really matters. Not good
      deeds, certainly not jihad, not prayer, ritual, religion, fear,
      fasting, pilgrimages, taxes, or prophets. No. This is a one on one
      thing between you and your Maker. He has a gift He wants to give you.
      You can't earn it or pay Him for it. He alone earned the right to give
      it to you; He alone paid the price. Now He's calling your name,
      knocking at the door to your heart. If you hear him knocking and open
      that door He will come to you and be with you. All you have to do is
      accept his gift of eternal life; He'll do the rest.
      > I want you to understand, I have nothing to do with this gift.
      It's not mine to give. I can't save you. I get no bonus points for you
      accepting. All I can do is point you in the right direction, explain
      the rules of passage, and let you know how wonderful it is on the
      other side. Working for the Boss is the greatest joy of my life. Every
      day is a grand adventure. You see, I'm on a first name basis with the
      Creator of the universe. Craig and Yahweh: He's my friend and my
      father. And we're a lot alike because He created me in His image. Sure
      I'm a little rough around the edges, but He loves me in spite of that.
      I'm sure I make Him laugh, as He does me. I can almost hear Him cheer
      as I battle the Devil. I can see Him smile when I figure something out
      that He put in His Scriptures 3,000 years ago, knowing I'd find it.
      > Yes, this is all very personal with me, as I hope it will be
      with you someday. That said, it's time to make introductions. God's
      name is Yahweh. It means I Am. His name answers the most important
      question we can ask. His book, the Bible, was given to us so that we
      might know Him. It's comprised of 66 books with a singular message: "I
      love you. And I created you in My image so that we might enjoy a
      personal relationship."
      > The message is simple enough, but it's hard to develop a
      relationship with someone you don't know-especially when you don't
      even know yourself very well. So the Bible serves many purposes. It
      introduces us to Yahweh. It explains what He is like so that we can
      love Him, not fear Him. That was half of Yahshua's mission. God
      incarnate came to earth in the form of a man to show us what He is
      like. And what an example He set: He's loving, approachable, knowable,
      talkative, caring, brilliant, powerful, funny, creative, even
      humble-something we don't think of God being.
      > The Bible is also an "Owner's Manual." In it we learn how to
      operate all of our really advanced features. It tells us that faith is
      trust and that love is power. It explains each of the spiritual gifts
      that we have been given and how to use them effectively. But there is
      a problem. Sin separates us from our Creator. He is perfect and we
      aren't. So what to do?
      > Fortunately, Yahweh recognized the problem and provided a
      cure. Centuries before Christ came into our world in the form of a
      man, Isaiah wrote: "All of us like sheep have gone astray. Each has
      turned to his own way. But Yahweh has caused the iniquity of us all to
      fall on Him. He was pierced for our transgressions and by his
      scourging we are healed. He Himself bore the sin of many, and
      interceded [became a bridge] for our transgressions." Yahweh told us
      how He was going to solve the problem of sin; how He was going to
      build a bridge from our polluted world to His perfect one. He said
      that He would sacrifice Himself for our iniquity. The bridge is His
      gift to us.
      > Paul, centuries later, in his letter to the Ephesians wrote:
      "You were dead in your trespasses and sins in which you did according
      to Satan and his spirit working through the sons of disobedience.
      Among them we too all formerly lived in the lusts of our flesh,
      indulging the desires of the world and of our mind. But Yahweh, being
      rich in mercy, and because of His great love for us, made us alive
      together with Christ. By grace you have been saved through faith, and
      that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not as a result of
      works that no one should boast. By the blood of Yahshua, the Messiah,
      we have been brought near Yahweh."
      > John, the most passionate of Christ's disciples, composed
      these stirring words: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was
      with God, and the Word was God. And the Word became flesh, and dwelt
      among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory of the only begotten from
      the Father, full of grace and truth. Whoever receives Him, He gives
      the right to become His children, even to those who believe in Him.
      For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that
      whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For
      God did not send the Son into the world to judge the world; but that
      the world should be saved through Him. He who believes in Him is no
      longer judged."
      > Therefore, according to the Bible, there is no day of judgment
      for those washed by Christ's blood. There are no rituals that earn
      passage on his bridge -one built entirely out of the timbers upon
      which He hung. There are no taxes, no tolls, no devotional
      obligations, no pilgrimages, or prayer performances. Your salvation
      isn't dependent upon the submission to, or acknowledgement of, any
      prophet. Fear and fighting have no role. A simple "I do" will suffice.
      Yahshua said, "I am the way the truth and the life; no one comes to
      the Father but by me." He sacrificed himself so that your sins would
      all be forgiven, abrogated, in Islamic parlance. His blood on the
      cross of history, at the crossroads of civilization, frees you to
      enter a personal and eternal relationship with Yahweh in paradise.
      > To cross that bridge, you don't need to get on your knees,
      close your eyes, bring your hands together, bow your head, or face
      Jerusalem. You do, however, need to make a choice.
      > Thirty years ago I was confronted with the Bible prophecies
      revealed in the last chapter. I came to the only rational conclusion
      possible: the prophets knew the future because they spoke for God. So
      I did what I encourage you to do. I prayed: "God, I'm a sinner. Thank
      you for sacrificing yourself so that I might know you. I accept your
      gift of eternal life. Thanks for forgiving me. Please reveal yourself
      so that I might understand who you are and what you want."
      > Then, just as He promised, His spirit entered me. He changed
      me. He did not make me perfect (although I am in his eyes); He made me
      better. I began to read the Bible and His words pierced my soul, they
      leapt off the page and into my mind and heart. I speak to you today as
      His son, as a child born again in His image.
      > May the truth set you free...
    • graswaldan
      but the surgeon is a butcher, anything he is able to think of will spread the tumor. When the Nazi army invaded Russia, German soldiers were welcomed as
      Message 39 of 39 , May 9, 2004
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        but the surgeon is a butcher,
        anything he is able to think of will spread the tumor.

        When the Nazi army invaded Russia, German soldiers were welcomed as
        liberators, so dreadful was the Soviet regime.
        Out of the invader's arrogance and racism , the same people were soon
        turned into insurgents . If there had not been a massive resistance by
        the people , the Red Army was unable to win by itself. And remember
        the war against Nazism was won on the Russian front.

        There is no reason that the "non systematic" tortures achieved in Iraq
        for efficiency purposes can't be valid in America too.
        Expect that they will be more and more used in jails and police
        stations , only to spare the money of the tax payers.
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